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Chapter 3 :

First steps in the Lions' dent


He was sighing for the nth time since the morning. After the incident of the weekend, everyone had been in ebullition, gossiping like crazy at every turn. He had not been there to witness the event, that Saturday morning, but he had heard about it at least ten times! Worst, he had not been there for more than two hours!

Now, behind his counter, he was watching in distaste as every male in the building was finding one pretext or another to pass through the lobby, in hope to get a peek at the lucky human woman who had caught the attention of their boss so thoroughly. So much so that he had forgotten his distaste for humans for one night of passion. When Takahashi had come in, he had asked Shippo precisely to call him when the woman would come. His boss had a reunion for most of the morning, but he still insisted to be told when she would be there. In itself, it was a proof that Takahashi-sama respected her.

With all the other assistants his father had chosen for him in the past, he had not even thought them worthy enough to be welcome by him personally or really instructed for the work they had to do. They had to figure out what to do by themselves, with some help from the old Kaede, but with this one, it was totally different. The young demon had seen for the first time the eyes of his boss twinkle—yes, twinkle—when speaking about the woman. Normally, when the eyes or face of Sesshomaru expressed something, it was when he was about to destroy the life and or the company of his opponent! So it was really perplexing. The DaiYoukai had, from what he had heard, obtained what he wanted from the girl and usually that meant that he would now ignore her very existence, if not shun her. However, from his comportment, Sesshomaru did not seem like he had finished with the young human yet.

Shippo remembered the woman… after all, she had been the only one human who had came for the interview so it was not difficult to deduce that it was effectively her. But what had more captured the young kitsune's attention was that she had been the only decent one too! It was evident, even for him, that those women were not really there for the job but more to have a chance with the interviewer! That type of women really made him want to throw up!

That girl, though, had been different. She was really beautiful in her own right, in a natural and pure sense, opposed to the vulgar and artificial beauty of the others who had come for the interview too. She had a beautiful melodic voice to complete the picture. He might still be considered as an adolescent in youkai term, but he could still objectively judge as an adult if a woman is pretty or not. She was rather shy from what he had seen of her that day. However, when his friend, Miroku, had taken some liberties with her...posterior...she had transformed before their astonished eyes, in a real wild cat! He had really been surprised.

Shippo had discussed it briefly with Hachi—the other guard who had been in post this weekend. The two of them had come to the same conclusions. That human seemed like a good person. The relations between humans and demons had never been really peaceful. When knowing their real nature, they did not act the same way around youkai. That girl knew that most of the building was only with youkai and didn't seem to mind at all. Shippo thought he had heard her said something about the building been filled with youkai when she had walked to his desk the first time and Hachi had confirmed that she probably could tell they were youkai since, when he had carried her to the car which had driven her home, he had felt her holy powers brushing against him, and to his surprise they weren't aggressive at all. So it was confirmed that she knew about what they were. It further proved that she was different from most humans. Hell, she had passed the night with one of the most powerful DaiYoukai of the world knowing what he was!

Knowing that, the two guards hoped that things would go well between the young woman and their powerful demon Lord of a boss and that his interest wouldn't vanish over night. Hachi had explained in detail what he had observed that Saturday morning, and the interaction between Sesshomaru and the human. Shippo had admit that he was as shocked as his co-worker and friend had been when he heard about it. The kitsune had started to work at Takahashi Inc. around the same time Sesshomaru had taken the control of the company in place of his father and never had he seen or heard about his boss acting that way to anyone. The playful tone, flirting acts, If Shippo was not trusting Hachi, never would he have believed that their boss had acted that way with anyone, much less with a human. Bitches were circling around Sesshomaru like sharks all the time, waiting for the opportunity to drive their claws in their boss, and never had the kitsune seen him grant them more than a passing glance, when they were lucky. So Shippo was crossing his fingers and with Hachi, they had agreed on trying to protect and help the girl, as much as they could. They knew really well that things would be a great deal difficult for her and, even if they couldn't do much, they still wished the best for the poor human.

She was different and in itself, it was a nice change. Usually, it was Takahashi Father who was still in charge to choose the assistant of Sesshomaru. However, the two friends were pretty sure that the criteria of selection had little to do with their curriculum vitae! Either they had given themselves to the father or the younger son, who was able to convince his father about almost anything, or they were "daughters of" and then possessed a good pedigree, richness of wallet, richness of cleavage, but with the intellect of an oyster! Some daddy-little girls brainless and in heat, that's what they were.

In fact, it was acknowledged that Takahashi gave them the job in hope to be able to force Sesshomaru to choose a mate and start making grand-pups immediately. The old DaiYoukai was impatient to hold in his arms the next generation.

Their boss refused to go to any party organized in the high society to find a mate so the father had to be cunning to find a way to make his son and girls of his choice, in touch. Oh, he was not looking for the perfect mate for his son, so to speak, only according to their pedigree. The main points were that she had to be from a rich family, youkai, and have a pretty face to make cute grand-pups, that's all.

Unfortunately, for him, all his previous tentative plans had always finished in a catastrophe. This time, Takahashi senior had a small victory: Sesshomaru had, against his wishes of course, accepted to go to one and only one diner with one girl that his father would have chosen for him and, in exchange, the old demon was letting Sesshomaru choose, with his own criteria, the person who would become his new assistant. Sesshomaru wanted someone efficient and not just a pretty face who just wanted to end up in his bed. He was tired of his father's choices. It was funny really, now that Shippo was thinking about it, since Sesshomaru had ended up sleeping with the woman he chose for the post! To Sesshomaru's grand misfortune, the woman chosen by his father for the diner had been Yura. Poor man, indeed. Now, the harpy refused to leave Sesshomaru alone. Maybe she had taken the diner really seriously, like a real date, or something. Shippo shuddered. Who would want to go out, or worse, mate, something like her! The kitsune was not sure to even know someone desperate enough to want that!





Shippo let out a chuckle when he watched the young woman, Kagome, walking towards the door leading to the stairs, avoiding the elevators. He could have almost sworn that he saw her narrow her eyes at the shinning doors of the elevators. The memories must have been too fresh on her mind to climb back so soon in one of the metallic boxes where she had been trapped in all the night not two days ago. Though, the young kitsune pitied her for her choice, even if he understood it: she was working at the seventeenth floor after all!

Shaking his head, Shippo reached for the telephone. After two rings, someone answered.

"Yes?" came the deep velvet but cold voice of his boss.

"Sesshomaru-sama? It is Shippo, from the lobby. It was just to inform you that Miss Higurashi is in the building as you instructed me to. I have passed along her cart and pass. She has taken the stairs to your floor."

"Hn. The stairs?"

"Hai, my Lord. Miss Higurashi seemed a little stressed because of the looks she was receiving from the others employees and even more nervous to climb in an elevator so soon, so she favored the stairs this time."

A long silence issued after his sentence, making Shippo unconsciously hold in his breathe.

"Thanks Shippo," Sesshomaru said in a tone of voice which surprised the young kitsune to the core.

"I…A-at your service, Sesshomaru-sama," he said after a moment, but his boss had already hung up.

Shippo's mouth stayed open, looking incredulously at the telephone. Was it...was it amusement he heard in Sesshomaru's voice? And did he really thank him?


Kagome finally reached her floor. She had chosen to use the stairs, not really sure that she would be able to use an elevator so soon after the 'incident' of the last week. Plus, thanks to the stairs, she had avoided finding herself in a confined space with any of her co-workers. Her eyes narrowed as she thought back to what happened when she had finally found the courage to walk in the building. It had been as if half of the workers of the company had been there. Now, she understood what the animals felt like at the zoo. She felt cornered with all those people looking at her.

What was funny was that everyone seemed to keep a reasonable distance from her, as if afraid to enter in contact with her. However, that did not stop them from leering at her. Really, she felt like a piece of meat throw in the cage of six weeks-food deprived carnivores. It was as if they were afraid to come and eat her or rather they were waiting to be sure that the dominant male was not hungry for more before pouncing on her.

As she saw a couple of them smell the air from the corner of her eyes, she had an idea of what seemed to attract them and keep them at bay at the same time. Not wanted to linger on, she quickly made her way to the desk sitting in the middle of the lobby, recognizing the young boy from Friday. A

After that, she had quickly taken her carts and made a bee line towards the stairs.

She was huffing and puffing when she reached her floor. In her precipitation, she had forgotten that her office was on the seventeenth floor! She was truly exhausted when she reached her destination. Getting herself more presentable while catching her breath, she mentally thanked the steps back home because it had been a great training for today. She did not think that she would have been able to climb all the 17 floors if she had not been use to climb up and down the countless steps of her family Shrine several times a day. Sometimes, she was persuaded that one of the principal reasons of the small quantity of visitors on the shrine grounds—aside from during the festivals—was because of those damned steps! Well, at least, as her mother would say, the good point in them was that she could have firm legs easily, just by going home, when others had to work hard.

She opened the door of her floor and froze.

It seemed like words had spread that she was there while she was climbing. She had thought that crossing the lobby would have been the most difficult ordeal of the day…big mistake.

A handful of women, all youkai, were waiting for her. The hostility of the atmosphere was making it difficult for Kagome to even breathe properly, while keep her own power in check; not one female wasn't glaring down at her. In the back, she could see some males and it was evident that they would not interfere to help her. If she had felt like a cornered piece of meat earlier, it was now worse.

It was too much for her to take in. The small confidence that she had had until now crumbled at her feet. She lowered her head, unable to walk away as every hateful female were sneering at her. She knew that it had been a bad idea to come there and accept the job, even more after what happened between her and the boss. It was an opportunity to work in such an important company and it made her family proud, so she couldn't refuse. But she should have and more importantly just made a phone call and not come. She felt disgusted with her cowardice, but at the moment, she couldn't help it. It was too many shocks in too little time. In two days, she had to support horrible whoring demonesses for hours while stressing for her interview. Then, she had tried to cool off, and she ended up trapped in the elevator. She lost her virginity to the man with whom she had been trapped with, only to find out that he was her boss. To top everything, everyone knew what happened to her. And while she did not really regret or was ashamed of what happened, it was disturbing and embarrassing that everyone knew about it.

"What do you think you are doing here, human?" one of the females said venomously at her, while stepping closer to her. It was as if she had sent the signal for the beginning of the hostility.

"Get out of here or we will make you!"

"No one wants you here, so you should leave to home when you still can!"

"Yeah, it would be regrettable if something was to happen to you, whore…"

With each hateful words, the horde of angered bitches were coming closer to Kagome, shoving her. The young miko was shocked by their reactions and did not know how to react, freezing her in place.

"Have you no shame to show your face here where everyone knows how you obtained this post, you whore?"

"I didn't…" she started to defend herself but was interrupted.

"You didn't what?!" the demoness said in a sneer, pushing her violently.

Finally, Kagome came out of her state of shock from their hostility and intended to give them a piece of her mind when she fell on the ground. She could understand that they were angry or jealous but there were limits to not cross. Her eyes narrowed and her powers sparked to life. Without realizing, the horde stepped back. She didn't like confrontation, but it was just too much this time. She was about to get up and defend her honor when someone on the back talk.

"What is happening here?" an old raspy voice questioned firmly from behind them. Everyone turned to face the new arriver who just came out of the elevator: Kaede.

Kagome looked down, feeling suddenly very small. She always felt like that when the old miko was angry. Ever since her instruction in the miko ways by Kaede, each time the old woman was angry, Kagome felt like she was back to the little girl being scolded for not concentrating enough during her lessons.

"I'm waiting for some explanation. And Kagome-child, what are you doing on the floor?"

"I…tripped." she lied lamentably in a timid voice. Kaede narrowed her eyes at the others, obviously not believing her in the slightest.

"Well, what are you all waiting for? Get back to work. Sesshomaru-sama will most likely not be happy if he were to walk in now, seeing all of you idling around like that in the corridor instead of working."

Realizing that not much could be done for the moment, the women sent one last glare towards the now rising little human, before going to their respective desk.

It was only the beginning.

The message was clear in their eyes…