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Chapter 1


The DaiYokai stood and surveyed his family; his mate, walking with her wicker basket, while the children circled around her playfully. Kagome knelt down, her right hand reaching out feeling the tomatoes for firmness, before plucking a crimson red one and placing it in her basket. The sounds of the children's laughter filled the air as they played a little game of tag. Sesshomaru continued to watch, as his mate brushed her hand softly over the basil leaves. She closed her eyes for a second to inhale the scent of it. He realized that his mate had quite the green thumb; the garden flourished beautifully providing them with plenty of vegetables and herbs.

'Five days' he thought to himself.

He'd been away from the castle for five days, and he was sure his mother was fuming over that fact. The DaiYokai envisioned his mother's elegant form pacing back and forth tapping her claws on her crossed arms. Another image of her whipping the servants with her poisonous whip for being 'incompetent' also crossed his mind. He chuckled, amused of the image of his frantic mother.

Yesterday she'd allowed him to take the children to the nearby river and fish. Each memory provided became etched clearly in the Dai's mind. The DaiYokai wasn't sure if he was doing it right, or if he were bred for fatherhood, but he went with his instinct anyway. Of course, he did not use a fishing pole. Instead, he used his poison whip and with one swift movement, the green line entered the water, parting it as it sliced through the liquid. The children's eyes had widen as they'd watched their father fling the fish onto the dirt ground. They had run over toward the flopping fish on the dirt, giggling while trying to catch the fish waggling about.

The laughter of his children brought him back to his current surrounding. The Fates had truly been kind to him. Although it had taken three years, every second of his suffering had been worth it. Rewarded beyond what he could ever expect or could ever even hope for. His mate was back in his life, and his two beautiful InuYokai children were giving him joy he never thought was possible, bringing out a side of him he never thought existed. He began to wonder if he pupped her again, that she'd give birth to a hanyou or will they always be InuYokai? How they had come out InuYokai both he and his mate had yet to figure out. But the thought of having her bare foot, and pupped made one side of his lip curve upward into a half smile.

Sesshomaru shifted his gaze over toward his mate's small, frame squatting as she showed little Touga the herbs and various vegetable she'd grown. His decision to stay with her was upon her request. She had wanted him to have more time with the children, before moving them all back to the West.

He had agreed.

He would agree to anything as long as she allowed him to be near them. He vowed to never make that kind of mistake again. He the great, Sesshomaru, ruler of the West had never made a mistake in his entire life. Except the one he did for three years ago. Where he'd almost made the biggest mistake of all. Nearly losing his mate.

Life wasn't so different than what he was used to, having always traveled the country for many years without his servants catering to him. He actually preferred less contact with others, and had always enjoyed his solitude and the solace it brought. Never was he very keen on 'company'. But the current company of his family melted his heart in ways he couldn't fathom.

Sesshomaru knew he was being out of character, and that he wasn't himself. But he'd never been happier; he'd never known this kind of happiness existed. His Father and Mother were forced to mate to provide the clan with a strong heir - himself. His mother cared for him as much as a female Dai would for her pup, but 'love' was not something that was expressed or shared between them. But this - his surroundings of the little hut and family made him feel whole. The emptiness that was missing in his heart, making him wander the land seeking power and strength to fill that emptiness. Was now being runneth over by the newfound feelings his mate and children aroused in him.

The softest of winds rustled by, fluttering his mate's long raven tress. He watched as she gathered them in her hands and held it together with one of her modern day 'hair clips' –she'd informed him of the peculiar instrument.

Before she could fully clip her hair in place, he rested his hand on hers. "Don't," Sesshomaru requested.

Kagome looked up, smiling at her mate. She had known he liked her hair down, but at times it was difficult to move about and do her tasks around the house. Reluctantly, she lowered her arm and set the hair clip aside. Kagome's hair fell past her shoulders giving the DaiYokai much satisfaction.

Suddenly, his leg was bombarded by a hard force. "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!" Enaiyeu called out, hugging onto the Dai's leg tightly. "Ooh oooh Oooh…" she cried, arms spread, as she jumped up and down. The Dai reached down to pick her up. Five days and already the young girl had the once cold, indifferent DaiYokai wrapped tightly around her little fingers. It seemed as though he did whatever bidding she asked.

Kagome had pulled him aside the very first time to warn him not to 'spoil' her. His infamous "Hn" response sent the miko into a irritated mood, which he easily soothed over with soft nuzzles on her ears telling her "This Sesshomaru will do his best…" and was rewarded with a soft reluctant nod. He continued his seducing by stroking her arms, while laying soft kisses along her neckline, her body blossomed against his touch. How he had survived hundreds of years without her was - too dubious to comprehend.

"Daddy, can we go for a walk?" his daughter asked, eyes blinking rapidly.

Sesshomaru glanced over at his mate, and with one last toss of her long black hair over her shoulder. Kagome stood up and carried the basket of herbs on the side of her hips.

"Mate," his voice resonated through her. Kagome blushed, still not really used to the term just yet. Her blushing gave him much satisfaction. "This Sesshomaru will take Enaiyeu for a stroll," he announced.

Kagome nodded.

He then directed his gaze toward his son who was already walking toward him.

"Hey Sesshie, ya wanna come too?" Enaiyeu asked cheerfully. The young heir's silver head bobbed. Turning around, he waved bye to his mother and followed his father's footsteps toward the forest.

They left their little house and headed toward the stream nearby. He'd learned that his daughter loved the water and like Rin, she enjoyed gathering various wild grown flowers, excitedly bringing them as a 'present' for her mother.

Sesshomaru had grown to appreciate the beauty of the woods that surrounded their home, and the peace it had given his mate and children.

As they tread on, he relished the last few rays of the sun upon his body. The noisy chirping of a sparrow that seemed determined to fly along with them as they walked through the quiet forest caused his daughter to giggle.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" she tugged at his shoulder. He wondered why it always had to be three or more 'daddy's' at once. He wasn't deaf, this she surely knew.

"Hn," he answered subsiding a cheerful smirk.

"Isn't it puuuurrrrrrrttttttttyyyyy…?" she asked, giggling as she watched the mighty Dai flinched.


A louder laugh came from her this time as she wiggled her way down from his arms.

"Come on Sesshie! Let's race!" she baited and Sesshomaru heard the rare laughter from his young son.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy! You be the score keeper!" Enaiyeu instructed. And before the Dai could protest, she continued with "Ready, Set…" taking off a few strides before saying "GO!" she laughed cheerfully as she ran ahead of her brother. Shaking his little head, Inu-Touga ran after his twin, catching up to her in a few easy strides.

Sesshomaru watched as his daughter glanced over her shoulder, shrieking at the fact that her brother was right on her heels. Whipping her back head around determined to win, she took a few more steps before the wind began to pick up, a purple glow illuminating around her. The next thing he knew, he watched as a beautiful white pup ran down the path of the tree line. Inu-Touga followed suit, transforming into a slightly larger pup than Enaiyou. Inu-Touga paused a second and then, taking a large leap, he passed his sister, who was looking behind her again but Inu-Touga was nowhere to be seen.

When she whipped her head around, she rammed hard into the body of her brother. The two pups rolled and tumbled, leaping over each other, growling and nipping one another playfully.

The Dai figured that his children could transform, from the conversation he'd heard from his mate and daughter. But seeing it before his eyes for the first time was a sight forever embedded into his memories and heart.

Shortly after the clouds swirled covering their forms, the clouds faded and the two children were normal again. Rolling around as they playfully wrestled. Somehow, Enaiyeu had managed to subdue her brother and was sitting on his back as he laid face down on the grass field.

She threw both hands up screaming, "I won! I won! I won! I won this time, Sesshie!" Enaiyeu laughed as she rose to get off her brother who was growling in irritation. Rushing toward her father with arms spread wide open, she laughed all the way into his arms. "Daddy! I finally won!" she announced excitedly.

"Hn" Sesshomaru's eyes widen as the sound did not escape his throat, but rather, his young son. Oh my, he was looking at himself in his son's little form. The Dai couldn't help but chuckle…..



~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~Konjaku Monogatari by Eri Sugai~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~

Sesshomaru didn't do the usual 'tucking in' as his mate did with the children. He swiftly bid them a good-night and left, leaving her to fill in the rest. Enaiyeu was being especially fussy tonight. He, a DaiYokai had no idea how to handle such a situation. If left to him he'd whip them into shape, but his mate had given him a look laced with disapproval. So the best thing for him to do was leave it to his mate. Stepping outside the little hut, the Dai stood on the porch, his elfin ears perched and began to twitch as his mate began to sing the children a haunting melody. He couldn't help it, as if in a trance as his feet carried him back inside.

Looking into the little room, he saw that Kagome was cradling Enaiyeu in her arms while she sang. Sesshomaru leaned his back against the frame of the wall and closed his eyes. If he could, he would cry at such a nostalgic melody. For the most part, she was not singing actual lyrics, but rather invented vocal sounds....and the sound of his mate's voice, combined with the melody called to his heart. For the first time in his life, Sesshomaru felt - whole. He had a family.

His family.

Their hut was small, there were no servants, and life was peaceful. Serenity filled him and the DaiYokai did not want to return to the West.

He wouldn't if he didn't have his young ward waiting for him still.


Sliding the shoji door to close quietly, Kagome was suddenly pulled into an embrace - into the strong arms of her mate. The look in his eyes was something she couldn't comprehend or had ever seen from him before. It seemed as if water lined his eyes. He only caressed her face gently with the back of his hand before pulling her into an asphyxiating grasp.

"Thank you...," he whispered in her ears.

Not knowing what he was thanking her for, she didn't know what to say. So, Kagome buried her face deeper into his chest. Her mate had left his armor and swords off while staying with them, it only made sense. Since there wasn't really anything around to threaten them, and the little things that did were nothing his toxic poison claws couldn't handle.

His silk kimono was soft and felt nice against her heated cheeks. Kagome wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head there, listening to the drumming of his heart. "I love you, Sesshomaru" Kagome whispered. And for half a second, she thought she heard her mate sniffled. By the time she pulled herself from him to look at his face, he wore the same stoic mask once more.

"Hn," was his response before sealing his lips to hers.




A chilly breeze brushing against her shoulders woke Kagome up from her sleep. She stirred on her 'futon', feeling it was especially hard all of a sudden. A minor 'brrrrr' escaped her chest and vibrated his ears. Sesshomaru climbed under the blanket and gathered his mate in his arms, letting his body heat transfer over to her. Her hand pressed against his bare chest as she leaned her body in closer. His mate had a knack for cuddling up against him. He didn't mind, her scent always lured him into the sweetest of sleep. Except right now, he wasn't sleeping and her scent was calling out something else in him. That alluring scent was what made him carry her outside, along with her 'sleeping bag' and blanket into the forest.

Kagome stirred again, letting a soft moan escape her lips as she tried to get comfortable, not ready to wake up just yet. Her moaning got her mate growling.

Soft lips began to press themselves on hers. A wet tongue stroked back and forth, asking permission to enter, while claws raking down her back made her inhale sharply.

"Mmmmm…" Kagome thrust her body against her mate, the soft fabric of her nightgown caressing his bare chest. Sesshomaru trailed his lips along her jaw line, and up toward her ear. Then she felt the same wetness stroking her ear lobe, followed by a soft murmur of her name. Her eyes opened when Sesshomaru nipped on her earlobe, flicking his tongue over to soothe the burning of his gentle bite.

Fluttering her lids, her lashes bating, she noticed they weren't in their bedroom. Instead, they were on the floor somewhere in the woods. Pushing her body back a bit, her eyes caught the golden glimmers burning at her with lust. A smile spread across her face, and when he leaned in to kiss her. She parted her lips welcoming his demanding tongue, as he flitted against all corners of her mouth. She felt his throbbing hard-on poking and probing below. An animalistic growl was ripped from Sesshomaru's throat as he deepened the kiss even further.

Kagome ran her hands through her mate's long silver tress, while pressing his head in so she could kiss him deeper and more fully. Her moan vibrated off her chest and traveled up her body, passing its way into his mouth. The scent of her arousal flooded the air. Sesshomaru inhaled her scent and knew that his mate wanted him, making the Dai growl in anticipation.

Sesshomaru expertly stroked his mate's legs, rubbing softly on her thighs making her ache. Breaking from the deep kiss, Kagome took a large breath of air. Her mate didn't hesitate as he moved to kiss her neck and shoulder, worshiping every inch of her.

"Sesshomaru…," she called.

"Hmm?" Sesshomaru answered, lips never leaving her flesh.

Kagome tugged at her mate. He paused momentarily from his task and she met his gaze. For a moment she just smiled, happy because of the reality that they were, in fact together. Then she blinked, and he continued to wait for her to say something. Finally her lips curved and he watched her mouth as she spoke. "Why are we in the middle of the forest?" she asked.

A gentle chuckle rumbled off his chiseled chest. Staring down at his mate, she looked heavenly to him. If he could he'd swallow her whole so that she'd always be with him, and could always feel how much he loved her. Gently stroking her face, he answered "I want you to be free. I don't want you to hold back from me, my mate." He began to kiss her again as her mind registered what he had said. "I want you to scream my name, and not worry about the children" he explained. "And I want to hear you scream my name from the top of your lungs when this Sesshomaru makes you cum, my mate."

Kagome's whole body shivered, ripened with his authoritative words. By the kami, he was soooooo Ahhhhh…was all she could think of when her mate's lips found her neck again, sliding slowly over the sensitive length. He licked a hot path down her neck to just under her ear, then he bit lightly into her flesh, nipping, and then soothing with his wicked tongue.

"Ooohhhh…" Kagome moaned.

"Kami, mate," he whispered, his breath trailing fire back up to her ear. He slid his hands under her night shirt and she raised her hands up for him while he lifted the garment off her.

Sesshomaru stared greedily at his mate's perfect form, her nipples protruding from her perfect breasts; the mounds in which his pups had fed from. He ran his claws down the middle of her bosom. She watched as her mate tenderly caressed her body. He was so gentle, so soft, a side in which she knew only she was allowed to witness.

His hands continued to dance slowly across her upper body. Her flesh quivered and her nipples puckered for him, waiting in breathless anticipation for his next touch. She watched while her mate slipped one long finger into his mouth, wetting it. He gently sucked it slowly, bringing it out of his devilish mouth. Both his head and the finger descend at the same time; while he took one breast into his mouth, his wet finger toyed with her other tracing her taut nipple. He released his mouth from her breast and blew across both peaks. Kagome moaned at the sensation, the pleasure was indescribable; and the feelings gathering in her were overwhelming. She felt herself getting wetter in between waiting for her mate to take her to the promised land.

But instead he sipped at her nipple, circling one entire globe at a time then his devouring lips sucked her breast in. His fingers plucked at her other nipple giving it just as much attention, she bucked into his mouth wanting so much more from him. Taking in a deep breath he didn't disappoint as one hand glided down her ribs, and along the rise of her little belly. His palm found her inner thigh, and his mouth moved to the neglected breast and suckled. She felt his hand travel along the crease, moving even closer to her sheath. The tip of his finger traced along the plump lips of her labia, the slick moisture coating his fingers. Kagome whimpered in agony, waiting for him.

Sesshomaru released her breast from his rapacious suckling and moved to seal her lips in a searing kiss. His hand traced her lower lips still, mapping them with his fingers, splitting them apart with his thumb. His middle finger began to stroke her, circling around her aroused clit. Kagome's hips rose when he traced his finger down the center, resting them at her opening, whipping her body toward madness. Sesshomaru continued his pleasurable torture, pushing relentlessly with his fingers around her vagina, then placing his palm over her whole womanhood. Pressing down hard he made her shriek at the dissimilar sensation. He followed that move quickly with two fingers sliding just inside only to retreat, drawing out her creamy arousal.

"By the Kami, Sesshomaru!" She screamed panting, impatient. Kami she needed to be filled by him.

Then he trailed his kisses down the center of her breast and her ribs, stopping to lick at her belly button. Continuing and down he finally settled between her legs, where his palms pressed her legs wide open. He slid his thumbs along her labia, splitting her open like a ripe, dripping peach. Sesshomaru lunged forward pressing his tongue fully into her, burying his face in between her legs. She drew in a long sharp gasp as he slid in and out, making the friction more intense. Kagome arched her hips into him, begging for more.

It was the first time he'd tasted her and she tasted so sweet – like peaches and honey and he couldn't get enough of her. So he took his time, cruising every alley and fold of her pussy, stopping periodically to rim her opening. Kagome's hips were arching wildly, and she started to beg him to finish. "Please…Sesshomaru…" she cried out. His answer was a soft satisfied moan while he continued to lap her juices. She groaned, desperate for him to touch her, lick her just right, to send her to the high Heavens. But he wouldn't.

With both her hands, Kagome fisted his silver tresses pressing his head down onto her, while thrusting her hips upwards. He laved her clit with a long, sucking lick. "Oh Kami, Sesshomaru…" Kagome's universe exploded and everything seemed vanished except for a magical sensation thundering through her body.

Sobbing his name again and again as she came, while he continued to suck and nip at her clit, while thrusting his fingers inside her womb.

When she finally came into her head again, Kagome looked down at her mate. He was resting his body on one elbow while his hand was actively stroking his dick. She couldn't even remember when he had shed his pants, as he continued leisurely lapping up her flowing nectar. Kagome watched in awe at his hand working around his dick to alleviate his pain, and a drip of pre-cum spilled from his small slit.

"Come to me, my mate" she called and he rose, placing himself between her legs.

His handsome face dangled over hers. Kami, he was so beautiful with his glowing amber eyes, and her juices gleaming on his face. Sesshomaru loomed in and kissed her mouth. She tasted his love, lust and her sex on his tongue, and somehow, that was wildly arousing to her. Without breaking their kiss, Sesshomaru banded one arm under her back and rolled.

"Ride me." His words commanded her, but his amber eyes begged. Kagome shifted her body over his large frame. "Take me," Sesshomaru called out again, reaching out to grab her hand and wrap it around the base of his steel rod. "Guide me deep into you."

Kagome only smiled wickedly as she began to stroke him instead. Her hand grasped tightly around his large girth, choking and teasing it. Reaching behind herself with her other hand and like a feather, swept up and down between the tip of his flaring head and the middle of his length.

"Fuck, Kagome!" he gasped, arching uncontrollably into his mate's expert hands. "By the Kami, I am Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western Lands, and I need you to put me inside of you right now!" Sesshomaru demanded raising himself up on his elbows.

Kagome loved that panicked, pleasured look on his face. She lost herself in the feeling that for this one second, she was in control and in command over this great Dai. That she was powerful enough to bring the Great Lord of all the Western Lands to a begging frenzy. Her moisture dripped onto his pelvis and he dropped his fangs, as he tossed his head back, they pressed into his bottom lip.

What she really wanted to do was to drop down on him, in one fast, hard motion. Instead, she was too tight; he was too big that it barely fit. So, she inched painfully down on him, one slow increment at a time; feeling him delve into her sheath, stretching and stroking with every breath. Biting down on her lip, she pounced herself onto him, hard, then screamed out the ecstasy of feeling her mate fill her to an overflowing sensation.

Wrapping his arms around his mate, he paused stroking her back and brushing her hair aside. His affectionate attention touched her and she wanted to give him all she had, as she always did. Palms rested on his chest she pushed herself up, throwing her head back so her hair swished over her shoulders. She began a slow rhythm back and forth on her mate's rod hard cock.

When her muscles relaxed she leaned down kissing him. While he grabbed both her ass cheeks and lifted her, up and down on his dick. He writhed against the unbearable pleasure. Each thrust into her was like delving into a hot, tight fire. With each withdrawal she clenched down on him, trying to drag him back to her plush liquid heat.

"Mmmmm," she moaned into his mouth.

"Kagome, my mate," he broke their kiss, whispering her name into her ear. Their movements didn't stop as she gazed into her lover's eyes.

Yes, she answered silently.

"Give me another," he requested, lifting himself once again on his elbow, taking her breast into his mouth as his mate rode his cock relentlessly.

"Mmmm…," she moaned, giving him a feral grin. "Just one?" she asked.

Her tone playful but her willingness to give him another pup sent his soul shuddering. Lifting himself up, he leaned into her shoulder. She continued riding him and his hips thrusting in sync with her movements heightened their sensations. Sesshomaru arched sharply into her, lifting his ass off the ground, his fangs grew and sliced into her flesh, "Sesshoumaruuuuu!!!" marking her more clearly than ever as his. She crashed, her orgasm swept over her like a tsunami, drowning her in a whirlpool of ecstasy, her scream vibrated the branches on the trees nearby.

With each deep draw of his lips on her flesh, Kagome tightened more around his pounding dick. His orgasm took him, body locked inside her warmth. And he sucked harder at the sweet metallic taste of his mate. With each convulsive squeeze, Sesshomaru shot more, deeper into his mate's welcoming body. It was like a never-ending circle of draw and releases. He gave a guttural growl that stirred things deep within her pussy and sent her into another hard climax.

"Kami, mate," he rasped breathlessly, grinding his cock deeper into her right before she caught his eyes, giving him the look of total surrender.

Of love.

Of 'I belong to you' and 'only you', throwing him into a final maelstrom of sensation…. Yes, his mate will bear him another pup.......

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