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NOTE: 'Copper Rose' is the name of the color of Yahiro's eyes (according to the site of 'Name that Color').

.White Snow.

A fleeting snowflake drifted from below the grey sky, swaying back and forth as it slowly glided with the cold wind. It was a thin, tiny snowflake, but it was all that was reflected on her blossom-hued eyes.

Yamamoto Megumi sat in one of the benches in the almost empty park, her head arched towards the dim heavens from where the pieces of snowflakes crawled down. Her left hand held the small notebook where she wrote the lyrics that her mind sung whereas her right hand that had stopped from writing clasped a silver pen. She had been sitting in the park, seeking for an inspiration for a new song. But when she had randomly turned to the skies, all her attention was stolen away by the white snow.

For a moment, she ignored the coldness breezing past her, the small clouds coming from her short breathes, the people passing by to escape the wintriness of the city; all of them were forgotten. For a moment, she trapped herself in a solitary silence.

Her eyes followed the snowflake that caught her whole attention as it slowly reached the earth where she patiently waited. It drifted, left and right, back and forth.

For some silly reasons, that white bit of snow reminded her much of a certain lad; that lad whose hair was the same hue as the fleeting sakura petals that had bidden its farewell days ago from the branch that held them steadily for a season.

'Yahiro is like the snow.' She heard the silent voice in her mind spoke. The snowflake drifted, left and right, back and forth.

Why the snow…? Why Yahiro?

Perhaps, it was because, when the snow came, it brought along coldness. It brought along dim skies that made the flowers, the leaves, and everything else hid. But with that coldness came warmth; with that coldness, everyone hugged in the warmth they grumbled of under the summer sun.

The snow… was like Yahiro, who chose to have his special someone step a distance, tuck herself away from him, and turn into the arms of another person's friendship instead of his. Yahiro was like the snow, that would always bestow coldness, just to disperse away later on, in order to give way for the sunlight's wanted warmth.

The snowflake continued to drift, left and right, back and forth. Meters by meters, second by second, it neared her. As soon as it was a head away from her, she unconsciously lifted her hand, gently dropping the pen on her notebook. It was soon on her eye level, and it continued to drift, left and right, back and forth.

Left and right, back and forth, and then, down on her palm. The coldness of the snowflake prickled on her skin.

Despite the coldness, she was rather thankful that she had forgotten to wear her gloves that day. She continued to stare at the bit of the white snow sitting on her equally cold palm as the snowflake---


A glove-covered hand blocked her view of the snowflake as it placed itself on top of her palm. She was definitely sure that the snowflake which she had unwearyingly watched to drift (left and right, back and forth it went) had already melted the moment the warmth of the hand touched hers. With lips twitching, she averted her gaze to the face of the owner of the hand. Why, it was none other than the snow-like lad. And that snow-like lad had just to be the same person as the annoying brat. He just had to mess up her silent trance, didn't he?

The snow begun to continuously fall as Saiga Yahiro stood in front of her while she remained sitting on the bench. Now that she was snapped from her trance, Megumi felt the coldness back in full blast.

Despite the gloves that he wore, Megumi could still feel the warmth coming from him as his hand remained atop hers (she briefly wondered whether if it was because he was really warm or if she was just too cold). His eyes were set downcast towards her as he looked at her for a moment before deciding to break the serene scene with his trademark smirk.

"I didn't know that the Yamamoto family was facing such troubles."

As he lifted his hand, Megumi felt the warmth go away as well. She was about to ask what he was doing there and what he meant by his words, when her eyes noticed the 1000 yen bill on her palm.

Her brows furrowed in confusion for a second before they furrowed deeper in annoyance.

He was making a joke out of her. Out of her hand. Her hand that waited oh so patiently for the snowflake. The snowflake which she dared to compare to him. To him. HIM. The annoying brat.

In her infuriated silence, Yahiro chuckled; she gaped at him with disbelief and aggravation.

"What?" He placed that fake innocent smile on his face and couldn't help but let another chuckle escape from his lips before he continued. "Here I am, the great Saiga Yahiro, lending a hand to you, and all you do in return is glare angrily at me?"

Megumi stared at him, deadpanned; her hand was still in the same position as she waited for Yahiro to get the money back.

"Well," Yahiro looked at her with an amused expression written on his face, "since it seems that that amount of money wouldn't satisfy you-" Megumi was surprised when his hand clasped hers again. "-you can work for some more by entertaining me."

Megumi's face become more sour at his joke, although she clearly knew that what he probably was trying to say was that it was too stupid of her to be sitting out in the cold, specially when it was already beginning to snow. How was people supposed to understand his motives when his language was like that? As she was about to retort, he begun to drag her; Megumi had to do her best to keep her things from falling upon his abrupt movement.

Hand in hand, they quickly walked out of the park, with Yahiro leading the way and Megumi silently following him. Their breathes formed small clouds that vanished as quickly as it appeared. Watching his back, Megumi thought about the snow and how she connected it to Yahiro. Because right now, Yahiro did not seem anything like the snowflake that she watched moments ago. Right now, his hand was warm. Right now, he was not shunning her away. Right now, he was there, his hand clasping hers.

Megumi's eyes softened as she remembered that for Yahiro, she was special. Maybe not in a romantic way (for now), but she was special in front of his eyes, nonetheless.

But on the back of her mind, Megumi couldn't help but still think, that Yahiro was like the snow. This moment with him, like the snowflake, was fleeting; anytime, it could go and drift away from her, leaving her with nothing but a lingering cold upon her hands.


Moments later, Megumi found herself inside a café, with Yahiro teasing her about how it would be better for her to do the begging stuff in a crowded area than in an isolated park. Perhaps, she was wrong on comparing him to a snowflake? Because right now, the perfect metaphor for Yahiro was the word 'snowstorm.' Troublesome, annoying, quite a handful and something that would definitely engrave on one's memory. Yeah, maybe Yahiro was more of a snowstorm than a snowflake.

.Copper Rose.

Aki: I don't know if I was clear about it in the story, but Yahiro was making fun of Megumi because Megumi's hand was lifted as if she was posing like a beggar (not that I have anything against beggars). Hmm… I know this fic is very wrong seasoned. Using a snow-theme during the summer… Anyway, this was very random. Well, like I said, this is going to be a series of one shots so there's going to be other chapters with random YahiMegu stories. Were they OOC??? (gets paranoid) Review?