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Chapter 23: The End and The Beginning

??? POV

I sat next to the wall, listening to the three females plot to save themselves. I was sickened at how weak they made themselves out to be. I cringed at the lack of structure that was built on what possibly could have been an impenetrable foundation all those years ago.

Once we were a force to be dealt with. Once not even the Volturi would cower in our presents because not their most gifted vampires could rival us. But now we were soft, split in the name of love.

What a stupid reason to live forever. When the idea of becoming a vampire was brought to us I thought of the power that I could tap into, the fun. But instead I've been following in the shadows, for a thousand years chasing ghost because this bitch can't get over a crush.

That is why they are talking. Tanya's followers are no longer fighting on her side. In fact two of the three were ready for the plan, it was just the third that had to be convinced and she wasn't so much on the fence but her pathetic fear is what's holding her true.

"Why are you doing this? Can't we just talk to her?" Kate asked. The whine in her voice was starting to drive me up the wall. I wanted to kill a human and stick its fingers in my ears to block her out. Not that it would.

"Are you telling me that Irina's mate meant nothing to you? That her pain is justice?" Victoria asked. She really didn't care about what happened to Laurant. In fact neither did I, but it was a playing card in this little rebellion. Victoria wanted to lead, she wanted control. "When you find a mate is he going to be up to the death front to serve her purpose?" She finished raising an eyebrow in question.

I quietly snickered to myself. There was no way that Kate's mate was going to be a 'he'. In a thousand years she had only shown any interest in a few people and they were all women.

The sadness in Irina's eyes was heavy. I cringed at the feeling. Nobody was going to have that much power over me. There was no one in this world not even my mother that meant anything to me, other than to make for new sport. I was sure my mother knew what I was growing up to be as a child. I would catch her looking at me out of the corner of her eye, watching me, petrified of what I might say or do. I knew that she had found the animal carcasses that I had hidden from the world. The "experiments" that left me wanting waiting for that right time to kill my first human being. Even as a human, people were just cattle to me, life or death, who cared? And in the end my darling mother was my first victim; her screaming was like a full symphony that still played in my mind, unchanged by my perfect memory.

Kate turned from them but I was sure that her mind had been made. A mate was a very high price to pay for this quest Tanya had brought us to. Kate might find one someday and the thought of Tanya just throwing that away was too strong for her to have to deal with.

Soon I would be able to live and kill without anything holding me back, because with Tanya, Victoria would have to go too.

I turned to leave. It was time to hunt. I hoped that soon we would be going to finish what we started. I was tired of this sitting around waiting. I was excited for a bit of sport, and as soon as that bitch Tanya fell her precious Edward would fall too, I would see to it. They would be together in death and that was sort of nice of me.

I ran out the back of the tired cave that we had been cohabitating in. I shot into forest headed for Seattle, the closest metropolis. It was time for some sport. Maybe an old woman or child, but the chase was half the fun.

I was running thinking of the fun I was planning when I felt an odd prickle at the back of my neck, that caused me to pause in my musings and running. The forest was quiet and to some might have been creepy, but I knew better. I was the most dangerous thing in the forest tonight, but there was something else. The feeling was getting stronger and I lowered myself to the ground in a crouch ready to defend myself if the need came.

But I was pleasantly surprised at what I found to greet me. It was an angel. Now there were beauty in the world of vampires, and for the most part my mind was unpleased unless there was sport to be involved, but this creature in front of me was beyond any vampire that I had ever seen before. Her blonde hair was long and flowing, soft looking and my first instinct was to run my fingers through it. Her body was slender but curved in the right places, sex in a physical state. Her face was the right proportions with a perfect nose, mouth and two eyes set perfectly apart. If I wasn't me, I might have said that I was in love, but the very dirty and inappropriate things that passed through my mind were making my pants very uncomfortable.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" I monitored the surrounding forest before I loosened my stance and sauntered closer to her. "Do you have a name Sweet?" As hard as I tried I couldn't stand to bring my eyes higher than her nice fine rack.

"Yes." She said and smirked at my current fight not to look at her bust line. Her voice sent a shock from my ears to my Johnson in a very pleasant way.

"Well what is it?" I purred at her.

She started to close the distance between us and the sway of her body made me fight to keep my clothes on just to make things faster. "What's your name?' She whispered softly into my ear, as her hands ran from the middle of my chest to the tops of my shoulders. Her breath hit my nose and I surrendered with a shake that ran up my spine threatening soften me.

"James." My voice was a lot softer then I thought that It would be. I cleared my voice. This feeling was foreign to me, she stirred something in me and it wasn't entirely unpleasant.

"Hmmmm…" she hummed. Her eyes had a look about them. It almost looked like anticipation, like she was waited for something fantastic. "James… it seems like a name that I can remember for a very long time, even when everything is dead and gone." The last was said in a giggle. "What do you thing Emmy Bear?"

I looked at her like she was speaking French. It wasn't till the wind changed that very instance and I smelled someone else. I flashed around in time to see that my death was going to be brought by a beast of a vampire with the hint of satisfaction playing behind his eyes. A new feeling raced through my body… fear.

EPOV (Starting ten minutes before James Left Cave)

Mount. Reiner. Washington of all places, the most unlikely place in the world that you would think to find a coven of witches, let alone vampires. Of course if you think about it, where would you think to find a coven of vampires? On the sandy beaches of Santa Carla or Luna Bay, like in the Lost Boys? Being chased around by two little kids with the last name Frog? You get my point.

We stood there, at the base of the mountain, looking up at what must be a ledge about a hundred feet from the summit. The snow was thick as it always was and if it wasn't for the reason that we were there, it might be gorgeous. The ledge was what was left of an old fissure that was left from an old eruption hundreds of years ago. This was our destination. This was the end and the beginning of everything.

I looked over at Bella, her face a set of determination and hostility, that I was glad was pointed elsewhere. On the way here we relayed to her what had happened at the house with the bucket of ash and the fear and terror that I had faced. The agony in the thought that I had lost her was almost too much to bare and the momentary craze that I had suffered at losing her yet again.

I told her of the relief that I had when I encircled her in my arms and to feel her solid form against me. She had felt the same but at the point that the events were told you could see the anger rising in her. Tanya wouldn't be able to escape her, nor me. She would have to meet her maker and settle her own debts. We were more than happy to assist her on that journey.

Bella finally felt me watching her and her eyes thawed for a moment, "Are you ready love?" I asked her.

"Yes, because there is no way in hell I'm going through this for another life." Her determination appearing back on her face.

I nodded in agreement. Fate and destiny be damned. There was no starting again. My love was with me and as far as I was concerned she was indestructible. She made me indestructible. Fate had brought us to this moment and then it was up to us.

But we were no longer alone. The family stood by our sides. We were all aware of what had to happen now. This was going to stop once and for all. Everyone had a determination that burn within them. Our family was now complete, and there was no one going to take that away from us.

I looked over to Jasper and Emmett. Both with smirks and excitement on their faces. Emmett's was different the Jasper's. He was gunning for James. Rosalie had relayed what the tracker had looked like while looking for Bella. Emmett wanted to finish this menace if for nothing else then the fact that he had scared Rose, which was no small feat. Jasper on the other hand had come up with the plan of this operation. His long ability of strategy made him eager to see it work and see if he still had his military training.

I nodded to them both and they took the hands of their mates and disappeared into the distance within seconds. They were the second defense. If for any reason someone got through they would finish the deed without a second thought.

Carlisle and Esme were close by, and even though I couldn't see them I could hear their thoughts. Carlisle was worried as was Esme but his anger outweighed his compassion at this point. Esme was say silent prayers for her children, her worry was for us. In her mind we were evenly matched in numbers and ability so this fight would be close and in her mind it was too close. It would be a fair fight. Well as fair as it could be, and to my surprise she didn't like it. Who would have thought that my adopted mother would have wanted the odds tilted in our favor and for them to be decimated? I would have liked that too but my mother was all about kindness and all that but know she wasn't.

I looked at Bella and grabbed her hand, giving it a squeeze to tell her it was time. Her Eyes Flashed in a way that told me that she was ready. In fact she was more than ready; the enthusiasm was so present that you could touch it. Her strength gave me the strength that I needed to get through this. God knows what I did to deserve her but here she was and I would move heaven and hell to keep her.

Her features softened as she took in my face. "Edward, we don't have to do this. WE can find another way…" She started. She was truly amazing, trying to mentally rework our plan just for my comfort level. But the truth was that this was the only way. IN the end I wanted to see Tanya's face when the end came.

"No Love, this is the best, and jasper would be pretty pissed if I let you talk me out of it." I smirked at her to try and reassure her. I kissed her lightly on her temple and grinned as she sighed and melted into me. Her body was so attuned to mine and I couldn't remember Marie ever being this compatible to me. I knew that I loved Marie but as I thought about it the time wasn't right to love her. FATE had thrown us together so that she could die. I had come to terms with my part in her death, but in reality it would have happened anyway. Marie was destined to die so that I could meet up with Bella.

"So Edward… Will you make me your prisoner?" Bella asked me in a very sultry voice. So sultry that I almost stumbled as I grabbed her arm and spun her around roughly to start her ascent up the mountain. "maybe later we can practice in case …" I let my voice trail off and pushed her on in such a way that I wanted to kick my own ass and sent myself on fire.

This was part of the plan, but shit it was hard.

Everything had to look real. She had to be brutalized. WE Made our way to the mouth of the fissure and walked into the hell itself, me pushing Bella the whole way.

As I walked up to our destinations Bella's sheild was fermly in place, They would not know that we were coming. I scanned the space behind the wall that we were standing by. I counted four thoughts, all female. James must be out in the forest some where. No matter how far my family would make sure that he hurt no one else, that bastered would die and I would lose no sleep over it (if I could sleep).

I spun Bella around and mouthed "four" she nodded in understanding and rose up and kissed me. The kis was to give us both strength, to reasure that we loved each other and this would be the end of our misery. No more running and no more dying. We had forever, together.

I supressed the moan that threaten to bubble up my throat and felt Bella's sheild slip from around me. "Okay?" she mouthed to me and I nodded taking a deep breath that I didn't need, and pushed her forward.

"HONEY I'M HOME!" I called as we entered a medium sized cave that led off the fissure. Bella fell to the ground not with the force of my push but to me dramatic. I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes. We would seriously have to talk about her acting skills in the future. If we had a future. She made it back to her feet and I grabbed her again and spun her towards them.

I was instantly assaulted but thoughts of surprise and physical hisses and growls that came from the vampires that dwelled there.

What the …

WHAT Are they …?

And So It Begins…

And one was just standing there with shock on her face. Kate just stood there both mind and mouth at a loss. I wasted no time in finding the bain on my existence. Tanya.

I threw Bella to the ground again and tried hard to keep the cringe that passed through my mind off my face. Thank god she was a vampire because that would have left a mark.

"Please Edward, we can work this out" she pleaded with me.

"I told you Bella" I seethed, "you had your chance now SHUT THE FUCK UP." I Yelled the last. I let the rage and hate that pumped through me for Tanya pulse in my words and BELLA flinched at my words. GOOD At least I was believable.

I looked up at Tanya and let my face show the distain I felt. I hoped that she would think that it was for Bella. "You want us..." I spread my arms open wide, "Here we are. I'm tired of this shit." I said.

Bella started whimpering on the floor. I Stayed planted in my spot ignoring her, the best I could. "Edward maybe I could learn…"

I cut her off. "Learn, Learn. Bella, why should I spend the time to let you learn to love me when I have a willing mate right here? You threw me out a fucking window Bella." I gestured toward Tanya and softened my features. "if you'll have me."

While I looked at Tanya I briefly scanned the thoughts in the room. James was nowhere in the room. I knew that but it still bothered me, but I was shocked at the thoughts that I did find. Victoria and Irina where planning on over throw Tanya in the worst betrayal. With a small lift and lower of her eyes Irina told me that it was true, but what she didn't know was that Victoria was willing to kill her as well.

My mind wondered to Kate and something I had never seen before hit me like a ton of bricks. Kat was in love with Tanya. She knew of the betrayal but was unsure if she could harm her. She wanted Tanya to stop chasing after me so that she could prove her love and wondered if taking her away would be it. Me being here was upsetting to her. If I was giving myself to Tanya then her chance to love her would never come. Her heart was breaking right in front of me.

Bring myself back to the task at hand. "Tanya, I know what you have been through all this time. I can't apologize for my past selves but I'm sorry for all that I've put you through." I heard Bella faintly whimpering behind me, still playing her part. This next part was going to kill me but I had to do what had to be done.

Tanya looked astonished for maybe an half a second, and then she was puzzled. Her mind was full of hope and apprehension. "Why?" she asked.

I took a deep breath and blew it down my nose. It was more to calm myself; I think I threw up a little in my mouth at the thoughts of the things that she wanted to do to me if this was true. "Because… I don't remember my past lives, but something wasn't right. I realized that something must be the things that I was fighting for. At the moment that I realized that Bella didn't love me, I knew that the only thing that was going to make this right was you. The one thing that could break this cycle was being with you… forever." The words that came out were true but they were meant for Bella. She was the only thing in this world that could complete me.

Tanya looked like I had finally given her what she wanted but the doubt was still in her mind. "I can still read the doubt my love." I told her. "What do I have to do to prove to you that my words are true?"

Her eyes left mine and briefly glanced over at Bella. Her mind was full of hate towards her and it took a lot of power not to defend my love and shield her from the wicked on slot of thoughts being thrown at her. Instead I stayed nonchalant.

"Is it her Tanya? Is she what is standing in the way?" I asked. I flashed over to Bella's side and grabbed up a hand full of her hair pulling her to her knees. Silently in my mind I apologized to my mate over and over. "Shall I kill her for you?" I raised my hand to strike a mortal blow, separating Bella's head from her neck, hoping beyond hope that Tanya would follow through on her thoughts.

"Edward please…" Bella begged stalling for time.

"You have nothing that I want." I spat raising my hand higher.

My hand came down and if I could have wept I would have. Right before my hand touched her skin Tanya cried out, "STOP!" the other three women in the room had moved closer to help me in ending my soul mate's life.

"I believe you Edward." Tanya's words followed her thoughts, she did believe me. "You can't kill her." She said. "You would follow." I was hit hard by the sadness in her thoughts if something had ever happened to me. "We'll find a way to take care of her. Come to me, my love." She held her arms open for me to embrace her. This was the moment that we had planned for.

"NO!" Before I could comprehend what was happening Kate was on my back trying to grasp my head in a position that was optimal to remove it from my body. "You can't have her!" She hissed and growled, drool of venom slide down my face as I fought to grab her and throw her from me.

Bella was still on the ground looking at what was happening but in her eyes I saw the anger clouding her vision. The bloodlust that she fought as a newborn was boiling into her body and taking over. Her bottom lip began to quiver almost like she was about to start to cry if she could. She was beautiful in her rage and I was in awe of her. She was a fearsome vampire and she looked every bit.

She was up off the ground faster than I thought even a vampire could move. I could barely see a shimmer that surrounded her and pulsed like lightning around her. Her hair whipped at her face, it was almost like the wind was trapped inside her bubble.

I was still fighting Kate when a shock of electricity pulsed through my body. Kate had used her ability on me and I was losing, in fact I was falling. My mind went out to Bella; I threw all my love to her, hoping that she would understand. Tanya on the other hand stood frozen in her spot not understanding or comprehending what was happening. She was blind to Kate's love even now.

My love was not so oblivious; she moved to my side and thrust her hand to the back of Kate's head. Kate held on to me for dear life and that was her undoing as Bella yanked her head from her shoulders, and Kate's grip on my loosened and fell slack.

This was not part of the plan. Being electrocuted was definatly not part of the plan.

The wind was picking up in the space, howling through the cave at an alarming rate for a human, even alarming for a vampire. I threw Kate from my body and spun around to look t Bella but the look on her face as she looked past me made me face Tanya and her crones. As my mind made scence of what was happening the wind stopped. I thought it stopped but Tanya and the other two's hair still moved and flew with the veracity of the air that moved around them.

Bella crouched down closer to the floor and pulled me down with her. I realized that I was encompassed in her bubble. Though I couldn't see it anymore I could feel it protecting me.

Okay so this was not part of the plan either. Being protected from a tornado in a cave was definatly not part of the plan.

In front of me were the three women in a battle that looked like it was being fought with the mind. I looked within their minds to find what was going on. "Spells." I said in a hushed tone.

"What?" Bella asked as she looked on confused and bewildered.

"They are casting spells and counter spells. Victoria wants power." I explained.

"Who's winning?"

"I have no idea." I admitted.

"Well shit, magic was not part of the plan." Bella cursed. I couldn't agree with her more, I was thinking the same thing. How nieve were we to think that we were going to just walk in here and just ask them to hold still while we killed them. We were dumb asses but hey fate was on our side today.

As I scanned the scene and their minds I noticed that Irina wasn't doing anything. The spells in her mind were all counter spells to keep from being sucked down in the other two's war. She was waiting patiently. I wondered what her angle was.

Edward. Her thoughts pierced through the other two war of mind. You are in no danger from me. I need you to know that you and your mate are safe. When this is over I will leave…

She explained her plan to me in detail, and I watched to make sure it followed through.

Okay so this wasn't part of the plan either, but hey a new plan was happening, and they say vampires have a hard time adapting.

Victoria looked as though she was getting tired. Her face was twisted in a way that she was holding on to the very ground that she was standing on. Tanya only looked mildly better. I could tell now who had the upper hand. Irina was saving herself. She was letting Tanya get tired because anyother way she had no chance of winning. This way Tanya would kill Victoria and Irina would finish Tanya. Hopefully.

Thoughts rang out from the front of the cave and I saw my opening. I whispered to Bella knowing that Victoria would hear me. "Emmett and Jasper took care of James. Rosalie had a blast burning him to ashes.' I winked at her.

Victoria stumbled and that was all Tanya needed to reach over the gap dividing them and grab hold of her. Tanya shredded her in seconds, leaving Victoria to join her mate in hell. Then she fell to the floor surrounded by her work.

Irina took her chance and leapt on to Tanya severing one arm them the next. Her mind was angry and merciless; She was going to kill Tanya slowly. The tearing of metal sound reverberated once again through the cave as Tanya's legs soon followed, and all that was left was the torso of her body and head that was steering at me with pleading to help her.

"Edward…" she whispered, "Save me, my sweet. We can be happy."

I let the hatred come to the surface as I glared at her. Then I turned to Bella. "Love I know this is not the most romantic place or time but I have a question to ask you." I waited getting my nerves in check. This was not the way I wanted this to happen but Tanya needed to know before She was gone. "Will you marry me?"

Bella smirked at me and glanced at Tanya, "Can we adopt kids?" She asked.

"Why love are you hungry?" I asked.

We were rewarded with the look of shock on Tanya's perfectly sculpted face before her head was severed.

Irina faced us and the rage was drained from her, now the sadness made her once beautiful face twist in a way that made me promise I would never feel that way or cause that pain.

"What now?" My question was simple but her answer was not so quick.

"Edward, I've hunted you and your mate over a lot life times. I've help in both your demises many times, but until a couple days I had no idea what I was doing. I stayed in my happy bubble with my mate and when he was taken from me. I had no idea what I put to both through." She paused and lowered herself heavily to the floor like her legs would no longer support her. "I'm not going to insult you both by apologizing, even though I want to, but I will ask you for a favor…"

I hissed at the pictures that ran through her head. Different meetings with the coven, different plots on my Bella and different ways to attempt to win my heart by Tanya. I knew what she wanted, and I was half tempted not to give it to her. She deserved to live with her misery.

"I know what you're thinking Edward. Do you remember your pain when Marie died at your hands? It's how I felt? Laurent and I were human together. When I was changed I talked him into the change and held his hand while he burned through the transformation. I damned him to his fate and I will not live with that. Maybe God will be merciful and let us find each other in another life, but as it stands I can't live in a world where he doesn't."

Her words hit me hard and I knew how she felt. As much as she deserved to live with her choices, I did know what it was like to lose the one you thought was 'the one', the person that your world revolved around, at your own hands. Through choices that should have been different.

I looked into her eyes and I felt Bella grab hold of my hand. I looked at Bella and her eyes pleaded for mercy for this poor misguided soul, and Irina would have it. I reassured Bella with my eyes. I stood and gave Kate her mercy, "We forgive you." I whispered before I ended her anguish.