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It sat there, staring at him mockingly from the lighted shelf that glared from the dull glow of the florescence of the store even though the bright sun of the fall afternoon poured in from the glass doors to paint the floor and walls with a bright sort of cheeriness that was somehow belittled by the stores choice of lighting.

Yugi felt his heart rate triple as he glared at the simple container with the shiny label, and resealable cap. The commercials had made the product look plausible, and since his mother would notice if her baby oil went missing, he knew there was no other choice.

Sure he could buy the cheap stuff, or even lotion, but he'd heard that the scented lotion could cause rashes or a burning sensation if one happened to be allergic to it, and the other stuff came in rather small containers, and from what he knew, felt a little, well slimy.

I was spoiled… Yugi thought to himself, his cheeks twin beacons of horrified embarrassed shame. He could feel his nervous sweat beading on his forehead and underarms. It slicked his palms and made the backs of his knees feel clammy.

Yugi took a deep breath to steady himself, and lifted his hand toward the product. His fingers twitched and shook as his heart thundered loudly in his ears. A lump formed in his chest and his fingers froze inches from the bottle.

How much did it cost again? Did he have enough money for it?


He had enough.

I can do this, I will do this, I have to do this… Yugi told himself, reaching out bravely for the bottle that still glared deceptively innocent at his trembling fingertips. If I don't do it now, I'll be doomed to never have sex again… Yugi's blush deepened with that thought, and he was terribly glad that Yami had chosen to block him all afternoon for one reason or another.

He had been upset at first, but as the day progressed and Yugi decided that if he ever wanted the hope of being intimate with his other again, he'd need to buy the proper items, he became grateful that Yami was not around for this embarrassing moment of his life.

With a more confident attitude, Yugi shot his hand out to grab the bottle, knowing that he'd already spent a good twenty minutes staring at it, if the people working there didn't already think him a pervert they would now.

The tip of his finger grazed the plastic top, and his heart lurched with excited nerves as he brought it back around the bottle, feeling the cool, smooth surface, and felt his heart triple its pace. Like in a nightmare time seemed to slow, his arm feeling like dead weight as he moved to pull his arm back—

"Yugi! You're all right, I heard from Rebecca that you had returned but I wasn't sure!"

Yugi turned his head to the sound of a voice that he recognized, and smiled seeing Ryo running towards him. He was dressed in a casual jean and sweatshirt ensemble and the gray made his hair seem to glow under the lights.

"Ryo, hi." Yugi grinned turning to face his friend, completely forgetting his mission, and the bottle still clasped in his hand. " When did you get back from England? You stayed a lot longer than a week." Yugi exclaimed, glad to see his friend back and in one piece.

Ryo grinned, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah, well, my dad felt that he'd been ignoring me for too long and asked me to stay the month, then a new job left me stranded for another month before we finally managed to catch a flight home." Ryo explained, and Yugi nodded, already knowing what Ryo mean when he said 'we.' It came with the territory of being a 'light.' One was never really considered alone.

"Oh, that's good to know. I was worried that maybe Bakura had done something again." Yugi said with a grin, and quickly learned some things were better left unsaid when one wasn't certain of the circumstances around what they said. Circumstances being, Bakura's current mood.

"You implying something, runt?" The lower growl made Yugi jump, and he let out a scared yelp his fear instantly alerting Yami even through the barrier, and just like that he found himself in his soul room, blinking around the almost tie-dyed walls.

Yugi blinked, listening to the yelling match that was taking place between Yami and Bakura, and he felt his nerves spark. Shit, please, don't have a shadow game here! Please, please, please! Yugi thought desperately, opening the link so that he could see and hear what his dark did.

"—ay about me and my light?" Bakura yelled, obviously annoyed, and Yami shrugged as though nothing of importance was being discussed.

"You heard me loud and clear tomb robber, I don't fell the need to repeat it."

"Arrogant son of a jackal, you think you're so fucking superior don't you?" Bakura's accusation was again ignored as Yami stood with his arms crossed over his chest, striking a regal pose in Yugi's cut-off shorts and hoodie sweat-shirt. The flip-flops must have made Yami look a little less intimidating, Yugi was sure, but what killed the image was the bottle held tightly in Yami's hand.

Oh, dear god! Yugi screamed mentally, and felt Yami twitch at the sound.

Aibou, what is it? He asked, as though expecting a shadow attack, and Yugi realized with mixed horror and relief that the once pharaoh had yet to realize what he was holding in his hand.

… n—nothing, I just… well, forgot something. Yugi smacked himself in the forehead realizing just moments later how dumb that excuse was, and how horrible of a liar he was. It was reflected in the disbelief Yami sent his way.

Oh, if that's all… Yami let it go easily enough, too easily Yugi would notice later, but was a little distracted as Bakura challenged Yami to war.

"You think your so much better, pharaoh but at least I have never lost my light to myself, nor have I trespassed into his soul."

The roaring guilt and shock threw Yugi back into his soul room and he lay there paralyzed for several long moments unaware of the outside world. He knew that the two must be fighting but he couldn't find the strength to move. Yami's pain was overwhelming and left Yugi dazed.

Anger and insults flew through Yugi's body, and he felt the shadows built, easing out from Yami's soul room to attach themselves to Yami's soul. A shadow game was quickly coming.

Forcing his body to work, Yugi climbed his way back into consciousness just as Yami as preparing to announce a shadow game.

"Tomb robber, you'll regret crossing me. The shadow realm shall—" Yami had thrown his arm out to point at Bakura, and just happened to use the hand holding the tube Yugi had been about to buy.

Yami froze, startled enough that he forgot what he was doing and pulled his arm back to read the label. Yugi nearly died. Yami couldn't see that! He would rather his dark hold an all out war in the super market than read the label on the bottle.

YAMI! Yugi screeched with enough force to jerk Yami out of control, and he sent his dark immediately to his soul room, locking the darker spirit inside with only seconds to spare.

That was too close… Yugi thought breathing hard as he stood, his hand curled around the bottle, the label just out of his vision, but not out of Bakura's.

"KY Massage oil?" The thief blinked in incomprehension for a moment before a wicked smirk curved his lips. "… oh, so that's what has the pharaoh's panties in a twist."

Yugi felt his face flame, and he let out an embarrassed squeak, the oil dropping from his numbed fingers as he turned and bolted from the market as fast as his legs would take him.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit… Yugi chanted in his mind, his eyes closed as he pushed his body to move faster, harder, and farther away than he'd ever run before.

It wasn't far enough he supposed, as a stitch in his side—one he hadn't noticed until he tripped and forced him to breath for the first time in a block and a half—forced him to stomp at the street corner.

Gasping for breath, his chest feeling like it could implode at any second, and his head buzzing from Yami's curious and worried nagging, Yugi slumped to his knees. Oh…. Damn it, I'll never be able to look Ryo in the face again… Yugi realized with a sad sigh, giving up his mental blockade in his depression, and allowing Yami to exert his protective, mothering tendencies.

Aibou! Yami's cry was accompanied by a large pressure in his mind, as Yami mentally checked his light for harm. Yugi sighed, relaxing into the feeling of his other's soul bathing him, and felt his eye burn with unshed tears. Yugi, what is wrong?

Even as Yami asked Yugi felt himself being drawn back and in to the comfort of his soul room, Yami taking control of the body sending wave after wave of comfort to him. He didn't mind really, as he let Yami take them both home, all he wanted was the comfort of his dark's soul, and so he moved into Yami's soul room and curled himself up into a ball against the door, and slipped in to a light doze.

At one point he was aware of his dark joining him in his soul room, but it was fleeting, and his dreams dragged him back down before he could truly wake.


Yugi sighed sitting at his desk in a slight haze. Yesterday was a disaster… Yugi decided in a depressed state now that he had failed in his mission. Not only did I fail… I screwed up and now Yami barely talks to me at all.

Yugi groaned and sank further into his seat, burying his head in his arms, which would explain why he didn't notice the person approaching his desk from across the room until a heavy hand shook his desktop.

"Here." A sharp bossy voice made Yugi look up at the person above him is shocked fear.

Bakura? Yugi thought, his cheeks already pinking in remembrance. The tomb robber groaned, rolling his eyes and turned from him in annoyance.

"Look, my light won't stop whining until I make it up to you, so take it, and stop moping!" Bakura snapped already walking away from him.

Yugi blinked, not sure he really understood what it was that had happened, and glanced down at the object Bakura had left on his desk.

Yugi let out a squeak of embarrassment, his eyes goggling and his entire body freezing in shock as the KY Massage oil stared back at him mockingly.

Jonouchi took that moment to appear.

Yugi decided that after things had settled, he'd make Yami get the lube.

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