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Ugh, I had practically every force of nature working against me on this one! I was lucky enough to get it out!

Luckily all of my toiling will be over fairly shortly and then I can really get back into it, but for now... I'm afraid I just won't be in full swing. Sorry...

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"Name your price" Randy stated, stepping backwards and leaning against the desk as he presented Cody with his ultimatum. Oh so confident, oh so sure of himself. Hah. Cody would wipe that smile off his face faster than a racecar.

"How about a quickie on the desk?" he insinuated, with a devious smile.

At first Randy didn't say anything. He just stood there; taken aback by the sudden rashness of Cody's previously hesitant sexual appetite. He didn't want to get his marble desk filthy, of that much, Cody was sure. But he also didn't want anything to ruin his chances with John.

"Right here?" Randy questioned modestly as he sauntered leisurely over to his dark mahogany desk and pointing to the plum colored marble countertop. He was mentally assessing the damage that they were bound to cause in doing this.

Cody grinned to himself as he felt he was winning some kind of miniature battle; he would get off the hook without having to worm his way off! All because Randy wouldn't have sex on his desk!

He would never do it, he could never do it. He didn't have the balls to do it.

This Cody strongly believed; he was safe, Randy was a rational guy and he wouldn't want to get his desk dirty and leave any traces of foul play. In fact, he looked about ready to threaten Cody to pick a new wish! It was because of this that Cody hadn't expected him to do a flip-flop and instead say "you got it Cody"

Although he didn't let Randy see it, Cody was quite frustrated.

This wasn't the reaction he was trying to gauge. He was trying to get Randy to disagree, to once and for all just be happy living his life without being John's clingy bitch!

Now Cody had no choice, if he backpedaled, Randy might refuse him anything at all and then he would be forced into doing something without any form of compensation.

"Oh well, at least enjoy the ride" he shrugged to himself.

Cody strolled over to where Randy stood, leaning against the desk; closing the gap between them. He blinked his eyes, momentarily seeing his brilliant plan thwarted by Randy's desperateness.

Randy's firm hands gripped his clothing, ripping off his shirt and tearing away his jeans, almost knocking him off his feet. He was so empowering, so animalistic, that Cody couldn't help but feel arousal from him doing so.

When Cody stood dressed in nothing but his shoes and socks, he made his move; in one swift sweeping motion, he picked Cody up and spun them around so that they were facing the desk. He knocked down the obnoxious junk that lay piled upon it; papers, his name tag, that stupid mug of pens and even his laptop. All came crumbling down to the floor in a heap as he pressed Cody's back down against the cool glossy covering of the marble countertop.

Cody couldn't help but emit a small gasp as his skin met with the cold granite table. It sent such a tingle down his spine that his already semi-hardened member twitched in excitement.

Randy responded with a sly smirk. He slipped his hand between them and began to pump Cody towards a release.

With his free hand he un-did his belt-buckle, dragging his pants down to rest alongside his ankles. He bent his knees so that his member was positioned inches from Cody's entrance, and then afterwards brought Cody's thigh to rest next to his ribs as he climbed onto the desk to join his partner in crime.

"Open wide Cody…" Randy breathed in a barely audible hiss, leaning in to delve his tongue through the wet cavern of Cody's lips. Within seconds, he had Cody melting beneath him, subconsciously wrapping his legs around Randy's torso and pulling them closer to one another.

Their tongues met, tangling briefly before Randy started to explore Cody's mouth. He brushed his tongue along his teeth, ran his tongue along the roof of the mouth, then afterwards returning to entwining with Cody's eager tongue.

The two were both equally hot for each other, both leaking pre-cum from the anticipation of what they both knew was to come.

Randy began to tease the head of his cock along Cody's entrance relishing as Cody bucked back for more contact, willing Randy to take that initiative and plunge his manhood inside him.

Oh, yes, Cody was more that eager at this point; any further waiting and he would bounce himself down on Randy and do the deed himself.

Randy chuckled, plunging his organ deep within Cody, straight down to the hilt all in one slow yet oh so satisfying thrust. He had been so calculating in angling himself that he struck Cody's sweet-spot on the first drive inwards, causing Cody to leak pre-cum into Randy's hand, still milking him for all he was worth.

Cody groaned, arching his back into Randy's chest. Pressing their bodies flush against each other as the soft material from Randy's button-up shirt warmed his skin, the buttons chilling him a little.

Cody began to un-do them so that he could feel Randy's chest as he ground his member in and out of the young Legacy, sending Cody further towards the edge with each push.

Their sex started out agonizingly slow, Randy dragging himself to and fro inside of Cody, each time gradually picking up the pace with his thrusts. Cody begged him to go faster, slipping his hands underneath Randy's now open shirt to claw at his back for leverage.

"Move it Randy!" he whined, lurching under the pressure of such sluggish sex. What happened to fast and furious? Reckless and fun? This was torturous and down-right painful.

"Oh God, Cody… Ted hasn't even scratched the surface in loosening up your little virgin hole…" Randy groaned as he pulled out to shove in once more as soon as Cody's pain had subsided.

He couldn't keep his desire caged forever, and Randy quickly released himself; slamming his cock into Cody with more than twice speed and force that he had previously been using, rocking the desk in such a way that it threatened to fall over.

Cody moaned beneath him, his peak was fast approaching, he could see it now; the blinding light of orgasm that struck you once before it left you a fatigued shell of a person.

He sucked in a quick gust of air, striving to maintain himself, but the pressure was too great for him to overcome. He felt his body tighten, every muscle in his body becoming stiff and contorted before he finally let loose and came.

"Randy!" he exclaimed spraying his essence onto Randy's abdomen, then after falling slack against the marble tabletop, his eyes rolling back into his head.

Randy himself was merely inches away from his own release, and as he continued to thrash and bump away in his insatiable manner, he felt himself succumbing to the inevitable; his climax.

"Oh Cody!" he sighed as he ejaculated, shooting a spray of his hot, thick white liquid deep within Cody's body. He rode the waves of his elevation with a somewhat twisted smirk on his face, in such bliss that he had probably forgotten that his desk was now a hot mess that would smell like sex later on in the day.

He pulled out moments afterwards, regaining his composure, pulling up his pants and readjusting the belt as well as straightening out the askew buttons of his shirt.

Cody had to admit, he certainly cleaned up well.

Cody hopped off the table, quickly getting dressed, as his request had now been fulfilled and he really didn't want to get into the topic of what they were going to do to Chris at this very moment. But the day was not yet over as far as Randy was concerned.

"Oh, before you go running off now…" Randy said, snagging him by the elbow as he planned to head out the door and escape "Come over here…! First we need to come up with a strategy to get Chris. Then you're free to go. Come on Cody, I did what you wanted; now it's my turn!"

Randy was one hundred percent right with what he was saying, and he did deserve his fair share, but the whole sleaziness of it would definitely bring Cody's mood down.

"But we just had sex; I'm a little too light-headed for that right now…" Cody complained, creeping towards the door in an attempt to get away without having to deal with the business of what to do about Chris.

"Sit down" Randy commanded, leading Cody to the chair in front of his desk that he had been sitting in earlier. Cody would have none of it; squirming as he was forced into the cushion. He continuously tried to stand up and bolt out of the room and would have too; were it not for Randy practically laying on top of him to squish him down into the chair.

"So help me if you don't sit down… You better sit down right now if you want to keep your arm Rhodes! Damn it!" Randy spat, giving his elbow an intimidating squeeze. This finally got Cody to decide it best to just roll with the punches and get their plan underway.

"Alright, I'm sorry… You're right anyway; let's get this over-with" Cody exhaled in defeat. There was no use fighting anymore, besides, if he did it today he wouldn't have to worry about it tomorrow.

But, to think; just a few more feet and he would've been out.

"Alright, so, what can you tell me about Chris? We'll start from that" Randy began; in a "let's-get-ready-to-do-some-business!" kind of tone that you usually only heard from your real-estate agent.

"From what I heard, he got into having double dates with Christian and Jack and then things got out of hand; John got attracted to Jack, they fought… Blah-blah-blah. You get the picture? Long story short, they broke up and Chris got into being the 'locker-room pass-around'" Cody said, reflecting upon how much more he knew about basic locker-room gossip than Randy did.

This was stuff that everyone was talking about; you couldn't avoid knowing about it even if you tried! So, that only left the question; just how much wax was Randy leaving in his ears these days?

"He's probably too busy looking up porn oh John Cena on the internet…" Cody thought to himself with a sly snicker "what baloney! Oh man… I gotta use that as an excuse for masturbating someday…"

"Really, this behavior is so vulgar! How disgusting can we be-?"

"Lighten up! Geez… It's not like he can hear us!"

"Absolutely loathsome!"

"Don't like it? Then why don't you do something about it sissy-Mary!"

It was at that moment that a splitting pain overtook Cody's head, causing him to cry out from the feel of it, as well as cause Randy to glance at him with serious concern.

"Are you… Alright there Cody?" he asked as Cody settled himself back in the chair to continue their plotting.

"Yeah, no, I'm fine…" Cody grumbled, deciding that from here on out he would stop acting like a prince and try to listen to his other half a little bit more.

Damn that hurt

"Anyway, so like I asked you; who's he dating now?" Randy probed, continuing with his investigation, regardless of the fact that Cody might have been suffering some kind of head injury.

"He's not actually dating anyone really… He's more like… I don't know… A blow-up doll? He kind of just moves on from one guy to the next you know? Yeah. Well, it'll be a piece of cake anyhow…" Cody assured him, by now his headache had fully collapsed as his two entities had agreed upon a truce.

"Alright then. We'll get him hooked in the locker-room after work… We'll start having sex on the bench and then when he comes over to check out who's making all the noise we'll invite him to join" Randy suggested, holding up his index finger the way a teacher would during a lecture.

This plan was too simple to possibly work and-Wait, sex? Whoa. Cody wasn't going to cheat on Ted for just any old reason anymore. He was a changed man; he was dedicated now.

"Randy, you might wanna slow down on that for a second. We are not having sex again; I feel bad that I cheated on Teddy just now, one more time is out of the question!" Cody affirmed, closing his eyes as this was the final word.

"Are you serious? It's not even real sex! It's just to get Chris interested… You know what? Fine! If you're going to have such a hissy fit over it… If you want we can have Ted do it with us! I don't even care if it's him and you having sex, all I want to do is use it as a lure to get to Chris!" Randy conceded, deciding it better to compromise rather than loose the deal altogether.

Well, it would be fun to have sex with Ted in front of an audience… What the hell! He would ask Ted about it later tonight and then call Randy to tell him about it.

"…Okay… I'm gonna try to get Teddy to agree, but no promises. You just… Work on a plan B!" Cody said, standing up and taking his leave. This meeting was over and now he would have to work up a speech on what he would say to Teddy later.

He knew that when Teddy pledged him anything his heart desired, he meant anything, right?

Did that also account for sexual favors?

Finally, a Ted and Cody scene... Hmm, I'm going to have to think on this one...