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When Danny Phantom's defences are down after a shocking moment of heartbreak, Valerie attempts to exterminate the ghost boy for real, and finds that she easily succeeds. But life is not all success for this ghost hunter - upon finding out Danny Phantom was a half ghost, half human hybrid, Valerie finds out that the human half was the boy whom she had a crush on, Danny Fenton. The guilt is tearing her up inside.

A note in the mail tells her that Danny isn't dead, but soon will be. She keeps this fact to herself and decides to take it upon herself to rescue him. She must go through horrendous changes to save the one that she loves, but she will stop at nothing. But the only question is, will she succeed?


Changing Fate

Chapter One


There was only one person at the park, despite the weather. It was sunny without a single fluffy, pale, white cloud to be seen in the sky. Birds were singing in the beautiful green trees and the sun was smiling down on the Earth. This one person seemed to be waiting, though no one knew what it was that he was waiting for. His name was Danny Fenton.

He was sitting upon a bench in the middle of Amity Park's central park, only minutes away from the strange house that he lived in. It was a place that he visited quite a lot. Surprisingly, most of the other locals didn't enjoy visiting this park. He was often alone. While he was waiting, he twiddled his fingers, most obviously bored. He didn't hear the footsteps that were approaching him.

"You… wanted to talk to me?" the owner of the footsteps asked.

Danny looked up and saw that it was Sam Manson, his best friend of five years. She didn't sit down next to him – she seemed to be in a hurry. He could also tell that there was something on her mind, as she looked like she was distracted. It didn't bode well for him, yet he still wished to try.

Sam Manson wasn't looking forward to this conversation. She had a fairly good idea of what it was that Danny wished to talk to her about. She knew that it would be awkward, and he would have difficulty talking to her about the subject. After all, he had stuttered when he had just asked her to meet him in the park.

"Sam," Danny spoke her name quietly. "I didn't hear you come."

He was stalling. She could tell that he was regretting his decision to call her out there, and that he was nervous. All she wanted was for him to hurry up and spit it out. There were other places that she needed to be.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" She demanded impatiently, and slightly cruelly.

Danny winced. "Well, I… uh, I wanted to… well, to umm…"

Sam rolled her eyes before she glanced at her watch. She was going to be late if he didn't hurry up. "You wanted to what?" She wasn't exactly paying attention to the conversation, though. She was thinking of him, the one that she had to meet in only a few minutes.

"Sam, it's hard for me to admit this," Danny began, swallowing loudly. "But I know I must get it out…" he glanced around himself nervously. "It's just… Sam, I really… really, really like you… And I mean really like… well… I was just kind of… wondering –"

This is where Sam cut him off. "Danny, I like you too. After all, you're my best friend. But I don't have time for this. I have to be off, or my parents will be angry. Sorry," she didn't mean it though. She knew that she was being heartless, but if she gave him any hope of her liking him more than a friend, she knew that he'd never get over this silly crush that he had on her.

She couldn't bear to look at his heartbroken face, though. She turned and walked coldly away from the park, hoping that she hadn't damaged his heart too badly.

Danny let out a sigh. He wouldn't cry – he had to keep all of his feelings to himself, bottled up in a little jar beside his heart. He had to be a man about this. So Sam didn't like him in the way he had wanted, what was the big deal? She didn't want to be anything other than friends. Her body language alone conveyed that. Her words just delivered the stinging blow to his miserable heart. Now she would probably start avoiding him, but once again, what was the big deal?

He could feel his eyes filling up with tears but stubbornly refused to allow them to fall free. He would not cry. Instead, he placed his head hopelessly into his hands. His life was taking a turn for the worst. He was under way too much stress, way too much pressure. After all, there were the ghost attacks, his outrageously enormous pile of school work, the issues with Valerie, Vlad's sad attempts to steal his mother and destroy his father, his parents being oblivious of the fact that he was not only his son but also the half ghost known as Danny Phantom, his nosy sister, and now Sam? No one could deal with that much pressure, not even the notorious Danny Phantom.

He needed to take his mind off of his current problems. He needed a vacation – though he knew that was out of the story. After all, it was his sole duty as Danny Phantom to protect Amity Park from ghost attacks. If he wasn't around, who would take over that job? His parents? That was something to laugh about. His father couldn't even catch a ghost if it jumped out in front of him and screamed "Boo!"

A small part of Danny wanted to follow Sam – he knew she was up to something. She was impatient when he had wanted to tell her about his true feelings and he knew that she hadn't gone home. She would've stayed around the park for ages if she was expected at her house – she dreaded going back to that place. But she was doing something that she didn't necessarily want him to know about. That made him even more curious. But it wouldn't be the right thing to do, to follow Sam, would it?

Danny couldn't make up his mind. But he knew that no matter what he planned to do now that he had no reason to live, he would do it as Danny Phantom. He didn't even utter those usual three words that he used to trigger his transformation – he just couldn't bear to speak. If he so much as opened his mouth, he feared that his heart might come tumbling out.

The same old bright blue rings appeared around his waist – though if he had been paying attention, he would've noticed that they were slightly dimmer than usual. They transformed him into the same old half ghost, Danny Phantom, public enemy number one. He stared out at the world through the same bright green eyes. Except now they were broken – the light that had shone in them in the past had now disappeared. His face spoke of his depression. He had lost all of his passion, and soon, he would also lose his soul.

He rose into the air, slowly, hesitating. Did he really want to follow Sam and find out what it was she was being so secretive about? Could his heart deal with the revelation? Would she rip it out and walk all over it once again? But nevertheless, he unwillingly flew in the direction that he had seen her leaving, all hope having disappeared from his body.

He was unaware that not too far from the park, a ghost hunter's alarm had begun to beep shrilly. It was signalling the appearance of a ghostly presence nearby. It was picking up on Danny Phantom's ecto-energy. The ghost hunter smiled, whispered, "Got cha," and pressed a button on the alarm. Soon, her body was covered by a red suit and a hover board had appeared. She climbed on and followed the directions of her GET, otherwise known as her Ghost Energy Tracker. She was silently pursuing her enemy.

Danny was flying at his top speed. He wasn't sure of the direction that Sam had headed in, the path that she had taken. He had stopped watching after she had left the park behind. His heart had been in too much pain to take in the sight of her happily walking away from him. He knew he had to fly high if he ever wanted to catch sight of her – only from high in the sky was he able to view everything. He knew that she couldn't be too far away from him –he flew faster than she could run. And she had been walking.

With his keen senses and his sharp eyes, he quickly scanned the nearby streets. She wasn't on a main street; of that he was certain. He caught a glimpse of black ducking into a nearby alleyway and his heart beat faintly. The sight of her was slowly reviving him despite the fact that she was the one who had killed his heart in the first place. He flew lower so that he wouldn't lose sight of her, turning himself invisible so as to not alert Sam of his presence.

Valerie was still on his heels, despite the fact that he was invisible. Her GET was extremely advanced technology – it had been given to her by the billionaire known as Vlad Masters. She was curious as to the reason why he was following Sam Manson, but remained behind him. She reasoned that if what he was doing wasn't harming Sam for the moment, she would let him be. But as soon as he laid a finger upon her, she would attack.

Danny Phantom followed the silent Goth girl through many empty streets. She was continuously looking over her shoulder suspiciously, checking to make sure that she wasn't being followed by anyone. Each time she would see no one, but nevertheless she continued to check each time she turned a corner. Wherever it is that she is going, Danny thought, she doesn't want anyone at all to know where it is. Or that she is there.

It was some time before they reached Sam's destination. It was a small forest that neither Danny nor Valerie had known had existed before this exact moment. Danny had a bad feeling in his stomach – he felt as though the small amount of food that he had digested that day was about to come up. Sam could only be going into a secret forest for one reason – to meet with someone.

The two pursuers followed Sam into a clearing in the forest. Valerie gasped quietly – she was lucky that neither Sam nor Danny had heard – as she noticed how beautiful it was. There were wildflowers growing everywhere and a beautiful creek running through the centre of the clearing. At the far end was a small waterfall which was the cause of a small trickling sound. Animals were flittering through the clearing – nothing large, though.

But what drew Danny's attention were not the surroundings. For sitting atop an oak log was a boy he had never seen before. This boy was older than Danny by approximately two years and looked beautiful. His hair was blonde and flowed down to his shoulders and his eyes were bright pools of emerald green. His skin was unusually pale, like marble.

Danny instantly regretted his decision to follow Sam into this clearing. He regretted it when he saw the handsome guy walk over to Sam and regretted it even further when their lips met. Sam responded to the attention positively – she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Danny could feel his heart tearing in half at the sight of the one he loved with another person. He didn't think his heart could ever recover from such a wound. It was all he could do to repress a sob of pure agony.

By the time Sam and her secret lover had pulled away, Danny and his pursuer were long gone.

Danny Phantom was crouching on top of an extremely high skyscraper not far off Amity Park. He had sped away from the forest so fast that Valerie had had trouble keeping up with the ghost. She watched as he looked down at the world below him, at the people who appeared as ants. There were cars moving around on the streets below.

He kicked his feet against the edge of the building, his mind still on the one that he loved – Sam. He couldn't get the image of her kissing that strange boy out of his mind, despite the pain that it caused him. He couldn't understand why she would do something so cruel to his heart. He didn't know how they had met or how long this had been going on, which hurt him even further.

"So, you're new past time is spying on people, now? Are you plotting something horrendously evil, ghost boy?" Valerie's voice could be heard by many people that were inside the building, but the one person that couldn't hear it was Danny. He had already sunken into another world. Not even death could awaken him.

"I demand that you turn around and face me, or are you that much of a coward?" Valerie spat. She wasn't surprised when she received no answer from him. "It's going to be mighty easy to kill you. I will forever banish you to the hell of the ghost zone."

He still did not respond. This infuriated the ghost hunter. "You will never return." She hissed.

She lifted up her ecto-gun, charged it up, aimed – and fired straight at Danny Phantom's chest. Of course, he did not attempt to dodge the attack. The pink blast of ecto-energy grew as it got closer to the ghost, eagerly sucking up his ecto-energy. It connected with his body, causing a small explosion. Danny Phantom's limp body was knocked off of the building.

Valerie ran to the edge, eager to see if she had finally achieved her purpose in life – to kill Danny Phantom. The ghost boy's body plummeted towards the ground. She didn't hear it connect, but she saw cars swerve away and heard people scream in horror.

What she didn't see was Danny Phantom's eyes and mouth open. He was being returned to the real world, but it was not because of her attempt to kill him. It was because of a plan that had entered his mind. A plan that would either ruin his life or save it.

Valerie did see Danny Phantom 's body slowly fade away. She shrugged, assuming that this was how ghosts died. She was satisfied with her work. She slowly turned around and left the edge fo the building. She descended the stairs and took the elevator to the bottom floor of the sky scraper. Danny Phantom was dead.

Sam always carried a PDA around with her, just in case there were any breaking news reports about ghosts. If so, she would contact Danny and he would be on his way whenever he was needed. It beeped whenever a news report featuring a ghost came on. It was while she was in the middle of a conversation with her mysterious guy that it beeped.

He stopped talking and glanced at Sam's pocket, which held the PDA. She gave him an apologetic look and pulled it out hesitantly. Surely she could just ignore it for this time? But the news report was already playing by the time that Sam had pulled it out of her pocket. She saw a picture of Danny Phantom on the screen and turned the volume up as loud as it could possibly go.

"Breaking news!" a News reporter screamed into a microphone. "Recent footage of a ghost hunter in red shooting the one and only public enemy number one, Danny Phantom, off the top of a ten story building has just been discovered! It seems that the ghost's body plummeted to the ground and upon impact, faded away. It had been confirmed by local experts that this is how ghosts die."

A video of Maddie and Jack appeared on the PDA but Sam's world was spinning out so badly that she couldn't bear to listen. Only one sentence that was said by the news reporter reached her ears.

"So, from this day on, I officially declare that Danny Phantom ceases to exist!"

Sam cried out as she felt a dark, impending cloud invade her mind. She fell to the ground in horror, with tears running down her cheeks, as the world around her, like her best friend, ceased to exist. And she knew that it was all her fault.

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