The sole guess so far for Hotter Than Pink has been Ise Nanao. Thank you narubleach for your guess. Please, please, please review if you want the answer sooner. I was waiting in hopes of more reviews. Remember, you help generate the responses.

So, now that we are ready… first, Hotter Than Pink's true wielder's response.

Dear Hotter Than Pink,

I feel that I meet your standards more than adequately. If you would like to see for yourself, I would be more than interested in your offer. Oh, one question- does it require me to do any paperwork?

And now the second response (Just to make things interesting. ^_^. Just Kidding.)

Hotter Than Pink,

I am sure that I meet all of the requisites that you stated in your ad. I truly hope you are not a blade adverse to the use of kidou as an additional weapon in one's personal arsenal. I am interested in discussing this further.

For the confuzzled and bewildered with Hotter Than Pink- I will give you 3 hints.

It is a revealed zanpakuto – and yes, you have seen it's attack.

There is a double entendre in the reference to heat.

With the exception of Kyoraku, pink does tend to imply female. Also, the comment about flowers with this one will help figuring out the wielder if you know the meanings of the characters' names.

Quite frankly, you are making excellent guesses so far with this one. Now, let's see if anyone actually guesses. Muhahaha- I mean, ummm….. yeah.

So, the next ad is….

I hope I am not being too presumptive to ask, but I am looking for a wielder who is not interested in the size or strength of my blade. I am as useful as any other zanpakuto, but only within certain – limits. Developed a fondness in the living world for playing FF7 as well as for restaurant takeout food. Also, extremely fond of squash. – John or Jane