Chapter 4

I strode down the hallway, stopping at each door as I went, and using the ring of keys I had taken from Sloan, I peered inside every room lining the walls of the hallway. There were ten, and every one of them was the same and identical to the holding cell I had been in, (windowless and with a solid metal pole stretching from floor to ceiling). The third room I tried, I discovered another prisoner, an old man who appeared to be in his sixties. He had a trim, sheer white beard, and bushy eyebrows, and was of slim build. Unfortunately there was dry blood caked on the side of his face and he was unconscious.

I knelt down and tried to shake him awake, but he did not move. I sighed, this was going to make things more difficult. But I could not in good conscience and just leave him here as a captive when he may need immediate medical attention. I quickly untied his wrist bonds and grunted as I slung the old man over my shoulder. He was surprisingly heavy. I continued opening the cell doors, finding no one, and had two left when I heard a tremendous roar of anger from behind me. I turned. It had come from my previous prison. Sloan was awake.

"CRUUUUSE!" Sloan shouted. I cringed, "His yells could wake up the whole city." I thought, as his cries echoed down the hallway.

He seemed to have awoken his henchmen at the very least, because right then I heard footsteps pounding down the hallway from around the corner. I spun, fumbling to pull out the pistol I had grabbed. As I spun, the poor old man I was carrying's head swung and slammed into the doorframe of the doorway I was standing in with a solid "Thunk."

I cursed under my breath, and forced my attention to the end of the hallway. Soon two people came skidding around the corner. An incredibly stupid looking man built of solid muscle, with no neck, and Nadira.

Both of them carried guns, but I already had mine aimed at them. They froze.

"Drop em'!" I growled gesturing with my pistol and giving the muscular man what I hoped was a fierce gaze.

Nadira and the man looked at each other. She shrugged and placed her gun on the floor. The man followed suit. Sloan's shouts were still streaming relentlessly from the end of the hallway.

"Good," I said, "now back up with your hands on you head- that's it- Get on your knees."

I stooped over, never taking my gaze away from the two I held at gunpoint, and placed the old man on the floor with his back against the wall in a sitting position, his head lolled and drooped forward. The muscular man looked absolutely terrified as I walked behind them keeping my gun pointed at them the whole time. Inside I was laughing.

The man actually thought I was about to execute him or something! I could never kill a man, not in cold blood anyways. Even Nadira was watching me with wide eyes. I gave her a wink and her shoulders relaxed a little.

"Where is Kate de Vries?" I asked, pressing my gun into the back of the man's skull, "Do you have her?"

"N-no," whimpered the man. His voice was surprisingly high for a man of his size, "We sent a man to go and get her, but he has not yet returned. He was supposed to be back three hours ago."

"Good." I said, half to him, half to myself. I felt extreme relief. Maybe she had managed to escape and avoid capture!

Confident that I would be able to get any other information I needed from Nadira I wound up and cracked the man in the head with the butt end of my gun. He collapsed in a heap, out cold.

Still ignoring Sloan's shouting, I pulled Nadira to her feet. "Now you're gonna help me get out of here, and give me some answers," I said in a steely voice.

She shook her head, "No! I can't. I- I must stay here. I can help you, Mat, but only if I continue to pretend to be on Sloan's side. I will answer your questions tomorrow night. Meet me at midnight on the path under Lionsgate Bridge. Go look for Kate, but try and stay away from your house, and also your ship. Those will both probably be being watched..." Nadira looked down at the unconscious man with a look of disgust, (He was drooling), then back up at me. "You're going to have to knock me out too, so they won't ask questions."

"I'd really rather not," I said cringing, "couldn't you just pretend?"

"No, It's best to play it safe." she said, shaking her head and smiling slightly, "It's alright I'll forgive you."

Sighing I raised the gun to deal the blow. She held her breath, closing her eyes. I swung my arm. "Wait!" blurted Nadira. I stopped my hand half a centimeter from her head.

"I almost forgot. There are still more of us here. Go left at the end of the hall, NOT right. Got it?"

I nodded and raised my hand again.

"Ready?" I asked softly.


I swung my arm hard... but unfortunately not hard enough. The gun connected with her skull with a thud and Nadira stumbled forward but remained on her feet, completely awake. She turned to look at me and I saw tears had swelled in her eyes. I was amazed she had not screamed or wasn't crying. Hell, I might even have cried after a blow like

that. I felt terrible. She touched her head gingerly and said, "I changed my mind, I won't forgive you for thi-"

I hit her again. And this time she dropped like a sack of potatoes.

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