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In the common room (what else do you call it?)

"Alrighty Titans, you ready for the best breakfast you've ever had!?!" Cyborg was pretty excited about his new pancake maker/waffle maker/ toaster. He had everything already cooked. The kitchen counters were full to the edge of dirty spatulas, spoons, pots, pans, bowls, and empty boxes that previously held ingredients for what his new breakfast making toy couldn't cook.

"No thanks Cyborg, not hungry," Robin replied before swooshing past the counters and grabbing a piece of dry toast that was already toasty. He jumped up and landed on the rather large couch, flipping channels on the big plasma screen.

Starfire flew in,"Yes, I do not require much of the norishment of the fast of break either. May I have just one strip of the fried pig please?" a smile a mile wide on her face. Poor, nieve, Starfire.

Cyborg gave Robin a confuzed glance. He went over and asked, "What does she mean by 'strip of fried pig' exactly?"

Robin looked at Cyborg like he was really stupid. He motioned for Cyborg to come closer so he could whisper. "SHE MEANS BACON, YOU DUMB BUTT!!!" he yelled in his ear.

'=.= "Oh, I knew that, hehehe" And so he gave her one "strip of fried pig". "Man, is anyone going to eat all this!" He was a little irritated.

Right on cue, Terra and Beast Boy walked into the room holding hands, smiling, and laughing.

"Terra so glad to see ya you look hungry have some breakfast!" Cyborg said it really fast, all in one breath, and held out a bowl the size of Starfire head full of srambled eggs.

"Wow, that's a lotta eggs," she said, a little caught off gaurd.

"Lay off Cyborg, we already ate," Beast Boy cut in.

"You... al...ready... ATE!!! IT'S 8:00!!! HOW DID YOU GO GET SOMETHING TO EAT ALREADY!!!!"

"Simple, we got up early, went to IHOP, and ate breakfast. Turns out thier open real early!"


"Cyborg, chill, Raven's not up yet. Maybe she'll eat some." Robin the voice of reason tryed to reassure him.

"Yeah right, she's just gonna come in with some book, make some of that tea of hers and be her normal anti-social, anti-breakfast self," Cyborg mumbled, grabbing the phone and storming off to the garage, leaving the kitchen a mess and the counters full of uneaten food.

"Well, if no one's going to eat all this, don't want it to go to waste!" Terra grabbed the egg bowl.

"Terra is a 'bottomless pit', correct?"

"Yes Starfire, yes, she, is," Robin answered, wrapping his arm around her waist and leading her to the gym. They had been dating for a few months now, but were very suddle about it. Robin knew how villans could take advantage personal relationships between team members. They shared a quick kiss on thier way to the gym. Starfire loved to watch him train almost as much as Robin loved it himself.

To get to the gym, they had to pass Raven's room. When they reached it, Starfire tripped.

"Eeeep!!" She shrieked, falling flat on her face.

"Starfire," Robin chuckled, "You really need to be more careful. What did you trip over?" He bent down to see what she fell over and to help her up. "Huh, what's this doing outside of Raven's room?" In his hands was his high-tech audio recording device, for special missions. Robin thought to himself, 'How did Raven get her hands on this, and why did she want it?'

"Dear Robin, are in 'the trance'?" Starfire asked, suddenly concerned about her love.

"Huh? Oh, no. Uh, I just remembered, I have something to do in my secret study, off-limits," he replied, snapping back into reality. "You go ahead and train without me, I'll be there soon,"

"Oh, alright,"

He kissed her on the cheek and walked with a rather fast pace towards his study. He had to find out more about this. 'I could have sworn I put this here in my study with all of my other secret, off-limits, gadgets,' Robin reached his study and typed in the long, drawn out password required to enter. However long it is, he hoped that he didn't ever forget it. There was absolutly no other way of getting in.

The door slid open. He stepped inside and flicked a switch. A single, bare bulb flickered to life above him. The walls were covered with newspaper clippings and pictures related to his work. Some were peeling, and others had already fallen to the floor. There was an assortment of various broken gadget and devices he never took the time to repair on the medium sized desk, along with a bright lamp, a few random tools, and the latest in computer technology.

Robin began by turning on the computer, which started right up immediatly. He plugged the recording device into the computer, and a small screen popped up. It had all the information on everything ever recorded onto it. He scrolled down to today. Nothing. He went back to what was recorded last night. There was a long recording spanning from 11:00pm-6:00am.

When he pressed play, this is what he heard.

The recording was rather long, but Robin stayed to listen to it all. The voice was a mumble, quiet at first, "how... how is.. this... possible" sounding scared and timid, occasionally stuttering "n-no... n-no," or stammering "st-stop, g-get away," but it's volume began to grow and become more of a voice of anger and fury. "No... No!... You're wrong!!" This was followed by random, various exploding sounds, accompanied by one sickening scream after another that made him cringe. Before long, he grew to where couldn't stand to listen to whatever torture this poor creature was enduring. He skipped a few hours, then pressed play again. He knew the screams had died, because he now heard low moans. He could no longer bear to listen to the recording, even he could no longer bear to listen to the recording.

He skipped back to the begining to find out who the voice was. It was outside Raven's room, but the nearly inhumane screams he heard couldn't possibly be her. But it was. There was no mistaking that is was her, after tweaking it a bit. Her voice now plain and clear rang throughout his mind. His mind was now stuck on her voice as she cried out in pain, cried out for help, cried out in plees for it to stop.

It replayed over and over as he turned everything off, locked the door and headed to his bedroom. No need to meet Starfire in the gym as he had said he would. It was 10pm. He had spent the whole day listening to the recording, and no matter what he did, he couldn't shake the horrendous, sickening sounds from his mind.

Robin knew that he had to find out what happened. But he needed to sleep. Nothing was going to get done at this hour. He lay his head on his pillow and drifted off to sleep.


Down the hall by Raven's room

A mysterious, shadowy figure cut through the dark, on a risky mission. The figure had some sort of device in it's hand as it paused by the door marked Raven. It typed in the password and the door opened ever so slightly. The device was placed on the wall, just inside the room. The figure then lightly dashed off, quick on it's feet, back into the shadows.


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