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Chapter 3

Chromia watched with interest as Moonracer integrated with the base. She couldn't place it but something was wrong. The shy femme usually had no trouble making friends but she didn't seem to be making the effort Chromia had seen in the past. Something had changed in the little femme and she suspected it concerned the mech that prompted her transfer.

Chromia wasn't the only one who had noticed either; Elita-1 had stopped to question her on Moonracer's odd behaviour. Unable to give her friend a satisfactory answer, Chromia had evaded the question.

Powerglide and Tracks had become Moonracer's constant companions, you could find one with her at all times. It was obvious and well known that the two mechs weren't friends but they seemed to tolerate each other for her sake. For that Chromia was grateful.

Eventually curiosity and concern got the better of her and she contacted her spark-mate. As Optimus Prime's Director of Security, Ironhide shouldn't have a problem finding out what had happened to the shy femme.

Jazz strolled through the empty corridors in Iacon's upper levels, flushed with the success of a job well done and having jumped his stoic lover in his office. Overall Jazz thought today was turning out to be a very good day. A cheerful tune swept from his lips as his processor went through his post-mission protocol.

Escape medbay. Optional.

Write report. Check.

Find Prowl. Check.

Overload Prowl. Double check.

Give report to Prowl. Check.

Rendezvous with his spy-bots. In progress.

A smirk flickered across Jazz's face. Finding his network of protégé's, aka; his gossip-collectors, was getting harder as their training intensified. Satisfaction and pride thrummed through him at the thought of his students. Soon, if they continued at this pace, he wouldn't even be able to detect their energy trails.

Jazz rounded a corner and stopped, a confused and concerned expression crossing his face.

Stumbling down the corridor was one of his most successful students. The bleak expression on his face worried Jazz more than anything. The last time he'd seen the mech, before he'd left on this mission, he'd been happy.

Jazz approached slowly. It was obvious that plenty of high-grade had been consumed.

"Mirage?" He called cautiously.

The blue and white head lifted weakly and he tottered into a wall.

"What happened, man? You look terrible."

"Moonracer." The word was so garbled that Jazz almost couldn't make it out. It took him a moment more to understand. He thanked Bumblebee for the latest gossip.

Jazz pushed his shoulder under Mirage's arm. "Come on, man. Let's get you some recharge then we'll figure out what to do next."

The normally reserved and dignified mech nodded and leaned on him. Jazz staggered under the extra weight and added a task to his list of things-to-do. Find Moonracer.

Jazz left Mirage unconscious on his berth. Next stop was Prowl. If anyone could fill in the gaps it was him. Bumblebee hadn't been able to give him too many details on Mirage's recent romance. The high-born mech was very private. Only a handful of people knew his history.

Now Jazz knew that Mirage's elusive partner was Moonracer and he would have to find her to get his answers. Prowl would know where to find her.

He poked his head through the door of Prowl's office. "Hello gorgeous."

Prowl looked up, a dry expression on his face. "What is it now, Jazz? I'm busy."

Jazz pouted. "Don't you enjoy my distractions?"

A twitch in Prowl's faceplate was his only response.

Jazz grinned and waltzed into the room. "What can you tell me about Moonracer?"

Prowl's brow rose. "Replacing me with something more exotic?"

He chuckled and moved around the desk to sit on Prowl's lap, much to the Enforcer's annoyance. This was one of the reasons he loved Prowl, his sense of humour.

"I'd never replace ya, Prowlie."

A small smiled crept up the unreadable face as a hand appeared on Jazz's thigh. "Moonracer; officer cadet. Excellent marksmanship with competent medical skill. Reserved in nature with no red marks concerning her service history."

Jazz nodded. "Where is she?"

"She's currently stationed at the Simfur base. I received a transfer request from Chromia a week ago."

Jazz frowned as he processed this. If Moonracer had left a week ago, presumably that meant Mirage had spent all that time in an intoxicated stupor.

That thought was an upsetting one. Mirage had been one of his favourite students and was still a very good friend.

"Do I need to recall Moonracer?"

Jazz shook his head and kissed Prowl softly. "Not yet. I have some investigations I need to conduct first."

Prowl nodded. "Keep me informed." His mouth nipped at Jazz's neck.

"I thought you were busy."

"You are, consistently, the most successful distraction."

Jazz smirked and leaned into his lover. "I aim to please."

Jazz left Prowl's office sometime later with a definite bounce in his step.

Next stop would have to be Ironhide. Prowl said that Chromia had requested Moonracer. That told Jazz that either Moonracer had wanted to leave or Chromia was planning to use her for something. Hopefully Ironhide would be able to shed some light on what his bond-mate was up to. If not, he'd go ask Chromia herself.

Admittedly, the best person to speak to about all this would be Mirage or Moonracer but neither of them were in a position to answer his questions.

Curiosity was a curse sometimes.

Jazz stopped at Ironhide's door. It slid open and he entered.

"I thought ya were gonna turn down the desk-job." He greeted the bigger mech.

"Shut yer trap. Prime needed the help…It's just till Red Alert finishes his training."

Jazz laughed and dropped into a chair. "I need some information."

"You an' everyone else." Ironhide settled back in his seat. "Aren't you supposed to know everything?"

He shrugged one shoulder. "Even I have to catch up on recent events after I've been away."

The Director of Security stared at him. "How can I help ya?"

Jazz leaned forward. "What do you know about Moonracer's transfer to Simfur?"

Ironhide frowned and crossed his arms. "Why is everyone suddenly interested in this femme?"

Jazz's optics narrowed slightly under his visor. "Who else wants to know?"

"Chromia contacted me this morning wanting to know what happened to Moonracer before she'd asked for her transfer. Do you have anything I can give her?"

Moonracer asked for her transfer? "Tell her I'm looking into it."

Ironhide nodded. "She won't like it but I'll give her your number so she can let you hear about it."

Jazz laughed and left the red mech to his paperwork. As he walked through the extensive hallways, Jazz pondered what he'd found out. Mirage and Moonracer had been in a relationship. Moonracer then asked Chromia to organise a transfer. Mirage spends the next week over-energized. In the end, nobody really knew what happened.

In the end it all came down to why Moonracer wanted that transfer, which in turn had something to do with her relationship with Mirage. There was something missing…. Mirage wouldn't usually chase after a femme like Moonracer, she wasn't his type, and there was no way Moonracer was the instigator. She wasn't that bold.

He past under an archway. "Hound, come with me."

The arch disappeared and the green mech fell in beside him. "I hate it when you do that."

Jazz grinned. "Well next time remember to cover ya trace signature." Hound groaned softly. "Have you seen Mirage recently, Hound?"

A frown passed over the silver face. "No. He refuses to answer my comms and disappears whenever he sees me coming. Something's wrong with him, I'm concerned."

Jazz nodded. "So am I. I came across him earlier, stumbling down a hallway. He was over-energized and I suspect he's been like that for a while."

Hound's face was a mixture of concern, anger and shock. "Stupid glitch! I knew it would end up like this."

Jazz stopped with a hand on Hound's arm. "You know what happened?"

"Yeah, he got in over his head."

"I knew that much. What went wrong?"

Hound shrugged and offlined his optics. "I don't know. I'd guess that it had something to do with his latest assignment. The last I saw Mirage, he was talking to Moonracer, it looked like they were fighting. I never thought Racer could look that angry, and then she smacked him across the face and ran away. Raj looked so…defeated."
Jazz frowned and started moving again. The puzzle was beginning to take shape but it was still missing a few pieces. Obviously Mirage had done something that disturbed the femme and sent her running. But what? And why? Was it fear? Anger? Hatred?

Hound had mentioned an assignment. Jazz wasn't aware of Mirage being assigned anything, but he'd been gone for well over six weeks. Anything could have happened in that time.

He altered his direction and headed straight for his own office. It wasn't a place he could usually be found, but all documentation on the mechs in his division would be there. His door slid open as he approached, Bumblebee came out carrying some datapads.

"Bee! I need to find out what Mirage's last mission was."

The little mech frowned, thinking. He had an amazing ability to recall exact details and positions of anything. That was why Jazz had requested him as an assistant. The smaller mech could find anything in Jazz's mess of an office.

"A bunch of new reports came in, they're on the shelf behind the door, I think I saw Mirage's name on one….Is the committee involved?"

Jazz paused. "Probably. They have a tendency of sending my bots on missions while I'm away."

"We'll you might have to go through some of the stuff in there and put aside what you want me to file or destroy. I've just finished with last months' set."

He let Bumblebee go and locked the door once he was inside. There was a neat stack exactly where Bee had said, sitting precariously on the very last piece of free space. The little spy hadn't been wrong, soon enough they'd have to start making piles on the floor. He sorted through the datapads and took the one labelled 'Mirage' to his desk.

He skimmed the information and swore. That would easily explain Moonracer's and Mirage's reactions. Clearly Moonracer had felt betrayed and was now too far away for a day trip.

This would require the sleek, talented hands of the one-and-only Jazz to figure out and fix. A cocky grin on his face, Jazz left the stack of datapads on his desk started doing what he did best.

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