The cat.

This is just something I thought would be really cute if it happened between Alice and Jazz. (my favorite characters!)


The wind blew quietly through the small city of Forks, Washington. The sun didn't show through the thick clouds and trees. It was noon, but looked like midnight. Rain pelted down from the unforgiving sky. What might be a damp. Dreary day for some people, was a perfect day for the Cullen's. The Cullen's weren't like other people. They were a makeshift family of vampires living in this dreary town among humans, trying to live a somewhat normal life.


I ran outside smiling as the rain stained my pale cheeks. The temperature made no difference, I could never get sick. I rain soaked my short red hair, and the blue baby doll dress I wore. Rose hurried into the house, and umbrella poised over her head. She didn't dance in the rain like I did. Something about her hair and make up. Emmet and Edward trailed after her. Of course Bells was bundled up from head to toe clinging to Edwards arm. She let out a small sneeze and Edward hurried her inside. I felt sorry for. Being human must suck. I kept my eyes closed while I danced in the rain. I could feel jasper behind me, watching. I opened my eyes, but I didn't look at Jasper. I was staring at the forest. Suddenly my mind snapped into another vision.

It was still raining. Not to far into the future. Maybe a couple minutes. There was a cat sitting in the very spot I was standing. She was orange, chilled to the bone covered in rain. She could barely move, slowly pawing her way across the ground. She collapsed a step later, not able to grasp onto her disease ridden body any longer. She would die there. I the exact spot I was standing.

I had seen humans die before, I ate animals to stay alive. But for some odd reason the death of the helpless cat rattled some lost emotion inside me, sadness, I guess. Jasper saw the change in me and was by me in an instant.

"Alice?" He questioned, worry lining his voice.

"That cat." I said, "She's not gonna make it." I pointed to the cat, who had made here appearance some time during my vision. Jasper didn't say anything. I didn't expect him to understand. A veteran to every war there ever was. He had killed thousands. This cat had no important place in his heart. I turned and walked into the house. I wasn't going to witness this for a second time.


"It was a week after I had seen that cat die. I had given it more thought than I wanted to admit. Everyone noticed the change in my usually chipper personality. But only Carslie made ant effort to confront me about it. I was sitting alone in my bed room, well not much of a bed room really, mostly because it was lacking a bed, but the space I called my own. I wasn't thinking clearly, may be that's why I didn't see Jasper come up the stairs and open my door. I turned instantly to him. He stood there, perfectly. I wanted to embrace him, till something else caught my attention. The cat, still rather small, but a lot healthier. She strolled into my room, a red bow around her neck. Then Jasper spoke.

"They don't last that long," He started, "and they popup everywhere. But if its important to you, then it's important to me." He picked up the cat and sat in the chair beside mine. He placed her on my lap. The smile on my face was his reward, I knew that's why he did this. The cat flinched at my cold hands, but stayed there any ways. I reached my free hand over to jaspers and grasp it. His smiled was all I needed. It wasn't about the cat, it was about him caring enough to notice the small things, and that would last forever.


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