A/N: This is my first work on this site, this will be an ongoing story...two choices on my part for this story: #1 My Main Character is not I repeat NOT Souji Seta but rather Ryo Kurosaki, I write Ryo like I played him in the game. #2 I refer to Dojima by his first name I know the game and everyone likes to use Dojima but I wanted to do something a little different. other than that enjoy!

Dec. 25th 2011

Christmas Day...Evening

The Group had gathered around the table in the middle of the Dojima Home, their feet all nestled underneathe the kotasu that Ryo and his friends bought a couple of days before they had their climatic battle with former police detective and overall mastermind behind Inaba murders.

The mood of the party was jovial as he sat when Dojima just had to bring the mood down by mentioning Ryo's deadline, "Oh that's right your only here till spring" Chie said as she realized that Ryo told her not long ago in one of their training sessions.

"Truth be told..." Ryo piped up before anyone else could anything sad or just any kind of word that would kill the mood.

"I've been all around Japan most of my high school life and everywhere I went I've always been distant keeping in mind that the main rule don't get attached.........." Ryo continued as he laid his eyes on all his friends he noticed the sad was especially intent on hearing his words

"And the one time I didn't is the one time I wish I could stay" the faces and hearts of friends and family were almost exactly the same as he looked at them.

Nanako, as seems to be case most of the time, spoke first "I don't want you to go away either Big bro" her voice seemed to be choked at the moment when the phone rang seemingly snapping them back to reality

"I'll get it" Ryotaro says as he stands and picks up the phone. The friends started to console their youngest member as Rise pulled her in her embrace rubbing her back as Nanako was on the verge of tears when Ryotaro looked at his nephew then spoke "Ryo it's for you"

Getting up from the table he notices his uncle's smirk on his face before he picks up the phone....."Hello.........Mom! Dad!"

The group, almost in complete video game-like unison, looked towards Ryo as he spoke to his parents. Ryotaro didn't move from his nephew's side he didn't want to spoil the surprise, Ryo's face seemed to sparkle like Teddie's did unnaturally from time to time particularly when he was talking about people fighting over him or when he wanted something.

"Are you sure?.....Yes I have.....I miss you too.....I promise.....I love you too bye"

Ryo hung up the phone as looked at his uncle to which Ryotaro just nodded in agreement, walking back to the group Ryo stops right before sitting back down

"What happened Ryo-senpai?" Kanji uttered in his usual gruff tone of voice and manner of speaking..

"Well I've got good news.....my parents have decided since they were going to be gone for another long stayover overseas and since according someone" Ryo said as he looked at his uncle with playfully scorning look "that I have finally made some close friends that I remain in Inaba!"

the words came out of his mouth but the reaction was a little delayed since some of the group took time to process the information, some of them let the message sit for minute but his cousin was the first to react. Standing up fully with enough force to knock the table over even with the cake she darts for her Big bro and nearly tackles him holding on tight as he wrapped his arms around her "Big Bro not going anywhere anymore little sis" Ryo said as the rest of his friends stood and proceeded to hug him. This was truly one of the best Christmas days he's ever had....