This fic will explain how Tigerstar became so 'evil', because there's a reason for everything.

Chapter 1

ThunderClan (all the cats that I know of, anyway)

Leader---Sunstar—a ginger tom with yellow stripes and green eyes

Deputy---Tawnyspots—a brown tabby tom

Medicine Cat---Featherwhisker—a silvery-gray tom with amber eyes and long, feathery whiskers


Thistleclaw—a gray tom with four darker gray legs

Bluefur—a blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes (apprentice, Runningpaw)

Patchpelt—a black and white tom

Dappletail—a dappled tortoiseshell she-cat

Halftail—a dark brown tabby tom with half a tail (apprentice, Redpaw)

Moonflower—a long-haired white she-cat with amber eyes

Stonepelt—a gray tabby tom

Speckletail—a pale tabby she-cat


Shadestorm—a dark tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Snowfur—a white she-cat with blue eyes (mother of Whitekit)


Redpaw—tortoiseshell tom with a ginger tail

Runningpaw—a swift tabby tom


One-eye—a pale gray she-cat missing one eye; virtually blind and deaf

Smallear—a gray tom with very small ears

Thistleclaw's POV


Thistleclaw twined tails with his mate, Shadestorm, looking at her swollen belly. His pelt pricked with pride at the thought that he would soon be a father.

"Come on, let's go get some fresh-kill," he meowed to the dark tabby she-cat.

Shadestorm turned her green eyes to Thistleclaw's amber ones. "I have to stay in the nursery, remember? The kits are due any day now." She purred as she gave him a loving nudge with her muzzle. Thistleclaw felt like his heart would soon explode from all the love he felt for the wonderful cat in front of him.

Shadestorm suddenly gasped, and Thistleclaw felt a surge of alarm. "Are you okay?"

"No—I'm fine," Shadestorm rasped. "One of the kits just being playful, that's all."

"Did it hurt you?" Thistleclaw asked concernedly.

Shadestorm forced a smile. "No, no, he's just big for his age. I bet he gets it from his father." She caressed her belly with her tail, happily thinking of the beautiful, strong kits she would soon be having, and the happy family she would have.

Thistleclaw still couldn't suppress the ripple of anxiety that flowed through his body. Much as he loved his unborn kits, he didn't want them hurting his beloved mate. "Okay, then. I'll get you a mouse and we'll eat it just outside the nursery."

As Shadestorm nodded agreement, Thistleclaw hurried over to the fresh-kill pile and searched for the freshest, juiciest piece of prey he could find. As he selected a fat thrush, he looked up and saw Tawnyspots, the deputy, beckoning to him. Thistleclaw glanced back at Shadestorm and when she showed no aversion, he padded over to Tawnyspots. "Yes?"

The brown tabby tom sighed. "I need you to lead a patrol along the ShadowClan border with Patchpelt, Bluefur, and Runningpaw. And then," a glimmer of amusement appeared in his eyes, "You can have time off from warrior duties because I know Shadestorm's kits are due any day now."

Thistleclaw dipped his head in respect and thanks. "I will." He ran over to the warriors' den, where Patchpelt was sharing tongues with Dappletail. "Patchpelt, Tawnyspots wants us to patrol the ShadowClan border with Bluefur and Runningpaw."

Patchpelt gave Dappletail a flick on the shoulder and followed Thistleclaw over to the training hollow, where Bluefur was training with her apprentice.

"Run at me," Bluefur instructed. "But don't aim where I am now, aim for where you think I'm going to be."

Runningpaw squinted and cocked his head to one side, as if trying to figure out where Bluefur would be. Suddenly, he leaped at his mentor and bowled her over, faster than Thistleclaw had ever seen a cat leap.

Bluefur lay panting in the dust. Runningpaw nervously padded over to her. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" he asked.

Bluefur's eyes opened, and she heaved herself to her paws. "That was excellent," she praised. "What you lack in size and strength, you make up for in speed and intelligence. I'll ask Sunstar if you can come to the Gathering that's coming up soon."

Runningpaw's eyes shone. "Really?"

"Really. If you keep this up, you'll be a warrior soon."

Thistleclaw cleared his throat. "Um, Bluefur, you and Runningpaw need to come with me on patrol."

Bluefur beckoned the tabby apprentice forward, and the four cats disappeared through the gorse tunnel.


Thistleclaw raced into the camp and into the nursery. He was relieved when he saw Shadestorm sharing tongues with Snowfur, Bluefur's sister. Her kit, Whitekit, was sleeping at her paws. When he approached them, Shadestorm looked up and a smile spread over her face. "Featherwhisker just visited me," she mewed, "and he told me the kits will be here in the next few sunrises."

Thistleclaw purred and licked Shadestorm on the ear. She sighed. "I can't wait. I was thinking that maybe if we get a gray kit that looks like you, I'd like to name him Tigerkit."

"Him?" Thistleclaw questioned.

The dark tabby she-cat scuffled her paws on the ground. "I don't know—whenever I think of my kits, I think of a strong tom that looks exactly like you."

Thistleclaw felt a burst of happiness inside him. "And why Tigerkit?"

Shadestorm seemed acutely embarrassed. "Whenever I think of strength, I remember TigerClan."

Thistleclaw nuzzled her ear. "And what of the other kits?"

"I like the names Shinekit and Bramblekit."

"Whatever you name them, they'll be perfect, and we'll be a great happy family." Thistleclaw imagined three kits tumbling and play-fighting with him, and he felt ready to burst with pride. Then the pride turned into fear as Shadestorm's body was overcome with spasms for a minute. "Shadestorm!"

Shadestorm wailed and collapsed on the ground. "Thistleclaw—kits—coming!" Snowfur rushed over to the trembling queen and placed a paw on her belly, her eyes growing wide. "Get Featherwhisker," she meowed. "Now!"

Shaking with fear, Thistleclaw raced to the medicine cat's den with the speed of StarClan. He burst through the ferns and crashed into the silvery gray tom.

Featherwhisker dropped the bundle of herbs he was carrying. "What?"

"Shadepelt—kits coming—"

Without a word, Featherwhisker hurried to the back of the den and reappeared with a plant that had star shaped flowers, and other herbs Thistleclaw didn't recognize. "Borage," Featherwhisker explained, "and juniper berries and cobwebs." He and Thistleclaw sprinted to the nursery, where Snowfur was soothing the trembling Shadestorm. Snowfur looked up as they came in. "Featherwhisker," she meowed, "I think something's wrong. Look, her breathing keeps stopping and there's blood over her lower body."

An icy wind seemed to chill Thistleclaw's heart. "Hold on, Shadestorm. Featherwhisker's helping you, and now we'll all be one happy family. Remember, just like we've been thinking about?"

Shadestorm's eyes seem to glaze over, and her breathing seemed ragged and hoarse. Featherwhisker kept prodding her in different pressure points, trying to stop the spasms that kept rippling through her body.

"Featherwhisker!" Thistleclaw yowled. "What's wrong?"

Featherwhisker kept shaking his head. "Something's gone wrong. There's too much blood coming—and I can't stop it." His eyes were frightened as he wrapped cobwebs around the bleeding queen.

"Mommy?" Whitekit had woken up and was now bristling at his mother's paws. "Mommy, what's wrong?"

Snowfur picked up her kit by the scruff and hurried out of the nursery.

Shadestorm suddenly let out a bone-chilling scream that sent chills down Thistleclaw's spine. Featherwhisker dropped a wet bundle at Thistleclaw's paw and mewed, "Lick."

Thistleclaw bent his head down and began to lick the limp kit, his worries about his mate clouding his brain and keeping him from concentrating on anything.

"Thistle…claw…" Shadestorm was trying to speak, and Thistleclaw abandoned the kit and nuzzled the queen while trying to make out her words.

"Take…care…of…Tiger…kit…for me. Raise…him…to…be…a…good…warrior…" And then she drew the kit toward her with her last strength. "I…love…you…Tiger…kit…"

She drew a deep, shuddering breath, and then she lay still.

Shadestorm was dead.

Thistleclaw just stood still, staring at the dark tabby she-cat he had loved so much, more than life itself.


Thistleclaw slowly turned around and his gaze found the single kit Shadestorm had born, a dark tabby tom—almost the exact image of its dead mother.

A cold, icy hand gripped Thistlelclaw's heart as he stared at his son, the tom Shadestorm had hoped for, and he remembered how Shadestorm's last words had been said to the kit.

"Thistleclaw?" Featherwhisker began.

Thistleclaw pushed past him and stalked out of the nursery, past Snowfur's gaze, past Dappletail, who was keeping watch at the entrance to the camp, and ran blindly into the forest.

He knew he would never love the kit that had killed his mate, and he would never take care of it, or treat it as a son.

Tigerkit would never be any kind of son of his.

He would only name it Tigerkit as it had been Shadestorm's last wish.


Thistleclaw raised his head up to the sky and howled all his grief and pain so that it would reach all the ears of the StarClan cats, and especially Shadestorm—because, if any cat deserved to walk among StarClan, Shadestorm did.

"I love you, Shadestorm, but I'm sorry. I can never love our kit—your kit. For the kit who killed you is no kit of mine."

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