Author's Notes

Now I know why people set deadlines; it feels so good when you conform to them! Oh, and just a little heads up; there's definately going to be a lot more going on here, I'm also introducing some new cast members (though all of them will be from the WWE)

Just a few things I'd like to point out:

This story will be told on the sides of John Cena and Cody Rhodes, although previously it only revolved around Cody, now John get's his chance in the spotlight; the reason I chose to tag it by John and Cody is because sadly doesn't yet recognize Jack Swagger for the charming ECW Champion that he currently is (which is why I implore you all to write about him, so that he may be noticed and for once heard by the community!).

I don't own the WWE.

I at NO TIME want to make you feel bad.

This is a sequel, meaning if you haven't already read the story prior to this one, you might not fully understand everything that's going on. The story before this is "Drinking From The Poisoned Fountain".

The pairings here include:

Randy OrtonxCody Rhodes

Ted DibiassexCody Rhodes

John CenaxChris Jericho

John CenaxRandy Orton

John CenaxJack Swagger

ChristianxJack Swagger

ChristianxAdam "Edge" Copeland

Randy OrtonxChris Jericho

Without anymore of my small-talk, enjoy the first chapter of the second part of my saga!

"You've got five seconds to grab some sky mother-fucker!" John bellowed as he burst through the door; reducing it to pieces of shattered wooden fragments across the floor. He kicked them out of his way as he walked in, weapon at hand.

A man breaking through your door with sheer force is definitely a horrifying image. Add if you will the gun John was waving around into the equation and you've got yourself fainting in terror.

Christian stood, still and tall; staring John head-on as though he didn't give a shit about it "what do you think you're doing, dick-head?" he snarled.

Jack, who was also in the room; said nothing instead choosing to cower behind Christian, his knight in semi-rusting armor.

"I'm showing you just how much of a thug I can be" John replied, he was even holding his gun the way rappers did; tilted to the side and pointed straight at his target "Jack, get over here" he commanded, cocking the gun at Jack in beckoning for him to come over to him.

Jack was about to obey, before Christian stretched out his hand to stop him "no, Jack; don't go near him"

"Let's try this again" John said, his aim still on Jack "get over here now"

Christian kept his arm outstretched, blocking Jack from moving forward, now silently shaking his head "no" in protest.

John took things to new lengths, shifting his gun to pointing at Christian.

"Jack, I'm going to count to ten and if you don't shake that tail and get over here by the time I finish, I'm going to put a bullet where Christian's brain is" he affirmed, intimidating the already frightened blond.

Christians eyes darted to Jack's face; he looked like he was going to cave in at any moment "don't do it Jack, he's not going to shoot me, he's too much of a little punk for that. You have nothing to worry about, just stay right where you are"

"One… This won't bother me none" John began, making a little rhyme out of his counting to make things just that much more provocative.

"Shut up John; Jack don't you dare move… Don't even look at him…"

"Two… I'm gonna fucking kill you!"

"John, shut the fuck up and get out now, we dealt with this at Wrestlemania; Jack chose me over you! He's not your boyfriend, he's mine and he's not going to listen to you if I tell him not to!"

"Three… I don't know why you think you can talk to me"

Christian ground his teeth; John's mood elevating from the sight of it.

"Four… I'm going to splatter your brains on the floor"

Christian looked back to Jack, trying to soothe him by using gentle eye contact; but this was a case that was beyond helpable; Jack's mind was a frenzy of danger signs.

"Five… If you hustle then maybe when I leave Christian will be alive"

Jack tried once more to move forward but Christian pushed him back, this time prodding him to stand behind him, to hide him away from John the way a parent might hide candy from their child.

"Six… I-"

"Cut it out!" Jack spoke up, stepping out from behind Christian and stopping John mid-verse.

"Jack, if you love me you'll let me die before you go with him…" Christian muttered, locking eyes with Jack and turning sideways to face him. He wrapped one of his arms around Jack's waist, using his other hand to snake through that sunshine golden hair.

"Oh Christian…" Jack whispered kissing him passionately in a way that was almost bruising.

Ugh, how sentimental.

John ripped him away by his hair before they could come to a close; dragging him out of the room and leaving Christian a hot mess.

John continued to pull him in this fashion, all the way to the parking lot; despite the disgruntled whimpers and hurt groans he kept making throughout the ordeal. It would all be over soon enough.

The two continued to trudge about the parking lot, John still holding Jack by his hair and Jack still wriggling uncomfortably; until they happened upon John's father's car that he had borrowed for the night.

It was a black land-cruiser, complete with pleather seats, a GPS navigator, and rims on the wheels; John had renovated it a few months ago as a birthday present.

He momentarily freed Jack to open the door to the passenger side beside the driver. John was sure to act quickly, for as soon as he had released his captive, he would have to gather him up as the jumpy little thing tried to escape; as if it were possible.

Once he had secured Jack inside the car, he went around the other side and sat beside him in the driver's seat then after locking the doors.

He took his time in the car, adjusting the rearview mirror, adjusting his seat, buckling himself up and later doing the same for Jack, who on the whole was very noncompliant.

John had to threaten him with the gun, just to get an answer on whether or not he got car-sick!

The drive to his parent's house was less than satisfactory.

Jack wouldn't say a word the entire time; too scared shit-less or too obstinate to be breached by John.

John on the other hand, was feeling very talkative and even tried feeling up Jack's knee for half of the ride; he would have even made a grab for Jack's crotch, were it not for the fact that Jack was slapping his hand away at every turn.

The house they were headed to was by no means small. It was a large painted brick house with the garage attached to it at the side, a doorway in between the two buildings was most likely connecting them.

When they reached their destination, he pulled into the driveway they were greeted by the garage door opening by a switch from the garage's remote that he had in the car.

When he had parked the car inside, he shut it; trapping Jack within the house.

He then unlocked the doors, urging Jack to step out onto the concrete flooring of the garage.

Jack was uncomfortable, and visibly too, but it only made John grin; oh, it was such a turn on watching Jack sweat! It was the most fun he could have without engaging in anything that required personal effort.

Which is why, just for kicks, he had Jack undress himself down to his bare feet and lean on his palms against the hood of the car, luckily he had given it a good five minutes before he forced Jack out of the car so it wouldn't be too excruciatingly hot to press himself against it.

Jack whined in slight protest as the metal warmed his hands, generating a tingling chill that was sent vibrating throughout his skin.

At this point in time, John had an erection.

It was bouncing against his stomach with every step he took; it was so massive.

He drew the gun from his pocket, running it along Jack's shoulder blades and down his spine, stopping where the crack of his ass began.

John leaned so that he was almost overshadowing Jack, placing his free hand beside Jack's on the car.

He grinned maliciously as he pulled the trigger "bang; you're dead…!"

Instead of the bullets that Christian and Jack had anticipated, out of the gun came a sharp squirt of water.

John chuckled darkly at the cruelty of his prank, watching Jack's facial expression shift from mortified to grateful and then finally to playfully irritated.

"You… Ass!" he giggled, whirling around to face John and then being bent backwards over the car's hood in a passionate kiss; the heat of it baking his back and causing him to melt from tender shiver it sent coursing through his veins.

He draped his arms around John's neck and literally sucked his tongue from his mouth, willing John to ravage him right then and there on top of the car.

They stopped, pausing to catch their breath.

It was then it dawned on Jack that this wasn't a hotel, this was somebody's house.

"I didn't know you had a house in Massachusetts…" he marveled, didn't John live in Tampa?

He might not have even gotten an answer as John was busy situating himself between Jack's legs, getting ready to fuck him on the hood.

"I don't" he said good-humoredly, dropping a bomb the size of Peru without even realizing that he had given away such a big "secret".

"OH MY GOD!" Jack exclaimed, shoving John off of him with all of his might, leaning back on the hood from recoil and causing the car to rock in the direction he was leaning.

"Hey…! Baby! Why're you getting fussy?" John grinned playfully, climbing onto the car to join him.

"Um, hello; you brought me to a stranger's house to have sex in their garage?!" he hissed, sliding off of the hood and trying to get to his clothes.

"Relax baby, this is my parent's house, I wouldn't take you to a stranger's house" although John had to admit, the idea was pretty kinky.

Having sex in some stranger's house; they'd come home and see love stains on their bed, couch, kitchen countertop, washing machine. Then they would probably shit themselves trying to piece together what had gone down while they were out; was it the neighbors, forgetting which house was theirs? Did a burglar come in and relieve himself all over the joint after looting it? Was it the dog?

Mmm… Hot.

His attention came back to Jack and out of his fantasies when he realized that the reason it was so quiet in the room wasn't because Jack was jerking himself off; he was staring at John, shocked and appalled.

"Relax? Relax?! Are you insane?! John, I'm not going to relax, in fact the last thing I will do right now is relax; you brought me to your parents' house?! Oh God, this is just… Oh God, I can't even… Oh…!" Jack raved, his cheeks flushing a light shade of rose.

John had foreseen this kind of a reaction and reason he didn't rush to calm Jack down, instead he helped Jack gather his clothes and leaned back against the car to turn his attention to his alternative plan to have sex in the garage.

With a laid-back smirk, he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his shorts, and unbuttoned his boxers to reveal his pulsing, eleven-inch long, member.

Looking down at it with mild apathy, he spat in his right hand and began to masturbate.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Jack hassled, clearly not yet done recovering from the realization that John had taken him to his parents' house to fuck in their garage.

Jack had just finished dressing in his jeans and underpants and was currently trying to put his yellow and blue polo shirt back on; were the irritating thing not getting stuck at his elbows and refusing to be pulled over his head.

He sighed in defeat.

"A little help here?" he solicited shyly, gesturing to his shirt with a tip of his head in its direction.

"Sure thing, honey" John nodded, yanking it down around Jack's head, careful enough to be sure that Jack had gotten his neck through before he slid it down further to where his jeans started.

"… But you're going to wind up taking it off soon…" he added under his breath smugly before resuming to gripping at his swollen member.

"Ugh, John you're so…" he couldn't finish his sentence; he was too busy staring at John's dick.

He was enticed and John could tell, so he dangled the bait a little further; he would be having sex with Jack yet.

"… Delicious?" John wheedled with a sly wink.

"Was it a waste to put those clothes back on?" he pressed the matter on, groaning slightly as he dragged his thumb along the slit "oh God, Jack…"

Jack stood in front of him and without breaking eye contact, curled his fingers around John's length and added a few jerks of his own, John's hips thrusting into his hand with every tug.

John's wicked smile returned; he had him.

He tore Jack's shirt away from his body and then took him in another lip-smashing kiss, tossing it to the side and then reaching down to tweak Jack's nipples.

Jack moaned into it, widening the surface area of his mouth and allowing John to delve his tongue in.

He whimpered when John pulled apart, leaning back in for more but being denied.

"Up against the car" John commanded, rotating their position and slamming Jack up against the car.

He ripped Jack's pants from his waist, letting them collect at a pool down at his ankles and then after wasting no time in plunging his entire member deep within Jack with one sharp shove.

"Ooh damn! Cena…!" Jack howled out in agony, unable to keep his wailing inside, but not for lack of trying.

"Oh God baby you are so fucking hot…" he moaned, feeling that over-tight covering of Jack's warm body and forgetting the world around him and the possible danger of being caught.

He pulled out before slamming back in, instantly hitting Jack's prostate and causing pre-cum from his member to leak slightly onto the car.

He gave it a good few more thrusts, rocking the car back and forth with each thrust, making a terrible noise of machinery being pushed around, but both were unaware of it, the only sounds reaching their ears being the sounds of one another's moaning.

They were sweating, hot, sticky, slick bodies pounding against each other onto the car, each one spilling out utterances of ecstasy with every move.

Jack leant back, reaching behind him to wrap his hands around John's head and pulling their body's together, hissing out a sigh of approval.

John himself snaked his hand around Jack's body to his stiff member and began to pump him towards a release while grinding him into the car.

He felt himself becoming light-headed and his thrusts becoming frenzied and animalistic; there was no longer a rhythm in which he was driving his member in and out and building Jack up to an orgasm.

"Oh shit, I think I'm gonna come before him…" he thought to himself as he squeezed his eyes tightly shut and leant his head back; just one more thrust into that hot body of Jack's and he was done for.

Suddenly a blinding light was cast into the room, pouring out into the darkness of the garage.

John could feel it as it radiated across his back, adding weight to his shoulders even though the light itself was insubstantial.

He turned around to face the source of the light and frowned slightly, his eyes unemotional though his cheeks were flushed slightly.

"You know… When I said that you could do whatever you wanted to, to fix up my car… I didn't mean that you could have sex on it"

Bad boys, talkin' 'bout ba-a-ad boys...