Authors Note:

Hey everyone! So, it would seem as no one correctly answered my favorite Jeyton moment, as I explained in my story, "They'll Never Know." I'll give you a hint, season two, disk 5. Anyways, this is just a spin-off of the school shooting. If you read carefully, you'll know it's not Jimmy that's hunting the school, but someone else. Read and enjoy.


"You wanna know what it's like in my high school? Well the truth is, there isn't a single person here worth remembering. The people here are fake, so they stick to their cliques to hide it. I mean, the stoners are medicated, the honor students are afraid of the jocks, there just jocks man. They'll peak at 17, and there cheerleader girlfriends will be fat and lonely by 21."

He walked the halls, looking at the ground, watching his feet slide as they hit the floor. He knew he couldn't look up, all the people would stare. He was an outcast. Everyone had forgotten about him, pushed him around. They didn't know who he was. Never really had.

He had a great soul, full of honor and love. But slowly, all the people he tried to hold onto were slipping away, and he couldn't take it.

He looked up and noticed he had passed his locker, his shoulder aching from the heavy bag he was carrying. His books, binders.

And an automatic pistol.

"Losers. Everyone here is a loser. And the truth is, every day I have to come to this school, is one less day I have to come back."

He stepped back and that's when he saw it. His books that had been in his locker, all over the floor. The so called jocks kicking them and smiling. Teasing him. He couldn't do this anymore. He reached into his bag and pulled out the gun.

"I went a whole day at school without talking to anyone, and I realized, that was the best day, I had had in a long time. So, that was kind of depressing, so I went home and took a couple pills, and then I took 11 more."

He raised it up, hands shaking. This was it. This is what he had wanted to do. He wanted to show them he wasn't scared. But that's exactly what he was. Not angry or evil, just scared.

People looked, and their mouths opened wide, they dropped to the floor, as he pulled the trigger.

He wasn't even aiming for anyone. He didn't hit anyone. But the glass door had shattered, causing people to scream and run by him.

"My mom and the doctors called it an accident. And when I got back to school two weeks later, it was like, I never left."

The sirens started to blast as people dropped their bags and books and papers and ran. That's when she came up to him. "Please don't do this…" She said, she was about a meter away, afraid to get too close.

"I just wanted it to stop." He banged on his chest. "It hurts! It always hurts!"

"I know." She said,

"Please don't do this… please. You can stop this. I'll come with you. We can go and talk about this please…" She had once been his best friend, then ignored him, leaving him alone to die inside. He looked at her, eyes wide.

"I'm sorry."

He said, as he pointed the gun at her, she tried to scream, but nothing came out. That's when he got on his knees.

"So sorry."

He said again as he pointed t he gun at his chest, and pulled the trigger.

"I just wanted them to like me. I just wanted to belong."