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Chapter One: Loss of My Matriarch

As I walked through the halls of this unnecessarily large house I wondered if I would get lost again. The hallways were long and winding with every turn looking much as the last one did. I found myself always stumbling and tripping, looking for the way out of the mazes that stood before me.

"Find me." The voice called over and over through the passageways as I turned another corner to find another set of doors with no door knobs.

"Hello?" I called. I called this over and over trying to find the source of the voice that demanded my attention. The urgency in this voice was getting more desperate the more corners that I turned.

"Find me, hurry." I didn't know why but I needed to find him. It was like his time was coming to a close. He was doomed but I didn't know from what. Again I turned another corner yet this one was different. The hall was just as long as the others but there was only one door. This door was wider than all the others, taller than the standard cut for doors. The knob on the door was one that looked to be made of diamond encrusted silver with one emerald placed in the middle.

I slowly made my way down the hall. I wasn't sure why but I needed to be cautious. Then I heard foot falls behind me. It was loud and deafening as it neared to my position. I feared what was coming, although I didn't know why. But fear was gripping my chest with every step I took towards the door. I didn't know why but I knew that my safety lay with what ever was behind that door. If I could only get there.

"Find me, hurry. You're in danger!" The voice called. It sounded like it was in pain. He sounded like he was in agony at what I was going through.

"Help me!" I yelled to him. "Save me." I cried. But I knew for some reason he could do no such thing. I was on my own until I got to that door.

"Tell me." He begged.

Tell him what? What is it he wanted to know? I was running down the hall when I tripped on nothing that I could see. I fell to the ground hard feeling the air rush from my lungs with a loud cry. What ever was behind me was coming close. I snapped my eyes shut hoping not to see my death before it came. The foot falls quickened as though they knew that I was easy prey. Just as I felt it's breath on my face I started screaming.

I bolted up in my bed with the strangled cry from my dream. My chest was burning with the depths of the breaths that I was taking in. It took me a moment to remember that I was no longer in danger. It took me a moment to realize that my fears were caused from the dream that I had for the last five years, since I was fourteen.

But this one was different. I wasn't sure how, but somehow I felt like I needed to hurry up and do something. I felt anxious to fulfill some task that I was forgetting about, but I couldn't remember what it was. But the fear was the same. The agony in my angel's voice was real.

About two years ago I had begun calling him my angel. His voice was like velvet that wrapped around you and kept you warm. It was almost like with every word your skin was stroked with the smoothest of caresses that heated and cooled at the same time.

I looked at the clock that blared red numbers at me. 7:30 in the morning. Another day of suffering. I cried myself to sleep last night, maybe that was the reason for the intensity of my fated dream. Today was the day of the funeral. Today was the day that I put my life as I knew it behind me.

Four days ago my mother and her husband were in a fatal car crash. I identified their bodies and made arrangements like the robot that I had become in order to deal with the loss of my best friend. My mother was my only friend.

Yes my mother was eccentric, and aloof at times but she was a light that shined down on this earth. My mother had no fear, even when people told her not to get mixed up with a crazy minor league baseball player. She defied them and married him. My mother was brave and I hoped that one day I could be her. I wished that the crazy things that I assisted her in achieving would make me more like her. But as I looked in the mirror after my shower all I saw was me.

I wasn't winning any beauty contests if you asked me. I was thin, almost sickly so, with long brown hair that hung in messy untamable curls down my back. My eyes were also brown and normal, just as average as the rest of me. I was about five two in height. So I was short and skinny, not even model material. I huffed at the image that looked back at me and started my morning ritual to get started.

After putting mousse in my hair to make it as manageable as possible, I made my way back to my bedroom to get dressed in my best black dress. It wasn't even that much to look at. I bought it at a thrift shop while I was out with my mother one day.

I remembered that day fondly. It was during Renee's consignment phase. She told me that day that one person's junk is another person's treasure. I think she was going through a guru stage too, but I just nodded my head. I remember talking her out of small tacky trinkets that she wanted so badly. I told her that just because it was a treasure to some it didn't have to hurt my eyes in the process. We laughed forever that day.

I straightened my dress and headed out of the house to the car that I had just inherited. It was time to get this over with. My bags were packed and I would be on a plane by night fall to join my father, but first I had to lay my mother and Phil to rest in the mausoleum.

They were cremated yesterday, after the service. I just had to make sure that all was sealed up tight and then I could close the door on this part of my life, taking my mother's strength with me forever.

I traded the sun and warmth of Phoenix Arizona for the rainy cold of Forks Washington, where my father lives. I looked back while boarding the airplane and one stray tear fell from my eye. Just one, that was all that I would allow, I could afford no more.

When I landed at the Seattle airport I took a deep breath and inhaled the crisp air that even in Seattle lacked pollution. The rain was a steady drizzle as I set my bags down on the curb waiting for my father to arrive to pick me up.

Charlie was the Mayor of the small town called Forks. He had been elected and reelected so many times that no one even ran against him any more. His responsibilities to the town were the reason that he didn't help me close up the house in Phoenix. At least it was the reason that he gave me.

Charlie had never forgiven my mother for leaving him all those years ago. He had been unwilling to even meet her half way on her wishes. My father had been too concerned with his political career in the small town that he grew up in. He was scared to leave the comforts of his hometown of small minds to venture out into the world. My mother was so unhappy, but for him it was something that he demanded that she get over. So in the end she did, and while getting over her sadness she left him and the small town in her rear view as she sped off.

He was so scared of leaving Forks that after I turned fourteen and the dreams started, he refused to come to me and visit. I hadn't seen him in four years. He said that he didn't hold it against me. He said that after I got older I would see the beauty of the town and come to love it. But to tell the truth, if my mother hadn't died I would never have stepped another foot in the great state of Washington. I could have gone my whole life without seeing my father.

I didn't hate him for his short sightedness. He was just as small minded as the rest of the town. It was his fault for not trying to think outside the box, but it was not his fault for never being taught how. I loved my father, but to live without him was never going to be a great sacrifice.

A black Cadillac Sedan pulled up in front of me and parked. The windows were tinted so at first I was confused as to why this shiny car would park in front of me. As I examined the car the drivers side door opened and my father stepped out of it.

"Bella, so glad that you arrived okay. Sorry it wasn't under better circumstances that you came back to your home." He said the last with a small hint of sarcasm. So small in fact that if you didn't know him you would have missed it.

"Hello Charlie. I see it's good to be mayor." I gestured to the dick on wheels that he called a car.

"It has got it's perks. And how many times have I told you not to call me by my first name?" He asked in annoyance.

"Well Charlie," I emphasized to aggravate him, "I guess as many times as I begged you to come and visit me when I was young." I spat at him.

"You never begged me." He stated.

"Every time I told you it was okay and not to worry about it, I was begging you to do the right thing. So count this one too." I was glaring at him as he put my bags in the trunk of his black car. Okay maybe I do have some pent up aggression towards daddy dearest, but just a little…right?

Charlie finished putting the bags in the car and slammed the trunk closed. He seemed to be struggling with something when he loudly sighed. "Come on Bells, Lets not fight. I'm happy to see you.

I shrugged and got into the back seat of the car. Technically I was eighteen and I didn't have to move in with Charlie But I thought, what the hell, I only had a few more months of high school left so I might as well.

The ride back to Forks was quiet to say the least. I had no interest in talking to Charlie and he had no interest in me. I spent the time immersed in my favorite novel Withering Heights. The story of a forbidden love, or just the story line. I was unsure why I loved it so much but the book was getting worn and I needed a new copy.

The sound of gravel shifting caught my attention, and I looked up to the house that haunted my dreams. Of course it wasn't nearly as big as it was in my dreams but it was a mansion to say the least. This house had so many rooms that when I would visit there was my bedroom, the play room, my own personal library, and a room for the full time nanny that Charlie would hire just to make sure I was out of the way. All those rooms just for me and about six rooms to spare not including Charlie's rooms and office.

I don't think that Charlie realized that I knew that the particular nannies that I had depended on who he was fucking, but I hoped I didn't have to endure anymore 'Excuse me, I need to have a private meeting with your nanny' excuses. How dumb did he think that I truly was?

The house was recently painted I could tell. The white pillars were still wet. But other than that everything else remained the same. My father would have one of his 'people' as he called them get my bags, so I made my way up to my room to begin the task of updating it to my current likes.

While walking through the house I was sure not to look at any of the mirrors that I passed. Ever since my father had bought this house they were eerie to me. For one thing they came with the house. In order for my father to purchase it he had to sign a clause saying that he would never remove them from the places that they stood or hung. The second reason for the feeling was… well…I always felt like someone was looking at me from the other side.

At first I thought that I had an over active imagination. I actually told myself that. But as time went on I could swear that I saw a boy looking at me but just out of the corner of my eye. I could never get a fix on him.

I remembered one time I saw him watching me. I searched the whole house looking for him, but never found him. At that point I thought I was losing my mind. That's when the dreams started and that's when I stopped coming to Forks.

Now I had to be here, so as a rule I decided on minimal mirror usage. I'd never been a vain person so it really wasn't an issue, but damn those mirrors.

My bedroom looked just as I had left it the last time that I was there. My copy of the book Ain't Nothing Fair In the Fifth Grade still sat in the chair by the window. At the time that was my favorite novel and so I read it over and over just because I semi related to the characters.

My attempts at being an artist covered the walls, with stick figures being as far as I got. My mother had called while I was here one time and told me that her new passion was art, so I decided to join her. It was a short phase for the both of us.

My bedding was still the New Kids on the Block set that I had begged my father for. At the time I was going to marry Jordan Knight if I ever got pretty enough. But just like their music that dream faded out also. I would have to go to Port Angeles to buy some new bedding as soon as possible.

That's when a thought occurred to me. How was I suppose to get around? There was no way I was letting my father drive me around this Podunk town. I was an adult and maybe he had an extra car that I could use till the sale of the house and car back home. I made a mental note to take to him about it later.

Right now I just wanted to get out of my death dress and burn it. I walked over to the control panel by the door with in my room. I pressed the intercom button that said Kitchen and waited for the beep.

"Yes Miss Isabella?" A voice called up.

"Alma, how many time do I have to tell you to just call me Bella?" I giggled as I said it. This was Alma's way of making sure that my dad wasn't in the room. He insisted that I be called Isabella on grounds of firing if disobeyed. If I just gave her a straight order then my father was with me, and if she insisted on calling me Isabella then my father was with her.

I heard a laugh come over the speaker. "I missed you child. What can I do for you?" She asked.

My eyes welled up with tears. I hadn't realized how much I missed her too. I had many great conversations with that woman, and she was my mom away from my mom. I loved her dearly. "Can you please have Steven come up and start a fire in my room. It's a bit drafty, I would like to take a long bath. It's been a long day." I replied.

"Of course Bella dear. I'm so sorry about your mother. I always liked her." She said.

"Thank you Alma, she spoke of you fondly also. When Steven comes up tell him to come on in, I'll be in the bathroom." I said turning off the intercom.

I grabbed the hem of my dress and removed it from over my head, grabbed my robe and slipped it on. I would never wear that dress again if I had a choice. I padded through the room to the connecting bathroom and turned on the light. Carful not to look into the mirror I started the water and judged the temperature to be as hot as I could stand it. I waited for what seemed like ever for the water to fill the huge tub and slipped into the water leaving my undergarments and robe on the vanity.

"Bella dear, I've lit the fire in here. Is there anything else your heart desires?" It was Steven, Alma's husband. I loved him also. They both had no kids of their own, but since my father was away a lot in town and my nannies were floozies, I spent a lot of time with them. Whenever he did something for me he wanted to know if there was anything my heart desired, he was sweet that way.

"No thank you Steven. Breakfast at the usual time?" I asked through the door. Breakfast was at seven.

"Yes my dear. We will catch up then." I heard the door open and close to my bedroom. And I was again alone.

I bathed quickly and laid the face rag across my eyes to hide from the reflective surface that was above the tub. In all truth I had never seen the boy in the bathrooms of the house. It was like he was giving me my space or a space to hide if need be. But just in case, I covered my eyes and lounged in the tub relaxing my muscles from the last four days.

I had no idea how long I was in the water, but I must have dozed off. I was really not thinking about anything letting my mind go blissfully numb, when I heard it. "Find Me."

I leapt out of the tub clutching my towel to my wet body searching the bathroom for an intruder. The voice had been so clear and right next to my ear but there was no one to be found. My heart was racing with the fear that clutched it. And I sat on the closed toilet to calm it.

After I was sure I was going to live, I quickly exited to my room and dressed for bed. Before I gave my night over to the dreams, I threw the black dress into the fire place and let one last tear loose for the loss of my mother.