He is Mine Now

Author: rosethorn59

Characters: Arwen, Legolas and Aragorn

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to The Tolkien Estate, nothing to me…darn!…I think I will take it up at Elrond's next council meeting.

Summary: Legolas is kidnapped by Arwen, being the victim of her affections, as she chooses him over Aragorn after one day's acquaintance.

Warnings: AU, humor/parody, crack, angst, torture, OOC and silliness abound

I dedicate this story to my good friend, Sivan

A/N: I am sure I messed up Legolas' parentage. There is no romance in this story, only thoughts and fantasies about it. Canon is virtually non-existent.

Chapter 1 Arwen's Choice

The Lady Arwen Undomiel daughter of Lord Elrond of Rivendell, had been living in Lothlorien for many, many years with her Daeradar and Daernaneth. But she had decided that she really needed a change of scenery. She missed Rivendell, and her Adar and Muindyr whom she had not seen for a long time. So, with a little push from her Daernaneth, she decided to pay them a visit. Also she had heard that there was an extremely handsome man there, whom her Adar had been keeping a secret for years, even from her, his own daughter. Well, she guessed if there was that big a secret surrounding him, she just had to pay him a visit and judge him for herself. "A man," she spoke out loud to herself, "that is something different. I wonder if he likes Ellyth."

She said her goodbyes to her grandparents, gathered supplies and her weapons, mounted her horse, and with her small escort, slowly rode towards Imladris.

She arrived there a few weeks later.

Meanwhile, Prince Legolas of Mirkwood was on his way riding his trusty steed to Rivendell to see his old friend Aragorn. He was not sure Aragorn would be happy to see him when he found out that Legolas had kept this secret from him, knowing who he was, and never having told him. Aragorn hated secrets. Legolas was afraid that Aragorn might want to take his frustration about the whole situation out on him. Maybe beat on him for a while or something. That was all right. He would let him. Legolas knew he probably deserved it. He wanted to say hello, anyway…and perhaps apologize.

He also arrived there a few weeks later.

Late in the evening on the day Arwen arrived in Imladris, she decided to take a long stroll around Rivendell to reacquaint herself with her home and all it's glories. There was a warm, gentle breeze that smelled earthy of pine and honeysuckle. She stopped to look at the moon and the twinkling stars with her sparkling eyes, her beautiful blue dress and long black hair floating lightly in the breeze. She continued to walk along the path she was on, and turned suddenly at the sound of someone calling out, "Tinuviel, Tinuviel." She looked closer. Then she realized it was a man. It must be the one she had heard about, so she went over to meet him and talk to him. She thought he was very handsome, and he seemed to marvel at her beauty. She could tell from one glance that he was totally enamored of her. But he seemed very young to her… and very sweet. Well, she thought she would play his game of love for a while just to see what he was like. She led him to believe that she was very enamored of him as well. She adored these love games and made eyes at him.

As Arwen and Aragorn were sweetly talking and cooing at each other on this beautiful Rivendell night, they heard a rider coming up quickly behind them.

Prince Legolas, after his very long trip from his home in Mirkwood, rode up on his beautiful white stallion, alit very lightly, looked around and saw his friend Aragorn. "How are you, Estel?" Legolas asked as friendly as he could, hoping against hope that Aragorn was not thinking what Legolas knew he probably was thinking. Aragorn was giving him a blank stare, with a hint of glare, so Legolas assumed he was probably in trouble.

"You knew about me all along, didn't you? Since I was a child?" Aragorn was a little on the angry side.

"Well, yes, but I was sworn to secrecy like everyone else." Legolas was suddenly surrounded by guilt.

"My best friend keeping a secret like that from me. How could you do that to me?"

"I am sorry, Estel," Legolas replied pleadingly, ready to start groveling on his knees. "You can beat on me if you want to, if that will make you feel better."

Estel looked at him with a very faint hint of a smile. "Hm, not a bad idea, but no, that is all right, my friend, I will get over it." Estel was enjoying Legolas' reaction very much. It made him feel much better. He took Legolas into a warm embrace. "I am very happy to see you mellon nin."

"And I you," Legolas replied, returning the hug.

All the time they were talking, Arwen had not said a word. Estel looked at her, and she seemed to be staring into space, smiling. This puzzled Estel. "Arwen?" he gently asked her. There was no reply. "Arwen?" he asked again. He waved his hand in front of her face. There was no reaction. Arwen didn't move and her eyes didn't blink. He wondered if perhaps she had fallen asleep. So Aragorn stood right in front of her and looked into her eyes, trying to get her attention. "There is absolutely nothing there," he commented. He backed away from Arwen, then forward towards her. Then she slowly looked around Aragorn, "Oh, she is staring at you, Legolas."

"Yes, I noticed," he replied a little nervously.

Arwen was not listening. She was too captivated by this new Elf that had just come into her life. He was the most beautiful Ellon she had ever seen. She knew immediately that he just had to be hers.

It was the fair Elven-being, Prince Legolas Greenleaf Thranduilion Oropherion, of the Royal Realm of Greenwood/Mirkwood/Eryn Lasgalen, of the Sindarin/Silvan Elves of the Great Teleri, Eldars of the Firstborn Children of Eru/Illuvatar. He looked at her and it was love at first sight. His shiny bright eyes reflected that love in his gorgeous, beautiful, fair face. He started glowing very brightly. And as he slowly shook his mane of long, silky, golden blonde hair over his shoulders, it gently floated back in the warm summer breeze. Then he looked longingly at Arwen, searching her eyes, unable to take them off of her. With his thick, lush eyelashes, he blinked his big beautiful crystalline, cobalt, sapphire, icy Royal blue eyes at her. She could not resist those eyes. She simply melted in them.

"I love you," she whispered in his ear.

"I love you too, Arwen," he gently replied.

"I will always love you, my dearest…" She walked over to Legolas, smiling, and looked innocently up at him.

Gazing at him, she had a dreamy look in her eyes. "Well, we should leave now, Legolas, before my Adar finds out about us."

Legolas just stared at her, very confused. "Us?" he asked. "Go where?"

Arwen smiled at him expectantly. "Well, did you not just say you love me?"

Puzzled, Legolas quickly turned towards Aragorn. "Estel?" he asked.

Arwen was a little confused. "No, you said it, not Estel."

"I never said that to you," Legolas firmly replied."

"Do you mean to say that I imagined all that? Well, that hardly matters now," Arwen returned.

Aragorn could not believe what he had just heard Arwen say. "I met you a short while ago, Arwen, and I thought we were in love. I thought we both fell in love. Love at first sight. So, you are saying you do not love me?"

"In love with you already, Estel? Aragorn? Whatever your name is? I barely even know you. No one falls in love that fast, Estel, not even me. 'In love at first sight' is such a male thing. You were a passing thought, Aragorn. It never would have worked out between us. Is your name Estel or Aragorn?"

"Estel earlier today, now it is Aragorn."

"How odd," Arwen replied. "Well, you seem to have a good heart, and are very handsome, but somehow you just do not have what Legolas has."

"And what is that, may I ask?"

"Aragorn, just look at him! Do you even have to ask? Well, you probably do not see what I see. You are a man, after all. I have not seen Legolas since he and I were children and he has definitely changed for the better. Just look at him, Aragorn, is he not gorgeous?" she repeated.

"Yes, of course," Aragorn mumbled angrily under his breath. "He is just gorgeous…"

"Any Elleth, or woman for that matter, would fall in love with him instantly from the moment they saw him. I know I did."

"Arwen," Aragorn replied, "you told me you could not fall in love that fast."

"Well, Legolas is the exception. Sorry. So get over it, Aragorn. You and will always be friends."

Aragorn was very hurt. "I am not so sure I want to be your friend, Arwen."

Arwen just looked nonchalantly at him and shrugged her shoulders.

Legolas finally had a moment to get into this conversation. He was feeling very unsettled about this whole thing. "Wait a minute," he interrupted, "do I have a say in this?"

"No Legolas, you do not," she answered firmly. "I will be taking you with me when I leave. You would like that, would you not? To spend eternity with me?"

Legolas started laughing at Arwen and couldn't stop. He thought perhaps she was jesting. "What? You are demented if you think I would actually go anywhere with you, much less spend my life with you."

Aragorn was at a loss for words. He couldn't believe she was actually saying this about Legolas…and himself. And that she actually meant it. "Legolas is a warrior and a very strong and intelligent Elf, my Lady Arwen. He has pride and dignity. You cannot just force him go with you and love you. You cannot make him feel what he does not! That is kidnapping and brain-washing!" he angrily yelled at her.

Arwen looked at him with a glint of evil in her eye. Or was that lust? She was frighteningly determined. "Oh, can I not? I am also strong, smart, and extremely fast. I am good with weapons as well. I think I can take care of Legolas. And kidnapping and brain-washing? I have no problem with that."

. "He is not a doll to be toyed with!"

Arwen smiled at him deviously. "Yes he is, Aragorn."

Aragorn couldn't believe that this was the woman he had fallen for. He was a little relieved that he hadn't let it go any further. And then again, no, he still really wanted her for himself.

"Arwen?" Legolas asked with contempt in his voice.

"Yes, Legolas, my love?" she asked him sweetly.

"I do not know where you got this insane notion that I love you in your head, because I do not…"

"Well, Legolas. I do not care," she rudely interrupted him. "You will learn to. I will make you learn…I mean, help you to learn."

Legolas looked at her incredulously. "This is insane," he mumbled. "I think I will leave now." He grabbed his pack from his horse, gave her one angry glare, and headed for the entrance of Elrond's Palace. Arwen grabbed his tunic and pulled him back. He could not believe Lord Elrond's daughter could be like this. What had they been teaching her in Lothlorien and by whom? He really did not want to know. Then he tried to get on his horse, and she yanked him down. She had been visiting with Aragorn this whole time never even once taking her eyes away from the young Ranger. Poor Legolas was extremely frustrated and angry with this particular Elleth. "That is enough, Arwen," he stated vehemently as he quickly tried to make it to a side door which was closer than the front entrée way.

He made it about three steps, when Arwen grabbed him by his long hair and pulled him back to her side, again. "Where do you think you are going, my young Ellon? You know I am older than you, and you should do as your elders bid, is that not so?" she asked Legolas, with her hand still wrapped in his hair. "And I bid you stay here."

Legolas grunted as he yanked his hair away from her. "I never did as I was bade by my elders when I was young, nor do I now. What makes you think I would obey you? If you were not an Elleth, Arwen, and not Lord Elrond's daughter, you would not be standing there, you would be on the ground, unconscious," he spat at her. I also do not like older Ellyth."

"Well," she replied, " I am not that much older than you, so that should not be a problem."