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If you could go back to the past, would you undo every mistake you had made?

If you had a chance to make up every mistake you had done in the past what will you do?

If you met someone you had hurt most in the past, the same person who you loved most, what would you do?

.Do I really have to answer all of this?

It had been years since the last time we talked. I had been years since the last time I heard from you, until few months ago when I saw you on television. You hadn't changed much, but you changed. I saw you and suddenly I wanted to meet you.

It had been years since the last time we met.

It had been years since the first time we kissed.

I still remembered those days.

I wondered if you do too.

"Concert master, you're spacing out."


The whole orchestra members look at me with a questioning look. Some of them whispering to each other, I bet they were talking about me. It was my fault. I forgot that we were practicing now. Thinking about the past in practicing hours is not right.

I smiled and apologized, "I am so sorry, can we start over again?"

I could hear some of them sighed.

"Are you ok concert master? You had been spacing out since the first movement." The conductor, a Japanese man in his early thirty raised his brow at me, "In two weeks this orchestra will have an important performance, I don't want to replace you but I need you to be more focus."

I nodded, "I understand Matsuda-san."

The conductor sighed, "Ok, everyone, let's start from the first movement. I have a date this evening so I need you all to be more serious so we can finish the practice before evening!"

If I could go back to the past and undo the mistakes I had made, would you be here now?

If I had a chance to make up every mistake I had done in the past, would you still want me after all that I have done?

If I met you now, how would you react?

I know it was stupid but I really want to know the answer.

I walked back to my apartment. It had been two years since I moved to this city. It had been three years since I moved back to this country. It had been years since I left you, and tonight after all of those years suddenly I missed you.

I put my hands deep into my pants pockets. I looked at the summer night sky. It was summer, too, when I left you. I wonder if you still remembered that day. I hummed some random song as I walked through the park. The park was not a shortcut to my apartment; this was just my favorite route to get home.

I smiled to myself when I saw a kid, about three years old, and his parents walked from the other direction from me. The parents were relative young, about my age, and they looked really happy. The mother warned the kid not to run and the father walked beside her with a big smiled plastered on his faced. I understood that man's feeling and somehow I felt a little jealous.

We had a plan, no I had a plan, that soon after you finished high school I would propose you. We would get married and lived happily. I did plan to propose you, and I knew you would accept it but I made that decision and everything went wrong.

The first time I saw you I knew I want you.

I wanted you now even more.

I was a little startled when I my mobile rang. I looked at the screen and frowned a little when I saw the caller id. I wasn't expecting any call from him.


I smiled, I knew he couldn't see me but this is a habit.

"Matsuda-san? Is there anything I could help you for?"

I heard him sighing, "Well I got a phone call from the Maestro's agency…"

If I could turn back the time, should I go back to the first time we met? Or to the last time we met? Or stay where I am now, waiting for the time for us to be reunited.


Like I've told you before, I decide to rewrite this story with some changes here and there, for example, the original version doesn't have prologue part. For you who wanted to get the copy of original version can email me or PM me. The prologue is kind of short but the next chapters should be about 1500-2000 words. No Nodame and Chiaki moments in this chapter but there will be them in the next chapter, I swear. Enjoy. :)