OKay! I totally just went a reread a few of my stories, this being one of them, and felt such a longing for writing these again that I have decided I shall write again. And yes I have gone through the phase of "I want to write again!" about five times this year but I'm actually going to make an effort to do it... at the end of this week. Four days and I will plan to write again.


So I know a lot of the people who were reading this story are long gone by now, and those who see this probably will ignore it. But I don't really write for the readers, I write for myself (selfish, I know). And I haven't been in touch with fanfiction for so long, the site has changed in so many ways and no doubt every single idea imaginable has been done five times over. But I don't care. This is my story and I will do what i will with it, even if people hate me or hate it.

And I do apologise for being so rude in my final notice, haha, I was honestly going through a very rough stage as my dad had just died and I needed some time alone. But now I am a much happier person and I have returned to the world of writing, although my macbook makes it incredibly difficult as it dies on a very regular basis.

So on with what I actually came on here to do.

My plan of attack is this:

1. I shall go through all the stories I have written so far and read them, one by one, to determine which I wish to rewrite/continue.

2. I will put this and another story to the top of my priority list. I have forgotten entirely where this story was going to go (I can't believe that in eight chapters it actually went no where at all.)

3. Once I have planned out this story a bit, I will continue it. At the same time, I will edit the first few chapters and spruce them up a bit (I hope, haven't written in a while so I'm a tad bit rusty, oops)

4. Finally, I will repost this story! Nice and fresh. Now I will have THREE versions of this story. And this time, I will try my hardest to finish this story!

Okay, so now that thats decided, I must get back to my current task... my painting. Damn I need to finish that. But anyway, this note is more for me than for anyone who is possibly reading my stories (yes yes I know I'm selfish) because otherwise I won't actually do anything about it if I just write it somewhere random... Um.

SO. Anyone interested (I really highly doubt it, but that doesn't matter... As I said this is merely for me), watch this space... Something shall develop in the next few weeks...

Thats all I have to say...