Chapter 3



Nodame couldn't believe it when her so-called boyfriend told her that he would actually take her with him to Japan. It had been quite sometime since the last time she visited Japan. Honestly, she had missed her friends and family so much. True, Mine and Kiyora had come visiting them few times but there were still her other friends. Oh and she also missed Japanese cuisines. True, there were some Japanese restaurant here in Paris but it was different. How she missed Mine's father's food. It was chinese food restaurant actually but who cares, it was in Japan so it's Japanese cuisine indeed.

Nodame smiled ear to ear imagining how her friends would react if they knew that she and her beloved Chiaki-senpai had been living together. Oh it wouldn't be so surprising, maybe, but she couldn't wait it until Chiaki finally announce to the RS's members that they had been officially dating now. Well, maybe they'd known from Mine but it wouldn't hurt to see their shocked expression.

They would also meet Nodame's parents and Chiaki's mother in Japan. They hadn't arranged the date yet but he promised her that once he finished what he had to do in Tokyo they would go to her house to visit her family. She tried not to be too excited but maybe, she couldn't help but to imagine it, he would actually... You know, proposing her.

She was more than ready for a marriage. She had dropped so many hints that she wanted to get married but it was either he didn't get the clue or he totally ignored it. However, now that they went to Japan together, she wouldn't let the chance go.

Chiaki on the other side was glad that he had a reason to take Nodame away from those dangerous men. He felt weird to categorize Lucca as one of the dangerous men, he wasn't even a man yet, but whatever, he didn't want to take the risk.

Chiaki only had few girlfriends in his life because he didn't like to chase a girl and he disliked all the shit he had to do in the beginning of a relationship, and after all the crap he had done for his relationship with Nodame, he wouldn't let some random man (or boy) to steal her away from him.

Sure that had been the same reason of why he had not want to end his relationship with Saiko. He didn't want to restart from zero point with another woman. Though right now, there was also another reason that he didn't think he could start anything with anyone but Nodame. Of course he would never let her know of this. It was too embarrassing.

It was the first time he felt like this. With Saiko it was all about pride. He didn't want to see another man, let alone that ham, to date a girl who had just dumped him. To think that Saiko dumped him to be with that ham had crushed his pride. But it was different this time. It wasn't only about his pride. If Nodame left him for another man, he knew that his pride would not be the only thing left broken.

"Darling, people are looking at us."

Nodame pouted. She actually loves the attention but actually with him hugging her arm so tightly, it was kind of difficult for her to move.

Chiaki on the other hand didn't really care about what people think about them at this point. He had had the worst few years ago when he was with Mine, those people might have thought they were gay at the time. This time, he was with his girlfriend. If anything, those people would just think that they were a couple of newly weds on their honeymoon.

"Daaaaaarling..." Nodame called him again, she needed to take their passports to show it to the smilling officer but it was impossible with Chiaki blocking his hand.

"Honeymoon?" Asked the friendly officer who checked their passports and tickets when Nodame finally could fish the passports out of her purse.

Nodame grinned widely. In this condition she had all the freedom to tell whoever whatever she wanted about their relationship. Chiaki would not have a chance to correct her.

However Nodame decided to tell the truth, or what she wished was the truth, "nope, he's my fiance!"

Chiaki didn't correct her. Not until they were on the plane and he had the safetybelt around his waist. Chiaki looked at the girl and confront her with the lie she had just made.

"Fiance?" Chiaki furrowed his brows, "since when I am your fiance?"

Nodame smiled innocently but Chiaki knew better than to believe the fake smile, "huh? Aren't you?"

Chiaki rolled his eyes, so she had this new scenario now. Until a week ago, she had been still telling everyone that he was her husband. And now suddenly he was a fiance. A degradation?

Suddenly, Chiaki felt a pang in his chest. Wait, a degradation, seriously? After all of these years pretending to be his wife? Now a fiance? Why?

Maybe she's getting bored of me?

Chiaki looked at the girl who was now talking to the cabin attendant asking if she could have some orange juice. Suddenly he began to panic. He hadn't realized it until just now. Lately she had acted weird around him, well weirder than usual. Could it be that she was really getting bored?

"Senpai? Do you want orang juice? Or coffee?"

Chiaki could only manage to shook his head weakly. Right now he shouldn't drink anything or he would vommit. He never felt like this before.


"I can't wait to see Chiaki and Nodame!"

The afro tympanist clasped his hands together. He couldn't hide his excitement from the other two guys who were having lunch with him. They had just finished their practiced earlier today and decided to have lunch together talking about their coming performance with the dark haired conductor.

The blonde guy who sat next to the tympanist smirked. He could imagine how the new members would take the spartan style of Chiaki.

The afro sighed, "I wonder if they were okay. There are so many beautiful women in Paris."

Despite how he adored Chiaki, the tympanist actually supported Nodame and Chiaki's relationship. He would never admit it in front of the girl though. She might have the man but they would always be rival.

"It had been five months since I met them," the blonde said, "I wonder if Chiaki had proposed her."

"So," the red haired man who sat in front of them looked at the two men with a smile on his handsome face, "this Chiaki-san and Nodame are in serious relationship?"

Mine blinked before turned to exchange look with Masumi. They had just knew that their new member was actually an old friend of Nodame. Aiba was a talented man and also really nice. Mine liked him. He was sure Chiaki would also liked to be able to work together with Aiba.

After exchanging look for almost three seconds, Mine decided that he would answer the question.

"Well, they've been dating for sometime and I think Nodame really loves Chiaki and I think if he didn't have any feeling for her, he wouldn't let her stick around for so long..."

Aiba frowned, "you don't seem too sure."

Mine sighed. This time he let Masumi to answer the question. However Masumi also didn't know how to explain. Nodame and Chiaki's relationship wasn't something that could be easily explained. People had to see it with their own eyes how the couple interact to understand.

"It's complicated," Masumi shrugged, "you will understand when you meet them."


The Tokyo was totally different from Paris. The air, the people, the buildings, everything. Nodame almost squaled in joy when she heard people around her speaking Japanese. Oh and the newspaper were also Japanese. She hadn't realized how much she had missed Japan until they got in the car that would take them to the hotel where Elise and Maestro had waited for them.

"So, how was the flight?"

Oliver who had picked them at the airport decided to open a light conversation. He drove the car leaving the airport complex, trying not to be too fast since he afraid that Chiaki would vomit in the car if he drove too fast. Afterall, Chiaki looked so pale.

"It was great," Nodame answered cheerfully, "the food was great! But I am already hungry again."

Oliver smiled, "oh don't worry, we will see Maestro at the hotel and you can have lunch with him."

"How's he?" Chiaki frowned, he had worried about his Master since the first time he heard about the accident from Elise. An old man like him should be careful.

"He's getting better actually," Oliver explained, "but he still needs you to take his place for this performance."

Chiaki nodded and looked outside the window.

Finally he had been back to this city once more. It had been sometime since the last time, and this time he wasn't alone. He turned to look at his girlfriend from the corner of his eyes. The girl was talking excitedly with Oliver about the lunch they might have as soon as they reached the hotel.

Chiaki sighed.

There were so many things he had to do while he was here.



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