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On the north western plane of the world, tucked away in a small corner of trees and shrub, was a small town by the name of Forks, Washington. It was a quaint little place, a sleepy peacefulness about it. Forks itself was surrounded by forest, and just a small ways off, ocean. The sky was either a calming gray because of the clouds, or a clear, acrylic blue. Currently, it was the latter. Spring was in its final stages, and summer was just around the corner. The heavy snow, which once caked the ground with powdery white, left without so much as a trace behind. The overpowering green of the place made things seem cool and calm. Flowers began to blossom, and were now in full bloom. In town, shop owners had their doors wide open, people who walked along the street casually saying hello to one another. Across from the large hardware store, an elderly Mrs. Ginsberg sat on her porch, drinking iced tea and reading an old novel. Mr. Sholtz, who lived just a few blocks away mowed his lawn, his golden retriever loafing in the grass he just cut. A block away from them, the sheriff's cruiser sat out front of the old diner, Chief Swan himself sitting at the counter and eating a piece of blue berry pie. His favorite. Just beyond the tiny town, the beginnings of the old, run down saw mill poked its smoke stacks from the tops of the trees. In the complete opposite direction, up the hill from Forks, sat the high school. It perched upon a flat plot of hillside, a winding road leading to its parking lot. It was a spread out building, the eggshell white of the walls fading with the passing years. Cars of every shape and size sat idol in the lot, waiting for their drivers to leave the class room. And just beyond the school – high, high above them on the hill – was an old, Victorian house. It sat peacefully, hidden mostly by the dense forest that surrounded it. But if one looked carefully and at the right angle, one could see it very clearly. This was exactly what young Bella Swan was doing at that very moment.

She was a slightly tall girl, with a thin stature and hardly a bosom to speak of. Her frizzy, brown hair was usually tied in a pony tail, her matching eyes sitting in a pale, somewhat freckled face. She had her chin propped in her palm, her elbow resting on the table in front of her. Her test – which was done – lay face down beside her elbow. She had nothing better to do then stare off into space. Her eyes moved towards the empty seat beside her. She wished he could have come to school today to keep her company, but the sun was too bright out today. She wouldn't want him to risk it. The soon-to-be eighteen year old was thinking of her boyfriend, a Mr. Edward Cullen.

What could be said about Edward? He was an interesting character, to say the least. Their beginnings had not been all that flawless. He threatened her life at least once, and started out despising her for the simple fact that she attempted to be nice. He seemed to hate her best friend, Jacob Black, and – until meeting Bella – had never driven before in his life. He was also a vampire.

So many things happened in the past year. Things that Bella never thought would happen in her wildest dreams. Her life was constantly in danger, and she came out of the whole thing with a broken shoulder blade, though she was lucky to be alive. But now... these things were all really just fond memories. Well... perhaps not her near death experiences, but most everything else. Because through the turmoil, uncertainty and utter fear that she felt that winter, she and the elusive and slightly emo-ish Edward had fallen in love. Bella looked at their intimacy now and compared it to the hostility of the past, and almost found herself laughing. Back then, she never would have guessed it, but the boy could prove to be the most tender soul. It nearly scared her at first. Now, however, she more then happily fell victim to his kindness. Unfortunately, as the days grew warmer, his appearance at school became scarcer. For obvious reasons, of course. She tapped her paper, her eyes once more reverting to the house on the hill. It was Edward's house. She hadn't noticed it before he started coming to school less and less. Even though they were dating now, she still felt weary about going near it. Namely because of his "family".

Edward lived with six other vampires in that house. His supposed brothers, Jasper and Emmett, Bella didn't have a problem with. Emmett was easy to talk to and often felt like a big brother figure to her as well. Jasper, on the other hand, had warmed up to Bella and treated her like an adored sister. Rosalie, Edward's sister, wasn't all that bad either. She was somewhat stiff, but only for precautionary measures. Esme, Edward's mother, was a kind woman who seemed to be the peace maker of sorts within the family. The only real problem lay with Edward's father, Carlisle, and his other sister, Alice. Strict and commanding, Carlisle Cullen demanded respect with his mere presence. He often looked at Bella with such a piercing eye, she feared to stare back too long. And then, there was Alice...

Alice Cullen... The name still brought chills to her spine. Thin and sly looking, Alice moved with the grace of a prowling snake. The first time they had met, Alice had attempted to seduce and take blood from Bella. She would have succeeded, if Edward hadn't stopped her. This last winter, when she and Edward were just starting to warm up to one another, she left Bella with a daunting warning. She told the story of Lenore, a woman who blindly followed her vampire lover to the grave. Alice explained to her that those who loved vampires were cursed with misery. So far, Bella had her fair share of misfortune, but lately, she had been rather happy. Still, the words haunted her from time to time. The nightmares that she had often consisted of those words. She didn't plan on telling Edward this, as he would just be worried...

"...ella... Bella...! Yo!"

Bella jumped slightly and looked over to Mike, who was waving a hand in front of her face. He laughed at her and stuffed his hands in his pockets. Mike was one of her friends at school, and was actually human. He had a charming way about him, an easy likeness to his face and attitude. "I've been calling your name for the past minute. I was going to ask what you were doing tonight."

"Tonight?" Bella thought about it. It was Friday night. Her friends usually liked to steal her away for things on Fridays and Saturdays. She thought about it for a second. "Hm... Sure, I think I'm free. But I can't stay out too late."

Mike nodded. "Yeah, I know. We were thinking about heading to Port Angeles for a bit. Interested?"

"Sure," said Bella brightly. She gathered her things and headed out of the classroom. The bell had already rung, and her daydreaming cost her a minute of passing period. She headed to math, her books in her arms. It was true that she didn't like to stay out too late. It was her habit these days to come home before Charlie did. Not because she wanted to be home when her father walked through the door, but because that time between sunset and his arrival was perfect for some alone time with a certain vampire boy. She supposed that was an incredibly selfish and wicked way of thinking, but she couldn't help herself. She did enjoy Charlie's company. One of her favorite things to do was watch old movies with him. Just a few days ago, she and her dad sat down to the Maltese Falcon. Film noir was always so interesting. Not to mention, the black and white cinematography helped her with her own passion: pictures. She would have never even gotten into photography if it wasn't for Edward's Christmas gift; a brand new, professional camera. By that time, the thing was filled to the brim with pictures.

After the school day was over, she and the others – Mike, Jessica, Tyler and Angela – followed each other down the road toward Port Angeles. It was a small shopping town, mainly set up for tourists. Yet to Bella, the place had a good amount of charm that made it appealing. They caught a movie together and grabbed a quick bite too eat. After a few good hours of laughing, Bella noticed the sun going down. She said her goodbyes and was ready to leave, when Tyler stopped her.

"It's like you're afraid of the dark," he commented lightly. "You never stay out at night any more. How come?"

Bella shrugged. "I just like to get home before it's too late." Jessica chuckled, patting her shoulder.

"What, afraid of the vampires?" she asked.

That caused a laugh from Bella. What an ironic thing to say. She talked her way out of it and said goodbye, heading to her truck. She rode home, happily humming to herself. This had been a pretty good day. She drummed along the steering wheel with her fingers, listening to the radio. It wasn't long until she returned home, parking her truck and hopping out. Charlie's cruiser was not there. She was just ready to head inside, when she paused and turned, looking up to the darkening sky. Things were going so well... She was so happy.

Little did she know what the future held in store for her.

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