He is Mine Now

author: rosethorn59

Unwanted Trip

Disclaimer on chapter 1

This chapter is full of torture, I just thought I should give a warning.


"Ok, then the male elf it is. I think you'll like this game, elf. Shall we get started?"

Two Orcs untied him from the tree, and Legolas used this opportunity to try and escape them. With no weapon to fight with, he had to use his body to protect himself and overcome them.

He slammed one in the head with a backhand, and cracked his head up against a tree. He kicked the one behind him with his foot, right in the ribs, and that one went down yelling, holding his ribs and moaning. Legolas kicked him in the side. Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw another behind him and swept his leg around, knocking him off his feet. He turned around, kicked him several times, and stomped on him; then crashed his head into the nearest tree. He looked up again in fright. A lot of them were headed his way. It was time to run.

He dodged in and out amongst the trees, then tried to climb one to get away from them. As he started climbing, one of the nasty orcs grabbed his legs and pulled him down. "Gggrrr!" Legolas growled as he hit the ground, the orc flipped him around then held a knife to his throat, drawing some blood. Legolas gagged at the rank and horrible smell of the evil creature.

"I wouldn't be going anywhere if I were you. We already have some ideas for some lovely sport. You wouldn't want to miss that. Would you like to make it more? Well, there will probably be lots more, anyway, and you'll have no choice in that," the orc said, grinning and showing his ugly, yellow, rotting held Legolas tightly against him to prevent another attempt at flight from the elf.

The evil creature ripped off his tunic with the help of a knife, nicking Legolas a couple of times, and smiling sadistically as he did so. He led him to a tree, facing it, and tied his hands very tightly around it. Legolas was shaking. His heart was pounding and his breathing was rapid enough to cause hyperventilation. He was sweating profusely, just terrified at the punishment and pain that he knew was coming his way. The orcs all came around to witness, hoping to join in on the fun.

"Legolas!" Arwen yelled. "Are you alright?" "Arwen, be quiet, I'm kind of busy here." "Were you going to leave me, my love?" "No, of course not. I was just looking for an opportunity to save you, after I got away. And don't call me that!"

"Ok, then, back to the game boys and girls," he leered at them, smiling at them knowing just how painful this would be.

How about every time the she-elf, says one word, he gets a whipping. Doesn't that sound like fun?" All of the Orcs were standing around them and laughing. Everyone there knew she was annoying and talked a lot. Unfortunately, Legolas knew that, too. 'Oh, Valar, please help me through this.'

"Don't worry, my pet, I won't let anything happen to you," Arwen promised, looking sadly at him. His eyes grew wide in fright

. Whoosh, crack!

Whoosh, crack!

Whoosh, crack!

Whoosh, crack!

He had eleven in all and he was angry with Arwen around his hissing, moaning, yelling...pain. He knew she wasn't done, yet. He already didn't know if he could take anymore. 'Please Elbereth help me!'

"Are you alright, my love?"

His eyes went wide…"no!"

Whoosh crack!

Whoosh, crack!

Whoosh, crack!

Whoosh, crack!

"I'm sorry."

He received two more, exhausted and in excruciating couldn't just moan and yell, anymore...now he was screaming. And all of the orcs were laughing at his expense.

"Does your woman never stop talking because she likes it, or is she physically unable to stop?" Legolas' tormenter asked him.

Legolas kept his mouth shut, in hopes that Arwen would stay quiet.

Whoosh, crack!

Legolas wasn't ready for that one. He sharply inhaled, shaking.

"Listen when I'm talking to you, boy! Pay attention!"

Legolas slowly turned his head to glare at the orc behind him. "She talks a lot because she likes to. And she may be physically unable to stop," he said unwillingly to the orc.

The orc was not going to let this slip by. He was going to take advantage of this. "Hey, elf!" he yelled at Arwen. "Your friend here just said you can't stop talking because you are unable to!" he grinned and chuckled in his nasty voice.


"NO!" Legolas yelled.


By this time Legolas was becoming so weak with all the burning, stinging pain, he was close to passing out. He was covered with lash marks, cuts and lots of bruises. Blood trickled down his blood soaked back, and dripped onto the ground; and on his leggings, causing them also to become blood soaked. He was so dizzy, he finally passed out, his head falling to his chest, his red-tinted blonde hair covering his face.

"Well, I guess we've had enough now, for this round." He untied Legolas and let him fall to the ground. Then picked him up and tossed him to Arwen. "Here's your friend. He's all yours for now."

Arwen glared and growled at him. Then she turned to Legolas. "Oh, I'm so sorry, my love. I wish I could have done something for you. If I could get you out of here, I would take good care of you."

"You've helped and done enough for me already, Arwen. I don't need any more of it. Please go away and leave me alone," Legolas whispered to her, barely awake.

"Hey over there! I need two waterskins , one for him and one for me!" One hit her in the head, and the other hit Legolas in the back. He moaned, and she glared. "That was not nice, don't ever do that again!" Arwen yelled at the orcs. They just grinned and chuckled at her as usual.

She looked around on the ground for the two waterskins, found them and took a big drink from one of them. Then she opened the other, and poured it onto Legolas' front and back a little at a time and dabbed it with her cloak, until most of the blood was gone. "Thank goodness that is over, I'm getting blood on my cloak..eww."

After a short while, a couple of orcs approached them, tying them to trees once again. Legolas groaned as his raw, sore back rubbed the bark of the tree he was secured to. Nevertheless, he glared and spat at them. He immediately was beaten. He expected that, but his act made him smile, nonetheless. For that, he received another punch in the stomach.

"I want the answers to some questions from both of you, and if I don't get what I want, you will both be beaten to within an inch of your lives. Or maybe I should say beaten to death," he sneered. He held up an axe to verify his sincerity.

Legolas just stared into his eyes, and Arwen just looked at him innocently with her big brown eyes. "What would you like to know?" she asked.

"I need to know who you are and where you come from," he demanded.

"Why would you want to know that, scum?" Legolas asked him, still staring. He got another backhand which he expected. He grabbed Legolas' hair and pulled it back, putting a knife to his throat. " Female, I will beat him to death as I said before. Talk!"

Legolas just had to say something. "You would beat me to death with a knife?"

"Shut up, you!"

"Is that all you want to know? No problem. My friend is Prince Legolas Thranduilion. He's the son of king Thranduil the ruler of Mirkwood."

Legolas gave her the most evil glare he could muster. He gave the orc a blank stare, then looked away. "Well, how interesting. Hey fellas! We've got us a prince here! There was lots of howling and laughing in the background then. Legolas trembled in fear. Now that they knew who he was, there would be no end to the torment they would put him through. Why did Arwen do that to him? "Just wait until later, Legolas…" the orc grinned.

"Now who is your lady friend, Prince!" He looked around him with anger in his eyes. Then he looked at Arwen and grinned, and she looked at him with fear. She shook her head, and he glared at her with daggers in his eyes. "This is Lady Arwen Undomiel, only daughter of the Lord Elrond of Imladris. Her father would do anything for her I'm sure. I'll bet she's worth her weight in gold. He has a fortune in money and power."

"Well. that will come in very handy to know. Now we have two important hostages to ransom off. How delightful." He grinned at them, backhanded Legolas again, turned around and headed back to his comrades to convey the news.

"How could you DO that, Arwen!?"

"Well, at least they won't kill us," she sweetly said to him.

"Regardless, they will be harsher on us, and they will torture me even more. Is that what you want? A shredded Legolas?"

"Of course not, my love!"

"Quit saying that!"

Arwen looked at him sweetly, almost lustfully. "Do you know how cute you are when you're angry?"

"Arwen, go talk to some squirrels or something and leave me alone," he said to her, trying to keep his temper in check.

He glared at her, then started tugging wildly against his bonds...anything to escape her. He gave up after a while, having injured himself worse. He looked straight ahead, anything to avoid looking at her.

Legolas hadn't noticed the two orcs coming up behind him. They quickly released him from the tree and re-tied his hands in front of him.

Another orc was untying Arwen and tied her hands in front of her, as well.

"Where are we going!?" Legolas asked scornfully, as the two of them were pulled towards the horses.

"Where are you taking us?"

"We were going to haul you to Mordor, but the plan has changed, scum," he sneered at them. "You are a valuable pair, worth power and treasure as you said. So we are going to Rivendell, instead. You had better be right about this or you will find out what true pain and despair really are all about."

"Eventually we will go to Mirkwood to visit the king.

Let's see what we can get.. besides death. You can count on that. If we don't get what we want, you will be the one to die, Elf." Legolas received another evil leer from him. Also a few punches in the stomach and face, another beloved backhand and a kick in the back. That one really hurt so he suddenly inhaled out of surprise and agony. It made it difficult to stand upright for a while. It ached terribly and left him near tears.

"That's a taste of what you'll get if this doesn't work out!"

"No!" pleaded Arwen, "Please don't hurt him, again."

The orc hit him again just to annoy Arwen. "Keep your mouth shut, elf!"

When they reached the horses, each of them had a horse..to follow. Legolas had a collar placed around his neck, with a rope leash to lead him along and was attached to one of the horses..

Arwen's hands were in front and she was attached to a rope by which she was pulled along.

Legolas was growling and trying to get away, but of course to no avail. So he just stood there passively waiting for the inevitable.

Arwen was so angry, she felt like yelling at the disgusting orcs.

Every now and again, they were jerked and yanked forward. Usually on purpose. The nasty orcs wanted to give them a little scare now and then.

It didn't take very long for Arwen to get boiling mad. She started whining and wouldn't stop. Then she starting yelling. "'This is going to ruin my dress, it's so muddy! How about that cave over there? We could stay there until it's not quite so muddy," she started whining again. "My feet and legs are tired of walking. I'm not going another step!" she yelled at them. She was very determined. She sat down right there in the mud. "Eww!" The horses stopped and two Orcs jumped down. They tried to pick her up, but she was strong and wouldn't budge. "Ah!" she screamed and whined. "No, I'm not...not! You can't make me!"

An orc looked at her with cruel resignation. He got off his horse, wanting to pummel her so much, but didn't. Instead, he picked her up and put her on his horse. When he got back on, he tied her hands to the pommel.

"Much better," she sighed.

Legolas got no such "decent" treatment, and remained tied and in the collar. He yanked on it and plodded and tripped over the mud clumps. He tried to look at Arwen, who was on the horse behind him. "Arwen, do you think if I act all weak, whine-y, and girly like you just did that I could get a ride, too?" He asked her sarcastically.

"No, they really don't like you, Legolas. So don't do anything to upset them. I need you beautiful like you are now. Not any worse! Your hair is already getting muddy and you have blood on you. It's going to take some work to heal you, and fix you up. But that is ok, my love, we will have all the time in the world together, remember, once we get out of here. And you know, once we get away from these orcs, then I get you, so you'll have double the fun!"

"Fun!?" When does the fun start, Arwen? I am NOT having any fun...only pain! Get away from me, Arwen."

"Not a chance, my love….unfortunately I can't, though, even as much as I'd like to get to you."

Legolas hung his head down, and sighed very heavily. "I want my Adar," he spoke quietly.

"You want your daddy?" an orc tried to egg him on.

"My FATHER if you must know! Shut up!"

Legolas immediately regretted that remark. He knew you don't yell at, make fun of, or make them angry.

"Shut up? Shut up?!" Legolas was punched in the face, punched and kicked in his stomach which made him breathe heavier and faster. His eyes were wide which he couldn't help; but he tried very hard to fight his fear and excruciating pain. He tried.

They continued their 'fun' and they kneed him in the gut, which made Legolas bend over in agony. Immediately he grabbed his leash and pulled himself up. Then he was kicked behind the knees, to knock him down. He choked and pulled himself up, again. Then a particularly ugly orc kept tripping him to make him fall. As he fell he was terrified he would strangle. Legolas grimaced at him and looked at him with murder in his blue eyes. So the orc tripped him again, grinning at his captive as he fell. Legolas choked as the orc did it once again. He was slipping in the mud and couldn't get up, so he started choking and gagging. He was being dragged along by the horse, and couldn't get up. He was desperate and terrified. He did not want to die this way. The orc just stood there laughing. …...


They found a small clearing in the woods where they could stay for the day...so no more tormenting Legolas for the time being.

The orcs lit their fire and unpacked all their equipment and set up camp, rambling on and on about nothing, so it seemed to the two captives, with their gruff, gravelly screechy voices. A fight broke out which the orcs were always ready to watch. They knew one would die, which would supply their dinner.

Both Legolas and Arwen looked away in disgust.

The loser was dragged away for the time being.

One of the creatures untied Arwen, gently helped her down from the horse. She was led to the fire and they gave her a blanket. She curled up with with her cloak and the blanket near the fire, sighing and quickly falling to sleep.

In the meantime, Legolas was untied from the horse. After they got him off the ground where he was strangling, they dragged him until they managed to get him up, and made sure he was sturdy enough to walk very far. Then another ugly beast grabbed him by his beloved collar and leash. Several orcs helped him tie the elf very securely to a tree, facing it, and wrapped his leash around it as well. "Now learn to enjoy your tree. "It's your home for the next day or two."

Two orcs grabbed their whips out of their packs, and approached Legolas. "This is just for the fun of it for our Princeling of Mirkwood." Legolas threw his nastiest glare at them, but they couldn't see him. 'It was just as well' Legolas thought.

The nasty creatures took turns whipping him, so Legolas had no respite from it. It was constant and he knew he could not take very much of this. He tried to hold his pain in for a while, then he could no longer. He heart was racing unbearably fast, his breathing was far too fast as well. He could barely breathe because of it. Blood was everywhere. It felt as if they were not missing a spot on his back, legs and arms. He then started yelling and screaming, over and over.

Orcs surrounded him, and started beating him from every direction, pounding, punching and kicking him in any uninjured spot they could find. They hit him so hard, that he was sure he had one or two broken ribs. He was so overwhelmed with all the torture, that he couldn't think straight. His pain was agonizing.

They beat Legolas to a pulp. 'Help me' was all he could think of at the moment.

can I have a couple of tries..ha ha! Go away you two, you're too weird." She sighed when Legolas stopped screaming, and thanked her brothers for leaving.

Legolas was barely aware of it when someone untied him, sat him down, and re-tied him to the tree, removing his collar and leash. He was in misery, almost in shock, and was aware that he would lose consciousness soon. At least he hoped so. He had to get out of here. They were killing him, and he would never make it there alive. He wanted to do something for his broken ribs, but of course he couldn't. He couldn't even put his arm around it to support it and perhaps make it feel a little bit better. He hung his head in misery, his back rubbing against his extremely raw skin. After their enjoyment of torturing Legolas, the orcs headed over to the fire for their meal of their ex-companion. The smell was awful, and it almost made Legolas sick.

Arwen awoke and yawned from her wonderful night's sleep. She looked at Legolas with a smile on her face. "How are you, my love? Did you have a good sleep? "Oh, they tied you to a tree, so I guess they're not trusting you?"

Legolas looked up at her in his agonizing misery. "How did you do that girly thing, again?" he asked her almost seriously.

She walked over to him and sat down next to him. "Legolas, your front is all beaten and bloody. I guess the rest of you is, too?"

"Yes, Arwen, you are so right," he snarled at her; leering, narrowing his eyes at her. Legolas started to whine in misery.

"More whining, Legolas? We need to get you home as soon as possible to start healing you."

"Oh, Rivendell," he sighed and smiled through his aching, painful body.

"Legolas, you have some bruises, smudges , and blood on your face. Did you fall before you got hurt? You have a large bruise around your neck. Oh, Legolas, your whole front is covered with lash marks, cuts, and more bruises, especially around your ribs. What happened?"

"I have a couple of broken ribs, if you must know, Arwen."

"They haven't even wrapped them up for you."

"They're interested in putting the wounds there, not taking care of them afterwards.

" "These wounds are all over you! I told them bruises and marks were not allowed. Or any of the other torture as well."

"Arwen, orcs don't usually do as they're told. Sorry."

An orc noticed Arwen sitting with Legolas, just chatting. That made him furious. He stalked over to them, grabbed Arwen and pulled her from off the ground. He hauled her to another tree and tied her up. "Legolas, I can't help you now…" she said to him as the orc grinned and growled at her. He walked away, glancing back at her on the way to his evil friends who were sitting around the crackling, snapping fire making plans for that night, eating the disgusting leftovers from the previous day.

'Maybe they'll all get sick and die from it,' Legolas thought, hopefully.

Arwen heaved from the horrible odor and Legolas took very slow breaths trying to keep himself from doing the same thing.

The Orcs saw them and laughed hilariously. One of them picked up part of a foot and carried it to them. "Hungry?" he asked them to hopefully get another reaction.

They looked away from him and the disgusting foot. "Would you like to join us for dinner? Legolas and Arwen ignored him. Are you sure? I could make you enjoy that foot, or an arm I'm chewing on right now. Any volunteers? No? You're missing a great meal. That's all you'd be getting, anyway." He walked back towards the fire and threw a waterskin back at them over his shoulder. Unfortunately, it whizzed past Legolas' tree and landed behind it. He had no way to reach it and neither did Arwen. Obviously the orc hadn't planned on giving it to them.

Arwen looked sadly at Legolas, and Legolas was staring at the orcs.

"Are you alright, Legolas? Have you had anything to eat or drink since you've been here?"

"No, Arwen, I haven't, if you must know."

Legolas looked around the camp. Some vile creatures were still eating, some were getting drowsy and falling asleep. The rest were visiting around the campfire.

"Arwen, we have to get away. We have to escape these orcs."

"But how?" Arwen was so frightened of trying to run if they did get free, but especially for Legolas. He was badly injured and might not make it very far and they'd capture the two of them, again, and beat Legolas even more. She couldn't bare that happening to her love

. "I have an idea, Arwen. Just pretend that you're asleep. I'll do the rest. Don't draw any attention to yourself, alright?"

"Alright, I'll do my best."

Legolas tried to look very sleepy, which wasn't very difficult. He was so nervous about any of them seeing him and what he was doing. He was shaking and very frightened of being caught. But he couldn't afford to panic now.

The elf started rubbing his wrists against the rough bark of the tree. He didn't understand why he hadn't thought of this before. It made him feel rather embarrassed. When he finally separated his wrists, they were worse than before;. torn, raw and bleeding from the bark. Then he rubbed the rope that attached him to the tree. He sighed in relief after he severed that one, too. Now what should they do to escape? He guessed that he had to get Arwen out of there as well.

"Arwen," he whispered and she turned to look at him. He held up the severed ropes and grinned. She smiled back at him.

Both Legolas and Arwen looked around at the orcs to make sure none had seen them. Legolas got up very slowly and carefully to try to not get their attention. He walked behind the trees to Arwen, and cut her bonds. Then he pulled her up by her hand, looked around one more time, then they headed for the forest walking slowly and very quietly at first. Then they picked up their speed, just praying they wouldn't be caught or missed for a good long while. They finally slowed to catch their breath but kept walking.

"Legolas, thank you for rescuing me."

" I would have done it for anyone. Unlike you, I am an honorable elf with a conscience."

"But thank you nevertheless, Legolas. That is one of the things I like about you; since we were children. That makes you so perfect. I always knew you cared about me,...and this proves it."

"Arwen, are you trying to tell me that you think I saved you because I love you!?"

"Well, yes. Of course. Why else? You said you didn't love me, but why else would you help me?"

"No Arwen, I don't love you or ever will. Ok? Do you understand that? She grinned at him, but he didn't see her.

"Well. Arwen, I thought that maybe since that situation is over, we could head home, now, don't you think? Well, to Rivendell, anyway. I don't even have my horse, wouldn't you know."

"I'll go find him for us," she sweetly answered him.


"What were you planning on doing, Legolas? Just walking back to Rivendell?"

"Well, I was, but now I'm thinking about running back." He was very uneasy about Arwen and what she had in mind.

"No you don't, Legolas," she said with her vicious evil-eyed grin.

Legolas looked at her in puzzlement, a little fear accompanying it." Your brothers will be looking for you, and I'll bet Estel is coming as well."

"Yes, that's why we have to get away quickly, my love."


Yes, of course." "I'll have to hide you good so they can't find us," she smiled at him, seductively. "After all, you are mine."

"Fear was quickly taking the place of the relief he had felt moments before. Legolas quickly backed up. "You keep those boots away from me!" he yelled at her.

Then he turned and ran into the forest as quickly as he could. He was flying, holding his ribs for support, and turned around to see how close Arwen was. She wasn't following him? She wasn't even in sight. But he knew her and knew she was up to something. He just kept running as fast as he could.

It was almost night. The skies and clouds looked pink and orange. The yellow hues all around him made the forest glow yellow. It was beautiful, and the woods smelled strongly of pine. But he did not have time to enjoy it. He had to keep running to get as far away from her as he could.

His running finally slowed and then stopped altogether. He was exhausted. He hated to stop even for a short while, but he desperately needed rest. He chose a tree that he thought she could never find him in. He was leaving very little trace for her to find the elf she wanted to claim. That would NEVER happen to him, he was extremely determined about that.

The tree had lots of leaf-covered branches. If she was coming, she would go right on by him. So he thought he would spend the night in it watching for her. He climbed up to the crook of the tree and found a comfortable spot. He kept a sharp eye out for her. His throat was parched and he desperately needed some water to slake his thirst. 'Tomorrow' he thought.

He comfortably laid there for a short while, then sat up, surprised. His weapons! He had completely forgotten them in their attempt to escape the orcs. How could he do that? He never did that! He really hoped he could make it to Imladris without anything but his fighting skills to protect himself. He leaned back against the tree again, his heart still pounding, but he knew he could make it ok. He would miss his weapons very much, though.

Legolas calmed down and started getting sleepy. But he knew he couldn't sleep. She could show up here at any time. However he hadn't slept in several days and he couldn't help it, so he unfortunately fell sound asleep. A short while later, he felt something touch him and tried to brush it away. It touched him again, and this time he opened his eyes from his deep healing sleep. Arwen was lying right next to him, playing with his hair.

She gave him a very sweet smile. "Hi Legolas, are you ready to go back with me, yet?"

Legolas was so surprised he backed away and fell out of the tree. That was embarrassing; something he had never done before.

He got up and started running again. This time she chased him, caught him and pushed him down. She took quick advantage of it, and pulled his arms back behind him, tied them, and gagged him. The she tied his feet., picked him up, and carefully lifted him over her shoulder. Legolas was so angry, but all that really came out was a muffled growl.

"It's time to go to our new home, Legolas. It's a big cabin. I think you will like it very much but we must hurry, though, before my brothers catch up with us,"...then it started sprinkling. …


Meanwhile in Rivendell

Horses could be heard, many horses, heading toward Imladris. They were moving very quickly. and would be there with their mounts very soon.

Elrond heard them, left his library and walked down the corridor. He went outside to see who their new guests were, and to give them a warm, welcome greeting.

To Elrond's surprise, it was king Thranduil and his soldiers, who slowed down as they approached.

Thranduil, however, kept coming. He climbed off his horse, and jumped on Elrond. He started pounding him over and over, punching him with a very puzzled look from Elrond.

"My Lord, what is wrong? What have I done to incur your wrath so?" he asked Thranduil, very confused.

"You know exactly what you've done. You've accused my son of something he'd never do. He never has done anything so terrible and he never would. I know my son. He has a very good heart and wouldn't hurt anyone."

"Well, I don't know, Thranduil…" Elrond started to defend his daughter, but he got punched again.

Elrond was getting very tired of the abuse, so he hit Thranduil back repeatedly. They were now both sparring and soon both of them were black and blue.

Elrond helped him up so they could go in the Last Homely House to clean up

. "This still isn't over, Elrond."

"I know."