Obsidian Sky is the love story about Jake and Bella that I've always wanted to tell. I loved them together and was disappointed in how it all ended. Still to this day, I've never finished Breaking Dawn. Edward is an amazing charactor, but Bella and Jake? They belong together. I hope you enjoy my story that takes place during New Moon. We can pretend that Eclipse and BD never happened mmmmkay? I hope you enjoy it!

This is BPOV for right now at least. The prologue is in the future, but we will quickly backtrack. Enjoy!

P.S. Twilight is not mine, and the characters belong to SM. What I choose to do with them on the other hand…


We were laying on our bellies, letting our hands cast shadows on the wall. Turns out the only shadow puppet that I'm good at is a duck, the easiest one.

"Here," Jake said laughing.

He took my hands and gently manipulated them. I tried to maintain the form and held up my hand. A wolf. When he held up his hand, a much larger version of the wolf was cast upon the wall.

"You're good at this."

"Many summers of boredom before you came along."

His wolf shadow now had a tongue and he made it kiss and lick my wolf shadow.

"Look, they're friends," I said.

Then Jacob's wolf was humping mine and Jacob was making raunchy growling sounds in his throat.

"Well, maybe a little more than friends then," I said laughing.

We continued to play like that for awhile, and laughed like a couple of twelve year olds at a sleepover. Soon, my hands were intertwined with his and we were kissing again, our naked bellies pressed together on my small bed. My skin on his? Were there any words to describe it? It was amazing, it was home and it is where my own skin longed to be. I wove my hands through his long, silky black hair and deepened the kiss he started. He let out a little groan into my mouth and I smiled, knowing he wanted this as much as I did. I parted my legs for him and he ran his hands down my spine and stopped to cup my bottom. He pulled my hips against his own, giving him the perfect angle to enter me. I moaned a little into his ear. The truth was, I was a little sore. We hadn't done much of anything since his arrival, except make love. He hesitated a bit and rolled on top of me.

"Bells, I'm sorry. Do you want me to stop?" He said as his hand lovingly brushed the hair from my eyes.

"No, please don't."

I pulled him back into me again and again. It didn't take long before all thoughts of pain were completely banished. When it felt like this, no wonder we couldn't stop. Soon the familiar current was making it's way through my body and I was breathless as the climax crashed over me. Then I saw the clench in his jaw as he shut his eyes and felt his release. I settled into the crook of his arm, the cloud of post-coital bliss surrounding us again. If Charlie would have known this is all we did when Jacob came to visit, he would have never allowed me to have a place of my own. But who could blame me? I missed him terribly.

"I've missed you so much Jake," I said, pulling away for a moment. "I thought I could handle this better, but when you go again, I'll fall apart."

"Shhh, I know Bells, I miss you so much it hurts," he said pulling me close to his warm body. "Soon enough we won't be so far away."

I nodded, knowing it was true, and he wiped a tear that had escaped.

I had left for Dartmouth over a year ago and was beginning my sophomore year as a Literature major. I loved being at college, but being away from Jacob had been heartbreaking. He visited often, but the visits never seemed long enough.

All was going according to plan though. He was almost eighteen and finishing high school back at La Push and he would move here after he was finished and start on his engineering degree. Hopefully, we would get a place of our own instead of my shitty, one bedroom studio I had been renting.

We lay there, holding each other for a moment.

"I have something that might cheer you up," he said, his eyes locked on mine. "Wait here for a second."

He got up to the side of the bed and was rummaging through something.

He jumped back on my bed, which caused my body to vault about a foot in the air. I came down on the pillow giggling.

"Sorry, I'm a bit excited," he said. He clutched something in his hand.

"What is it?"

"Hold on, impatient one," he said tenderly. He lay back down facing me, propped up on his elbows.

"Here, give me your hand."

I held my hand out and he took it in his large warm one. He took a deep breath. He seemed to be a little nervous.

"I know it's been hard on us both, to be apart like this and I've been dreaming of the day where we will be together forever. I know it will be soon, Bells."

I smiled at him and felt him tie something onto the tip of my finger. It was a thin string connected to a spool. I looked at him, perplexed. He spoke again.

"We have an amazing love, Bella. One that is unmatched by anyone I know. The string represents all of the good memories and adventures that we've had along the way. You've always held the strings of my heart. I want you to remember that whenever you feel alone or sad, that I'm here and I've always been here and I always will be here for you. I love you."

The tears were blurring my vision.

"Oh, Jake."

He kissed my forehead and then unwound the string a bit further. "However, a piece of string doesn't last forever, so I thought I might give you something a bit more permanent."

I watched he lifted the string still attached to my finger and a shiny metal band slid down over it. My breath gave out and my heart stuttered. He secured the delicate little diamond ring on my finger and held it there. He looked into my eyes, and smiled his beautiful smile.

"Marry me?"

I knew the sobs were shuddering out of me and tears choked my voice, but I managed to whisper my response.


It was all that I could say. It was all that needed to be said. I couldn't imagine a more perfect moment in my life.

He scooped me in his arms and kissed me gentle and soft. We made love again and slept in each other's arms. I didn't want to waste a moment.

The next morning, Jacob had left to interview at a few local colleges. He had his eye on a some scholarships and I knew that he would need them to be able to afford the atrocious tuition costs in New Hampshire.

It had been hard to get out of the warm bed this morning, but I managed to shuffle over to the coffee Jake had made on the counter of my kitchenette. I poured myself a cup and drank it, listening to the sounds of a busy morning on campus. I glanced down at my hand at the delicate band that used to be his mother's, and felt another wave excitement. I was going to be Jacob's wife. This thought caused me to flit around the apartment without intention, feeling like I was floating. I never imagined to be the type of person to want to get married. When Charlie and Rene had split, I had thought never in a million years...not Bella Swan. But the truth was, I had never felt so right about any decision. It not only seemed natural, but destined.

I decided against showering, because it would mean washing away his scent that I loved so much. Instead, I just cleaned up a bit and washed my hair in the sink. I pulled on a clean pair of underwear and laughed to myself as I realized it had been over two days since I had worn any clothes, which tended to happen when he came to visit me.

I went over to my closet and finished dressing. The warm August weather called for shorts and my favorite simple black t-shirt, but at the last minute I grabbed the sundress my mother had bought me last month. It was a light cotton material in a vivid shade of navy blue, a color I knew to compliment my skin, yet it had been sitting in my closet waiting for an occasion. I couldn't think of a better one then Jacob.

I snipped the tags and slipped into the dress. To my surprise, it was total comfort. I opened the door of the closet mirror and was shocked that it fit me so well. I would have to call mom later to thank her. I was about to close the door, when something caught my eye. A grey book was on the floor behind me. It must have fallen off the bookshelf when Jacob took his bag this morning.

I turned and walked over to it and paused. My hand instinctively reached to pick it up, but I stopped. The book was the photo album Renee had sent me for my 18th birthday. I didn't think the book was here, but Charlie must have packed it. Slowly, I picked up the album and dusted it off then stepped forward to return it to the shelf. I closed my eyes, willing myself to resist the urge to open its pages of memories I preferred to keep hidden. But it was no use.

I walked over to my desk by the window and sat in the chair. Slowly, I opened the first page. It was a photo from many years ago, before the divorce. Renee and Charlie smiled widely. He was in his police uniform and she looked like a hippy in a long skirt with blonde hair down to her waist. And there I was in my pink tutu and leotard looking like it was the last place I wanted to be. It must have been a recital or something. The fake smile gave way to the look of annoyance underneath. Even at seven, I was already facetious.

I smiled and turned the page. One of Charlie and I fishing, another of Renee and I hiking, an embarrassing picture of me in a swimsuit a few summers ago. The next page featured more current events, a graduation picture of me and "the gang". Angela, Jessica, Mike and Eric. There smiling faces beamed up at me. Next were a few candid shots of Jacob sitting on a piece of driftwood and one of him wading in the water. I stroked the photo of his face and remembered when he had caught me taking the picture. His expression was a mixture of annoyance and amusement. I chuckled to myself remembering that rare warm day with him.

I was at the end of the album, but a stack of pictures had been tucked into back cover. I paused, recalling the reason that I hesitated to open the album in the first place. These were all pictures of the Cullen's.

The first was beautiful Alice mid-jump with a face of pure delight. It looked like we were at outside of their house and she was leaping off a bolder or something. I couldn't remember. I flipped in the next photo of Esme and Carlisle lounging on the porch swing, their arms around each other. It looked like a photo straight out of the Macy's ad. They all did. Next was Rosalie looking at me like "why the hell are you taking a picture of me?", but still unbelievable in slim jeans and a tank top.

The next picture caught my breath. It was a candid shot of Edward lounging in the grass looking right into the camera. The photo failed to capture his amber eyes the way I remembered them, but still I was captivated by the picture. I held the photo away from me as the memories came flooding back. I had pushed them away for so long, but just this simple picture of him was enough…I squeezed my eyes shut as the sudden memories crashed to the surface and recalled that day Edward ripped my heart from my chest.

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