This is a poem from Matt's POV. It can be considered Ken too I guess. It doesn't really matter.
Disclaimer: If I owned Matt and Ken, do you think I'd have time to write all these fics? I mean come on...
I'm a lone wolf,
Always by myself.
I'm a shadow in the cornor,
There, but never noticed.
I'm a mouse,
So quiet no one notices,
But when they do,
I'm a pest.
I'm a rug,
To be trampled without thinking,
Or thanking.
I'm a broken guitar string,
Then thrown away.
I'm a spider on a web,
Feared by some,
Hated by others,
Loved by few.
I'm a killer,
A healer,
A tyrant,
A friend.
I can be loving,
But most of all,
I want to be me.
But no one will let me.
I don't know who I am,
Don't remember.
I'm an emporor,
A wolf,
A loner,
No one cares.
I am an angel,
Chained in darkness,
I am lonely,
But no one will be with me,
Be friendly,
Or kind.
I am a changed person....
I swear!
I am....