I wrote the... I guess you could call it a poem... in english class. And I decided to make a story to go with it. For some strange reason, it came to me while I was in the shower. Yeah Idk... don't ask.

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The Titans had been through a particularly difficult day. First of all, there was a jail break, then Dr. Light attempted to conquer the world... with light... again, after that Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth came out of nowhere, and to wrap it all up Mumbo and Mad Mod teamed up to create a "British magic show." (Hypnotism included!) But that's not what made it a hard day for Raven.

Other than the constant, repetitive chaos, Terra had been cuddling against Beast Boy all day! She seemed to be rubbing in the fact that she and Beast Boy were "together" now.

Raven wasn't the only one being annoyed by the two. It had really been starting to get on all of the Titans nerves. Being able to feel the strong emotion coming off the both of them, without really being able to feel can make it all the more frustrating.

"It was way cool the way you took down Jinx today, Terra!" Beast Boy cheered.

"Yeah, well you gave Mumbo a good bashing too," Terra admitted.

"I was pretty cool wasn't," Beast Boy agreed, flexing his muscles.

They both giggled, and started a tickle fight.

They were making it very hard to read. A very irritated Raven stood up, slammed her book shut, and stormed off to her room.

"Ya think she's a little... tense?" Beast Boy questioned nervously.

"No, she's just jealous," Terra crooned, leaning in for a kiss.


'Jealous? Me? Am I jealous?' Raven thought to herself.

'Of course not. We don't do jealousy,'

'Oh yes we are jealous! I can feel it!!'

'Shut up Happy!'

'It doesn't matter we're all doomed anyway,'

'No one needs your negativity Timid!'

Raven's emotions continued to argue, getting her dangerously close to losing it. She couldn't meditate with such "disturbing" emotions. Their feelings of love and affection for one another was yet another thing Raven could not feel for herself. She told herself that it didn't bother her, but she still couldn't meditate.

"Arrgh!! Just shut up! Shut up! All of you!!" Raven shouted out loud. "I have to get this off my mind," she decided. "I can't meditate, reading is out of the question..." She continued to mill it over in her mind, weighing the options, when she notice her journal on her bedside table. She couldn't remember the last time she wrote in it.

Raven opened it to the next clean page and began to write.

June 22, 7:29

Jealousy and Rage are like any two best friends.

When Jealousy takes control, Rage is at her side.

Mischief in time joins the duo, trailed by Revenge, making it a quartet.

Together, the four of them rule your mind wreaking havoc, causing stress, and manipulating you into thinking of doing horrid things.

Soon enough, they gather enough power to take control of you body as well.

Wheather you know it or not, it is not exactly your consience telling you to "Go ahead, it can't possibly do any harm."

All lies.

Once they have complete control, there is nothing you can do. You will do what they please.

Dreadfull things, you should regret.

Eventually, it will come to an end, and you will have time to sit back and survey the damage.

I sincerely hope you will not be pleased with what you see, if things went according to their plan.

Domino effect.

Somehow, she felt better.

After venting her feelings in her own special way, she had gained somewhat of a sense of peace and more control over herself.

Everything was better, for the moment...

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