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Pairings: Harry/Severus, past Ron/Hermione.

Warning: Male homosexual relationships, fluff, slight angst.

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It's My Life.

It's my life
It's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just wanna live while I'm alive

Harry looked at the robe cautiously; it didn't look like it was anything out of the ordinary. It didn't look like a robe Draco would have in his wardrobe. It looked too plain and simple to be owned by Lord Malfoy.

"Is this what you were looking for?" When Draco nodded Harry asked another question. "And it's yours?"

Draco just ignored him. "Mother bought it for me about five years ago, when my grandmother was still alive. She was having a small get together; I think it was a garden party. She knew that if I had been the one to choose the outfit it would have been too ostentatious and so she bought me that as a surprise a week before.

"I was going to get rid of it after the party but I decided not to. I can't remember why. It was probably so I wouldn't hurt mother's feelings. You can keep the robe if you like."

Harry looked at the robe again. It looked quite nice really; it just wasn't something he would usually buy for himself. It looked too expensive and tailor made, but h was desperate here and was willing to do anything. "I'll try it on."

The robe fitted him perfectly. But he still wasn't sure. "Don't you think the colour's a bit wrong for me?" Harry asked, he didn't want to offend Draco but the robe wasn't really to his colouring.

"It looks fine!" The blonde insisted, he moved forward and smoothed out a few wrinkles before stepping back with a pleased smile. "Better than fine, even, it looks great."

"I'll be a laughing stock! I look like I'm going to a party at Hogwarts and want to show off my house. I look like a Slytherin, and a very proud one at that. A snake that insists on only wearing these colourings."

"Well, you did once tell me that the Sorting Hat-"

Harry cut Draco off mid sentence, "Yes, but I don't want everyone to know that!"

"And why not? What is wrong with being a Slytherin?"

"Nothing," Harry placated soothingly. "I just don't need that kind of attention from the media right now, I'm trying to stay below the radar."

Draco sighed for what felt like the hundredth time that evening, "It's either this robe or nothing at all. I'm not sure how everyone will react to you turning up naked. I'm sure a lot of people would quite like it." The blonde knew that his godfather would be quite agreeable to the show for all of sixty seconds before realising that it wasn't just him getting the show. He would then cover Harry with his cloak and take him home. Draco didn't want to think about what would occur after that. The particular image made him shudder.

Harry nodded and put the robes on. They fitted him perfectly and didn't look too bad really.

"I'm sorry Draco, I've been a right git," he said to his friend moving to stand in front of him, he placed a hand on the others arm. "Thank you for helping me. I don't know what I would have done without you."

Draco shook his head. "Don't worry, just try and have a good time, okay."

The saviour of the wizarding world rushed out a quick, "I'll see you soon." Before leaving.

Harry flooed back to Severus' house and stood in the living room, waiting for his friend to ready himself for the Ministry Ball.

He didn't understand why, but he was feeling rather nervous about tonight, whether it was because he would have to face a roomful of people, who would no doubt want to talk to him about The Final Battle. Or because there was a possibility that they would start asking about the breakdown of his relationship with Ginny, he wasn't sure. But just thinking about it made his head hurt again and his palms sweaty.

He checked his watch for the tenth time, before running a hand through his hair. What was taking Severus so long?

He paced up and down, if he paced one more time this week he would have to buy Severus a new rug. Why did he care so much about what they were all saying? If he knew the truth and the people who mattered to him knew, then why did it matter to him what everybody else thought?

He hadn't seen Molly or Arthur since the split, but Ron had assured him that they didn't care. They still loved him as if he was their son; he knew that sooner or later he would have to pluck up the courage to visit them. If he didn't get a move on they would think he was being rude.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he heard footsteps approaching.

Severus knew he was keeping Harry waiting and that was wrong of him, but for the first time in years he was actually making an effort with his appearance. He had washed his hair with a special concoction that would mean it was protected from potions ingredients and fumes so it would take longer to become greasy.

He knew that the students said things about him behind his back he wasn't stupid or deaf, he could hear them most of the time. So he had decided to make a change and wash his hair more often, but he had noticed that even then it wasn't very clean and this was because of the exposure to potions.

The new robe he had bought fight him perfectly, Madame Malkin had said that he looked "fetching" which was the nearest thing to a compliment he had heard in years.

It was probably silly to do all these things; it was most likely too late after all the years of not looking after himself. Nevertheless all of it wasn't just for Harry. Yes, he wanted the man to notice him and see him as more than just a reliable friend. But he was doing it for himself, too. He was sick and tired of feeling unhandsome and ignored.

He sighed, this was the best he could do, and put his wand in its holder up his sleeve. He shut the door to his rooms and made his way down the stairs.

Severus pushed the door open and his breath caught at the vision that was standing in his living room waiting for him.

The amazing creature was wearing a robe that was so dark a green that it was nearly black with silver trimmings. It made Harry's gorgeous eyes stand out even more than normal, the form fitting robes colour also highlighted his hair. Severus had never seen anyone look as good in casual robes as Harry did at that moment. It was as if time was standing still, his breathing had slowed down so much that it had nearly stopped altogether.

The beauty calling his name jerked him out of his state of shock and he blinked a few times to clear his vision.

"Well, are you ready to get this over with?" Harry asked him, a small nervous smile on his face.

Severus just nodded; he was not capable of words right now. He walked towards his friend and held his arm out for him before leading him out side and to the apparation point.

He moved through the shadows to get close enough to hear the conversation Harry was having with the youngest Weasley.

Harry looked distressed and Severus hated to watch his friend look that way. He wanted to step out of the shadows and tell the Weaselette (as his godson so lovingly called her) to leave.

"Look. I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about us." Severus couldn't believe what he was hearing; they had been over for nearly two months she wasn't seriously thinking that there was still anything between the two of them.

"What do you mean 'us' there is no 'us' Ginny." He saw Harry try to push past the women but she wouldn't give up and shouted something else equally dim-witted, she obviously thought that it she was persuasive enough she could change Harry's mind.

Harry's calm body language was clear to see, he wasn't going to let Ginny rile him up, she was obviously hoping for him to feel something for her even if it was anger. Maybe she thought that she could convince Harry that it was passion.

How could Ginny think that Harry loved her? After everything she had put him through. She still thought that her manipulations of Harry's feelings would work. She was just plain delusional now.

Did she really think that Harry would believe that her love was heartfelt? Well, her love for Harry's Gringotts account was real, but it was the only thing that was. Everything about her was fake.

Severus could see Harry's calm slipping, his infamous temper struggling to break through. It was going to take some conversation to make Ginny see sense. Maybe it was time to get a restraining order, he was sure that Kingsley wouldn't mind fast tracking the request. It was for Harry after all. They were such good friends and the man would do anything for Harry. Severus would be jealous if he hadn't known the man for so long and knew all about the women he had charmed in his younger years. And about the women he charmed now with his Auror muscles and money.

The corners of his lips twitched upwards as Harry said the fateful words, which would have ended any conversation with a normal person: "I don't love you Ginny, I've come to my senses and that's it, I want nothing to do with you. Please just let me get on with my life and try to find the person I am meant to be with. The person who will love me for who I am, not for the scar on my forehead or the money in my bank account."

Ginny still didn't think the conversation was over and Severus sighed wanted to march out of the shadows and shout some sense into the girl. Maybe his sneer would help…

He snorted at the women blatant attempt to make Harry propose. That would never happen. Well, unless Harry hit his head, had amnesia and was obliviated. But he didn't want to give Ginny any ideas.

Harry tried to let her down gently one more time, but if anything it made her angrier, crueler.

All of his attention was fixed on the conversation as Ginny's face turned into a pure mask of anger, face reddening, freckles standing out.

"I don't think you understand what I am saying Harry," she told him in a dangerous voice. "We are meant to be together and we will be together. We will get married, have children and grow old together.

"Because really Harry, who else would want you?"

That really stumped Severus, he watched as Harry floundered so a minute before taking a few steps back as if recoiling from a shock.

His friend must have walked away from the scene as when Severus' head cleared Ginny was standing there looking slightly smug as if she had just accomplished something, chest heaving from the exertion of ruining any friendship she may have been able to salvage with Harry in the future.

Severus couldn't understand how this woman could say these things. Some one who was supposed to love Harry, how could she possibly be so heartless and cruel. Well he knew that her love wasn't real but he had at least thought that she wouldn't go as far as to break Harry's heart. What would she have to gain from that?

He couldn't stand by and watch as the witch got away with saying such disgusting things to his Harry. He stalked out of the shadows and got as close to the women as he dare to get. He looked down at her with loathing clear in his deep black eyes.

"You are the most vile women I have ever set my eyes upon, and I have met quite a few trolls and hags in my time. You need to look at yourself in the mirror and seriously think about whether you are mentally stable.

"How can you treat the person you 'love' with so much distain, even I, who loves few and can't say has truly learnt to understand love yet, can say that you shouldn't act this way towards someone you care for. Not even if you were in a lovers tiff.

"I am going to get in touch with your family and see how they react to it. I have recorded the whole of your conversation with Harry and I think that your mother, father and especially your brother will find it interesting listening material."

He turned to walk away from the stunned witch when something else occurred to him.

"Oh, and to answer your question. I think a lot of people would love to be with Harry Potter, the person you only seem to be able to see. What you don't understand is that there is Harry. A real human being, a person who isn't a superhero and doesn't have extra abilities. He just wants to have what everyone else wants. To find love. Only those who can look past his fame will be able to say that they love Harry."

He sneered at her shocked expression. "You will never be able to do so, your dreams of fame and fortune have addled your brains. You will never find true happiness until you learn to be happy with what you have."

Severus turned away from the redhead and made his way out through the quiet garden towards the apparation point and whispered to the cold night air. "I love Harry for who he really is and if I ever had the chance to be with him, a chance that you foolishly wasted, I would spend a lifetime showing him that he is worthy of affection. I want him for who he is inside and if it's the last thing I ever do, I will show him what true, real, love is.

You better stand tall

When they're calling you out

Don't bend, don't break

Baby, don't back down.