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12/26 Lunchtime???

Ryo and crew stood on the roof of their school....

"What the hell is going on Senpai?" Kanji said as he looked up at the sky around them "Why is everything all blue?" he continued

Ryo had no answer, he had no clue besides the voice of his mind but the question would be put on hold when another high-pitched, what sounded like, bird call began which caused the group to cover their ears

"What ever this phenomena is it seems in connection with this sound" Naoto deduced as she cover her ears as best as possible as the sound got louder causing them pain but not as bad as before

"Yosuke?" Ryo called out to this friend as Yosuke looked at him as a sign of acknowledgement"Try your headphones-" he started to say but then the sound died out. Looking around for any clues he sees the one thing he didn't want to "Oh no!" he said as the group snapped their heads to see what he was looking at

"It can't be" Chie said with a hint of defeat in her voice

"You gotta shittin' me!" Kanji yelled as he laid his eyes upon the sight before the group

"There's no way that they could cross over" Rise said as she looked on

"I thought that Teddie was the only could accomplish a feat such as this" Naoto said to the group but then another thought came across her at the very next moment "Senpai we don't have our weapons" her words seemed to slap everyone in the face as they realized they were staring in the face of as yet undecided form of a floating shadow.

"Yea but if they're here then maybe...." Ryo trailed off as he raised his hand and focused on another side of himself, at first it didn't seem to come forth but then the blue aura surrounded him as the card spun into view, looking at the card he noticed who it was but before he could call a name the shadow took it's form and formed the battle field up leaving Ryo by himself, alone with the shadow.

"Senpai!" Rise exclaimed as it all happens in a matter of moments..

The shadow before Ryo looked old and new at the same time, it had the body of a Wondrous Magus but the crown and scepter of the Great King, before he could make a move the Wondrous King, the name Ryo gave him in his mind, moved first summoning a Champion Knight shadow. Champion Knight moved towards Ryo for a skewer attack but Ryo moved at the last minute to avoid the blow but he wasn't sure if he could do that again but hopefully he didn't need to, summoning the card again he crushes it as he calls it "Trumpeter!" the ghostly form of the angelic horn player came in view and awaited his command, hoping to end this now he uses the one attack that does just that "Megidolaon!" the mighty being blew his horn to utter silence but the effect was coming as the ball of unblockable energy came down Ryo covered his eyes as the ball of Almighty energy exploded on impact doing damage to everyone but Ryo since he cast the spell in the first place. The King and Knight both took major damage but not enough to be defeated, taking his turn the King cast Rage on his Knight, a tactic Ryo knew all to well. Seeing the Knight slump over then charge he thinks to dodge but has no time so he crosses his arms in a blocking motion as the skewer connects with his body, causing him to lose his footing but not fall down, using that opportunity to strike back before they get their footing Ryo summons Trumpeter again and casts "Ziodyne!" the most powerful lightning spell at his disposal right now, the enormous lightning strike came down on the king and managed to defeat him....

"At least he's winning" Yosuke said as he and everyone looks on at the battle while Rise took this time to summon her persona, Kanzeon, to scan the area for a moment just in case this shadow was not alone.

"Luckily this guy is alone" she said as they all sighed for a moment

The king dissipated as the knight moved in again but this time Ryo used his agility to dodge the strike and offered another "Ziodyne!" to the champion knight having the same effect on the knight that it did on king...

"Great job Senpai" Rise's voice rained from the outside as the field came undone allowing everyone to come in as Kanzeon's Healing Wave came over Ryo restoring his energy since the hit he did take didn't take as much off since he blocked the attack.

"Thanks....damn that was rough it's been awhile since I did that by myself" Ryo said as he dusted himself off when the the sound from before began again but this time the sound was a lot less painful as it faded the world began to regain it's color.

"Strange it seems that throughout the duration of this phenomena time stood still" Naoto deduced as they all checked their watched

"So it works the reverse of how TV world was....the cool" Yosuke said as Ryo thought about then shook his head

"Yosuke that's not good" he said as the others looked at him

"What are you talkin about Senpai it's great now we don't gotta worry about finding time during the day to go exploring" Kanji said

"Except for the fact we don't control what just happened, we have no way to know when this might happen again and worst....since time stopped we all came here, now that time has resumed" Ryo offered to which Yukiko picked up what her boyfriend was saying

"Then how do we explain why one second we were sitting around the next we where half across town" she said as almost everyone picked up on it

"Damn that is a problem" Yosuke said as Chie was hit with a thought of her own

"Man what are we gonna do about's not like you guys can walk around with stuff in your uniforms, much less if we get caught" she said as the thought of Ryo getting caught with one of his broadswords or Katanas on him it would be worse than we they got caught with the fakes...

Yosuke and Ryo shared a look, they've been friends for so long that they didn't need to communicate sometimes...sometimes "Secret Headquarters?"

"Secret Headquarters" Ryo simply stated back as the bell for lunch sounded "Back to class guys"