Hi everyone!

Thanks so much to everyone that has reviewed and fave'd this story. It means SO much. I've had a couple remarks on how I should fix this story, especially the tense issues and for the most part, they should be fixed. I didn't have a beta for this story, so you still might find an occasional error, but it should flow much better. Also, there's been some content added so you can read it and fall in love with Jake all over again! :)

I've enjoyed writing it so much and the response has been amazing. Please check out my facebook page where I will be discussing the stories, offering sneak previews for chapters and recommending my favorite JxB fics. It's a fun time and it's only for fans, so please join us:


Also, I'm up for any suggestions for fics you would love me to write about, my only stipulation…it must have Jake and Bells, of course!

Many of you have been reading my other story, Ashes and Embers and I've gotten an awesome response on that one too! Thanks so much!

As always, Peace. Love. Jacob.