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-Haruki Yoshihiro : Head Elder

-Kenji Motochika : Second in command, also Arisu's mentor and friend. He was her father's close friend. (He was Head Elder, but chose to step down from the position as he is getting VERY old)

Elder Daimyos (great lords elders)

-Azai Nagamasa

-Imagawa Yoshimoto

-Sanada MasaReichi

-Miyoshi Nagayoshi

These are the 6 "Head Elders"; but they are not the only ones among the Councilmen.

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In Love: Chapter 13

The Queen's Ultimate Power.



InuYasha couldn't say what had motivated him to follow her scent. Perhaps it was habit, perhaps it was need, or perhaps it was the fact that he'd haul ass across the earth to be make sure she was safe.

Regardless of the reason, he came here for her, damn it! He loved her. Always, he will love her.

Even now he dared to hope – for a chance to be with her again. It made InuYasha wonder at the incredible foolishness of the human heart. He loved his mother, but he hated the fact that she was human. If he wasn't half human, would he still feel this feeling of 'hope' and 'desire'. If he was full inugami would his heart still be affected by this folly and the stubbornness and tenacity of hope? The hanyou sighed.

Since when did I become so fucking philosophical?

InuYasha stood in the thick woods, pondering his next move. Ever since he'd heard her calling his name, he'd decided to forgo the hot springs altogether. He spurred and ran blindly from the cliff.


InuYasha leaped and galloped through the small town. Men ran, chicken clucked out of his path, a cart nearly overturned, dogs barked. InuYasha saw nothing, he heard nothing. He was desperate to achieve only one thing.

To get to where Kagome was.

He needed to get to her and quickly. Somehow, there was a trail of her scent that led his way and he followed it blindly.

I'm coming Kagome.

It was bittersweet – this connection he had with her. Even though foolish hopes, he knew he could never sway her heart his way. No, not now. Not after those...beautiful kids with Sesshoumaru. But that wasn't going to stop him for coming for her. Nothing can ever stop him from being there for her. For all the times she had had to put up with his stupidity, the times he snuck out to see Kikyo – he owed her this much.

The hanyou came to a stop and surveyed the thick masses of trees about 10 meters in front of him. The summer sky was a flawless turquoise; birds chirped and squirrels chased one another around the trees. It seemed innocent enough. Yet the trees breathe an ominous atmosphere. For once, InuYasha actually tread carefully towards it. Reaching out, he felt his hand sizzle and pricked from the stinging of the invisible wall.

A barrier. Keh.

The hanyou smirked, his golden eyes glinted with amusement, as he began to unsheathe his Tessaiga. The blade throbbed, vibrating as it came to life. Tessaiga glowed a light red before becoming crimson, glimmering like a garnet sea. But instead of taking his stance and slicing his Tessaiga through the air, InuYasha used his sword and sliced the thin membrane of the barrier like cutting open a piece of cake.

The strange barrier fluttered and opened like a curtain – almost as if, welcoming him. What little caution he had diminished in light of Kagome being in danger.

With the barrier opened, InuYasha stepped inside. A warm breeze glided past, rustling the leaves above his head and carrying the scents of pine, earth and something familiar. It was just as faint as the trail he followed faint. Very very faint, but no doubt it was her scent.

InuYasha crept silently through the woods. Pine needles swished under his feet and the din of the outside world receded into a gentle quiet as the barrier curtain closed. He walked deeper into the forest, noise of the outside world vanished, replaced by birdsong and the gentle sweep of the wind through the woods. A running brook gurgled nearby with water so clear the speckled gravel at its bottom glistened like shiny gems.

The forest seemed strange to him; like a peaceful painting of a surreal world that didn't really exist. It seemed to be too...perfect.

Keh. Whatever. I didn't come here to sight-see.

Leaping into one of the tallest trees, he surveyed the area. The place was filled with delectable valleys, pleasant, undulating hills, agreeable woods, extensive meadows, and great plenty of water springing everywhere. It was truly a beautiful thing to behold. Even so, the ominous aura was unmistakeable.

InuYasha didn't have much time to dwell on his surroundings, he leaped off the branch and began to search his way around. The dog ears on top his head began to twitch picking up a voices. Upon hearing the muffled sounds, he slid behind the massive trunk of an old maple tree, concealing himself in the shadow. He knew they were still a distant away and hoped they wouldn't pick up his scent as easily as he had picked up their voices. He peered around it, careful not to exposed himself in an event that they had enhanced vision.

"Damn! I am getting tired. Why do we have to take up extra patrol time lately? Seems like our Himiko is bored and wants to work us to death! " Demon one began.

"Shut up and do your job. You don't want our Himiko hearing your complaints, she'll have your head!" Demon two hushed.

"Whatever. Its not as if anyone can ever disturb our land, protected by the barrier-mist, anyway."

"You don't know anything."

"What don't I know? When was the last time that anyone – anyone – entered our premises? Besides which, if they were able to enter they could never leave. We'll rip them apart!" InuYasha could hear demon number one pounding his chest along with his boast.


"You're such an idiot, Reichi. Recently a powerful miko entered our realms. That is the reason why we have been ordered to patrol more than usual." Demon two chastised.

InuYasha had no doubt who this 'miko' was. The muscles in his body - tense with the need to react and attack - relaxed when he realized that he could garner more information if he could just settle and be patient. Not one of his stronger traits, but hell, it wasn't as if he had a lot of choices. He needed to find out where Kagome was first. His hand slid from the tsuka of his Tessaiga. He'd be damned if he let his impatience take this opportunity away.

"Huh? How did you know?" Demon one pulled out a bamboo flask and took a sip of the sake in it.

"How else? From Sasuki!"

"Ahhh...right. You two are still sneaking around?" Reichi plopped himself down on a rock to rest.

"She's First Attendant to our Himiko – of course we have to sneak around."

"I don't know why you bother, Kaito. I understand she's beautiful and sweet, but you already know you can never mate her."

"I love her. That's all that matters. All that aside, we need to be extra careful. Stop goofing off and take your duties as a soldier more seriously!"

The forced inactivity ate at him like one of Naraku's miasma. He wanted – needed – to do something, but couldn't until he had more information on Kagome's whereabouts – or the two idiot guards discovered him; whichever came first.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." The demon's weapon clashed against the rock, making it clang loudly. Reichi paid no mind, and slipped his sake back on his belt and followed his Captain. "So where is this miko anyway?"

InuYasha's ears perked and twitched. Finally! Something useful!

"I don't know the exact location. Sasuki just told me that she's being confined in a safe place. And no one is to know of this, Reichi. If you get Sasuki in trouble I'll have your head!"

"Alright, alright! My lips are sealed! I suppose at least there is something exciting going on in our land finally, eh?"

Pheh. Useless couple of idiots! InuYasha sighed. Now what?

'InuYasha...help me...please...'


"Did you hear that?" Kaito whipped his head around. He stood still eyes narrowed surveying the vicinity, ears perked trying to pick up the sound again.

InuYasha stood still to avoid detection. It wasn't as though he was afraid. Yet something in his guts told him it was best to keep a low profile.

"No, I don't hear anything." Reichi responded but not really bothering to stop to investigate. "GAH!" A loud noise startled him and he drew his sword.


The raven that flew out suddenly from the nearby tree, startled the demon and almost lost its life. It escaped with a loud squawking as if to curse the demon for his attack.

"Stupid bird," Reichi bent down to pick up his fallen flask.

"Watch what you're doing Reichi!" Kaito scowled.

During the raven interruption, InuYasha used the opportunity to move and ran past the rows of trees lining the forest. With the raven squawking and providing more than sufficient noise, he was far gone before the two demons could detect he was ever even there.

InuYasha ran, his hand flung back by his side, following the sound of her voice. The weak scent of her aura. He cursed his half-brother every word he knew. How could he have let her get capture like this? Where was that bastard when Kagome was in trouble? When I see him, I am going to pummel his ass into a pulp!

The hanyou growled as he ran, his heart picking up speed when the scent of her aura became stronger. I'm getting close.

With his heart pounding his in his ears and his lips as dry as tinder, he climbed the riverbanks, and crunched his way across the fallen leaves of the unknown territory.

Beyond the distance, the hanyou can see the long castle wall, shrouded still by lines of trees. Is she in there? InuYasha didn't hesitate to ponder what dangers might lie ahead. He just wanted to get to her.

After crossing the small bridge, the castle was still a distance away. And then something caught his eyes – smoke rising above some of the trees. The hanyou changed course and made his way toward the smoke; unsure of what was ahead, but hoping whatever it was, would be some clue to him finding the miko.


~The Wolverine High Council Meeting~

Arisu did not want things to become as complicated as they had. But she should have expected this. She knew now that she was too naïve as a Queen to think that the Council Elders would empathize with her and things would go smoothly.

How foolish of me.



Arisu was riled up. She couldn't believe what Kenji had said to her. 'You cannot mate someone who's already mated.' The queen growled as she floated on her youki toward her chamber, her First Attendant following close behind. If Kenji-dono knows, then that means the whole Council will know. I have to come up with something to persuade their decisions in my favor.

Once inside the Queen's privy chamber, Sasuki slid the fusuma closed and watched as her Queen paced back and forth. She stayed in her position quietly as the queen looked at her.

Arisu drew a glance at her First Attendant that was part admiration, part pity. Admiration for the cool remoteness that protected her from the pain of emotion. Pity that she would never know the ecstasy of passion. Sasuki can never mate. Her life was to serve the Queen until the day she dies. That was the rule of the Wolverine clan. Arisu's chest heaved in a great sigh.

These meaningless laws and rules. I shall get rid of them all. Sasuki, I will allow you to mate. For all your loyalty you will be reward. But how?

"How did it go with the sorceress?" The Queen inquired, breaking her own train of thoughts.

"Everything is set your Highness. She still has control over the miko and will keep her in the trance for as long as her majesty requires."

"Very good."

"My apologies, your Highness, but you seem even more troubled than before."


"Did the visit with Kenji-dono, not go so well?" It must have been bad for her to summon me to lie so that she could leave...

"Sasuki," Arisu called softly "He knows." The young attendant whipped her head up in shock. "It seems that there is nothing I can hide from the Council. If Kenji-dono knows of my keeping the inugami, then the Council also knows."

"And that worries her highness..."

"Of course, Sasuki! If they already know of the inugami then they will all vote against the Mating Challenge! I will not have them dictate my future. I cannot be a ruler whose life is only to serve the Councilmen of this clan! I don't know why, but, I...I...love him," she fell into her chair as if in complete defeat. "What am I to do, Sasuki. I grow weary of these clan laws."

"Your highness, if I may be so bold." Sasuki placed her hand over her heart to symbolize devotion. "There is one thing that you can do."


"It isn't the safest..."

"Out with it, Sasuki!"

"Yes, your Majesty." Sasuki looked at her queen. "There is one absolute power given to the Queens of our clan. Has your majesty forgotten?"

Arisu's lips spread, welcoming a broad smile. "You are right, Sasuki. For a moment there, I did forget."


~End Flashback~


The queen sat up a little straighter in her seat and looked around the room from her place on the raised platform, her patience thin.

The High Council had been called into session for her to present the announcement of a new - and very sudden - Mating Challenge, where Sesshomaru would be a participant. The Council Chamber in general offered quite a bit of space under normal circumstances, but with the raised awareness and heightened energy simmering just under the surface of all the Council Elders, the Queen felt confined.

Arisu turned to gaze her mentor, Kenji-dono, who sat amongst the other Elders of the clan. She offered him a soft smile which he returned with a gentle bow. Three Council Elders sat on each side of the isle to the left and right of her throne. In front of them were tea tables with flecked gold decorations, etched with fine-scaled flowers and the large Wolverine Clan emblem. The steam from the teas swayed without notice as the Elders huddled together - their displeasure evident. The Queen had to suppress the need to roll her eyes. They could all be pissed off for all she cared. She was Queen and she will have what she desired.

Arisu hid the smirk that desperately want to emerge. I will have what I want.

A deep breath filled her lungs as she refocused on the task at hand. Her lips pursed at the thought, and her temper spiked a little hotter. They are all going to vote against the challenge...

Kenji glanced at the Queen, he felt the air around them hung heavy with a coming confrontation between the Monarch and the Elders. The old demon was seized with foreboding. A voice sounded to his left, and Kenji turned his attention to the Head Council Elder.

"This Council is displeased with your Highness' proposal." Haruki spoke. "We do not think another Challenge should take place so soon and we do not accept the idea of an inugami participating in something that has been our tradition for centuries."

"Unacceptable!" Arisu roared, springing to her feet. "Absolutely unacceptable – and insupportable of me! You may be Elders of this clan, but I am Queen! Me! And as such, my would should be final. I will not sit and do nothing as you go about choosing and deciding my future for me!"

The Elders were quiet and Kenji could feel a raging headache coming on. She never was an easy child...Kenji thought with dismay.

"Your Highness," Haruki continued. "This Council's decision is final. Our clan and the land we protect is a wealthy region, abounding in many precious things, full of pleasures and delights for your subjects. We do not think that an inugami has any business ruling a sacred land that has been protected for many millenniums."

Kenji watched as the Queen slowly settled back into her seat. He could hear her sigh of displeasure from where he sat. He held back a sigh of relief himself. Perhaps this wasn't going to be as bad as I thought...

"Very well," Arisu said with an exasperated breath. "You leave me no choice then."

It was then that Kenji felt the coming storm, and he feared from the sound of her voice that disaster was lurking in the distance. Her next words confirmed all that he feared and worse.

"Then I shall have to veto your votes, Council Elders."

"Your Highness, you can't mean that!" Haruki protested.

"It has been decided."

"You cannot ignore our votes just like that!" Haruki growled impatiently.

"I, Arisu Jimmu, 14th Monarch of the Wolverine clan and direct descendent of Amaterasu, declare your votes invalid. As such, I invoke the power of the Scepter of Conquest."

The ultimate power granted only to the Queens of all Wolverines. Kenji wanted to cry.

Loud gasps filled the room. Yet no one could believe it, and they all sat still as alabaster. What did it mean for them, and for their clan, that their Queen had decided to vetoed their votes? That she was bringing out the Scepter of Conquest – and using it?

Kenji-dono in particular, had taken the decree hard. He looked as if his heart had frozen in his chest. He stared at Arisu, stunned, unable to comprehend what he had just heard. The moment was accompanied by a strange silence, a kind of thundering lull during which a shadow seemed to steal forward, casting an ominous darkness over all who sat in the Great Hall.

"Your Highness, you cannot use the Scepter!" One of the other Elders protested anxiously.

Arisu said coldly, her patience clearly at an end. "May I remind you, my Elders, that The Scepter of Conquest was granted to Queens for such a purpose."

"Your Majesty! The purpose of why such power was granted is so that the ruling Monarch can use it during times of war! For the sake of her people!" Azai nearly screamed at her.

"But your Highness! With the Scepter of Conquest anyone could challenge you to the rights of your throne!" Imagawa protested.

"I dare anyone to stand up and challenge me then!"

Horrified, stunned, and swept with fear, Kenji-dono himself felt as if a hand had closed around his throat, and for a moment he could not breathe. This whole thing couldn't be happening. He knew she was stubborn but he did not think she would go as far as bringing out the Scepter of Conquest to use for this...this selfish, childish desire!

Red-faced, Haruki-dono slammed a hand on the table and pushed to his feet. Hunching over the table on his knees, he rested his weight on his fists and stared at his Queen. "Using the scepter..."

"If I may your highness," Kenji-dono's calm voice interrupted Haruki's roaring. "To do this...you will plunge the Wolverine clan into Civil war. We have lived peacefully for more than a millennium through the bloodline of your family – please my Queen, do reconsider your course of action."

"I am Queen of this clan, perhaps it is you – councilmen – who should reconsider your decision."

"Your Highness!" Haruki's face was red with indignation. "If you make use of the Scepter, you will divide the clan into – Kami knows how many pieces! There will countless innocent deaths if – no, when – civil war befalls our clan. And civil war is always a guarantee when the Scepter is used. Bloodshed must be avoided at all cost. It always lead to anarchy! You are young, and rash, this action is very selfish on your part!"

No matter what she had done, she was still Queen. Even Haruki-dono – the head Elder – had no right to take that tone with her. But Arisu seemed strangely unruffled.

"Selfish?" She said easily, with a lift of an eyebrow.

Kenji was sick with dread, he saw that shock had reflected on everyone's face by Haruki's disrespect for their Himiko. His breath caught in his throat, anger harden his jaw. She has gone too far this time...

~The Scepter of Conquest...opens and unleash a power without rival. With its seal unlock, anyone from their clan can challenge the Queen. If victorious, there will be a new Monarch, a new bloodline. There will then be uprising and rebellions against the new ruler. Civil war will claim the clan, blood will flow like rivers. My Queen, you've not know what you have done...

"Perhaps, Haruki-dono, it is time, that I learn to be selfish," she smiled coldly.

"It is unsightly for a Queen to behave in such a manner." Haruki retorted acidly.

"How dare you? !" A sweat broke out on her brow, lavender eyes darkened ominously. .

"That is enough!" Kenji' booming voice stopped the staring contest. "I think this meeting has come to a conclusion. Clearly, our Himiko has made up her mind." Kenji said quietly. "She is...our Queen." He knew that they weren't going to be able to convince her with everyone's temper unleashed like that; if they were going to be able to convince her at all.

She scraped her chair back and rose. Her brilliant lavender eyes flashed dangerously at the head Council Elder. "And Queen I am. Best you remember that, Haruki."

The two glared at one another. Then Arisu ordered her First Attentdant and strode from the room, leaving Haruki and his Elders staring at the open door. Imagawa heaved himself from his seat.

"She is right my Lord," His shrewd eyes looked at the angry demon from beneath their craggy brows. "She has the power and we – her subjects – must comply."

"The Queen is bewitched," Nagamasa added. "She knows not what she's done."

"What she has done Nagamasa-dono, is to make a fool of me and this clan for some mated inugami!" Haruki turned his proud head and stared at the open doorway through which Arisu had left. Slowly, he sank back into his shiki futon. "She is a vain, greedy and cruel girl."

Kenji rested a hand on his shoulder. "Let it go Haruki-dono. You cannot win this argument with our Himiko without an act of treason. The Scepter of Conquest has been invoked. The only one who can undo it all is the Queen herself. There is nothing we can do without acting against her as traitors. I will try to speak to her in private one last time. You should go home and rest. Focus on your ill mate, she needs you most right now."

Haruki twisted in his chair and gazed up at Kenji with unseeing eyes. He had heard the advice, but whether he understood it or not, they couldn't be sure.

The Council Elders helped Haruki depart the Great Hall watching him staggered home like a zombie, shaking their heads in sympathy. They understood his feelings well yet there was nothing they could do to help him alleviate some of his burdens. Being Head Council the whole Clan's past, present, and future were in his hands to nurture and mold. Yet, now their Himiko has dealt him a devastating blow in which he cannot recover. His power, his authority, his pride all demolished in a single blow.

What next...? Kenji wondered as he too wandered home in helplessness.

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

A/N: The reason why I don't use Sasuki's name and the sorceress each time is because Kagome doesn't know who they are.

Setting: Before Sasuki returned to the Queen and gave her the idea of using the Scepter of Conquest.


From outside the fantasy world, the sorceress froze in shock that the miko instead of becoming weaker, was actually becoming stronger and stronger. Frantic, she began to chant furiously to try and strengthen her spell so that she could somehow subdue the powerful miko. She could not allow the miko to awaken from the curse.

Something's wrong, I have to wake up...Kagome commanded her eyelids to lift themselves. What used to be such a trivial task now was incredibly difficult.

The tiny slit of her eyes sucked in the minor glow from the room. It was so dark, the miko wondered if she was still in a state of unconsciousness or if she had truly woken up. Her mind was in such a jumble, Kagome couldn't differentiate her dreams from reality. Vaguely, she remembered Sesshomaru had brought her and the children to his castle.

Am I sleeping through the days again?

Instinctively, Kagome stretched her arms, setting task to climb out of bed. Instead, she found herself bound and trapped. Her body was sore, and she could make out a dark figure moving about the room.

This isn't a dream...not anymore...


A female's voice startled the miko, she kept her eyes slightly parted but stayed absolutely still. Kagome shifted her pupils slightly, and looked straight through to the small torch-lit area between what looked like two stone arches. She caught a second figure – this one much prettier – approaching the older dark figure.

The older figure – a crouched over woman – seemed an oddity beside the new young girl, like a crow guarding a rose tree.

Who are they? Is this a weird dream...of sort? But the tightness of the vines that bounded her felt real enough. Then again, so were Sesshomaru's poison whips earlier. With her arms crossed over like an "X" Kagome was able to do something she remembered learning so long ago. She reached and pinched herself.

Ouch! That definitely hurt!

"My Lady," the older one bowed, even though her figure was already half hunched over. "What brings you back ?"

Who are these people? Why have they kidnapped me? I have never met them in my entire life! Are they Sesshomaru's enemies...?

Kagome heard some rustling as the two moved about. She dared to open her eyes slightly wider and looked around. She stared through half open lids at the two figures. They stood against the light, in deepest shadow, their backs to her, their faces hidden. The older one is a sorceress, Kagome gathered that much from how the younger one addressed her when she entered. What and who is the younger one?

"How is the little ningen bitch?" The younger one asked.

A swarm of anger crept up her spine. Kagome was getting tired of all these new nicknames she'd acquired recently. She didn't understand any of it. But she knew enough to will herself to be perfectly still.

First, I have to find out what the hell is going on.

"She is still sedated completely under my spell," the older one replied – a lie in which she was relieved the young demoness did not detect.

Kagome shivered at the hunched woman's voice. Through the small slit, the miko watched as the creepy old woman threw a handful of something into the small cauldron and flames gushed out, then a puff of smoke flew up into the air. The room began to smell funny. Kagome closed her eyes, focusing all her energy on her hearing instead.

"Fine. Keep her that way. Her highness wants her alive – for the time being."

"May I ask for what purpose, My Lady?"

A sorceress and a noble lady...a demoness to be exact. Hn...

Sasuki gave her a glare that made the sorceress retract; she sighed, then answered anyway. "Until Lord Sesshomaru has won the Mating Challenge against Her Majesty, and the seal of their mating is complete – Her Majesty wants this ningen bitch as insurance. You understand why, don't you sorceress?" The young demoness asked, staring down at the old woman.

Mating Challenge? Sesshomaru? My Sesshomaru?

"Yes, my Lady."

"Good. We are not going to let Lord Sesshomaru negate on his promises with Her Majesty. And once the mating seal has been completed, that power will bound him to her until death. There will be no escaping for him. No running back to his mate – this vile thing." Sasuki whipped her head and pointed at the bounded miko.

She didn't need to see to feel the aura of hatred directed toward her. Kagome gritted her teeth, and for a moment she was frightened that they had heard her. When she heard nothing, Kagome dared to peek again.

"After the Mating Seal, you may kill it. I'd like nothing better than to kill this nigen myself, but, I wouldn't soil my hands on such filth!"

"Yes, my Lady. Just leave it to me. I will make sure that Her Majesty's orders are fulfilled. You have my word."

"Good. Until then, you will stay here. I will send a servant to give you the message when the time comes."

"I understand, my Lady." The sorceress bowed once more, her body almost touching the ground as she bid the young demoness good-bye.

I fucking swear. This time period; always some shit. These fucking people just looovvveee to fucking kidnap me! Well, as much as I enjoy being tied up...enough is about enough!

The sorceress turned and the smoke cleared as she moved into the circle of light. The torches flared on her face and she turned to look at the miko. The old woman opened her mouth for a scream that reached her throat and trembled there, but no sound came.

Wide, furious, blue eyes stared back at her.