I'm up to my third story, yay! Once again it's a BB/Rae story, am I predictable or what?

Summary: Rachel Roth is presented with a very interesting offer. She obviously assumes it's stupid, but decides to play along. She must date a very handsome man for an official date. If she has the time of her life, she must become his girlfriend. What's the worst that could happen?

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"Yes, may I help you?" Rachel said with no personality. This costumer was seriously getting on her nerves. She had been standing there for the last fifteen to twenty minutes.

"Will you please pick something ma'am, you're holding up the line."

"Um well you see I don't know if I want this book, or this one. This one is a murder mystery, and this one is a romance novel. I like both so it's a tough call." Rachel glanced at the woman with a very irritated look on her face.

Rachel took in a deep sigh. "Why don't you just get both?" she said with clear distaste.

"No, I can only afford one!"

Rachel had always loved books, so when the opportunity came around to work in a bookstore, she didn't think twice.

Little did she know that it meant working the register and being around customers who contrary to what she believed could read.

This woman was a very short stocky woman who came in here a lot much to Rachel's dismay. She knew that this woman needed help with everything and questioned everyone. At this point there was only one thing she could do.

Rachel glanced downward at the two books the woman was holding up. She had recognized them and had read each. She now turned her head up towards the woman and decided to get rid of her herself.

"The murder mystery is very good; I've read it about three times." A smirk now played on Rachel's face. "It turns out that the brother killed the main character, not the wife. The wife was having an affair with the judge, and later threatens to tell his wife. So he sets her up for the murder that he knew the brother did."

The woman's eyes went wide for a little while and glanced once more towards the book. She put down the murder mystery.

"I'll take the romance novel" the woman said at last with anger and disappointment in her voice.

"Excellent Choice" Rachel said with a sigh of relief that this torture was finally over.

Rachel quickly scanned the book and put it in the bag

"That'll be $24.58" the woman looked in her wallet and pulled out a twenty and 3 singles.

"Oh my, it seems I don't have enough, but I do have my membership card!" Rachel was at this point seething with anger.

"I can't seem to find it" Rachel heard the frustration and exasperated comments from the rest of the people on the line.

Rachel had had enough. She quickly snatched the money out of her hands then shoved the bag in her face.

"This will be our little secret if you just get out!" The woman shook with fear for a minute then slowly walked out of the shop. Rachel closed her eyes and took in a deep breath to calm her down.

Once she opened her eyes, she saw the most gorgeous man on the face of the planet. She had to catch her breath for a second. He had to be a male model because he looked too good! She quickly caught herself and pushed all these thoughts to the side. She once again returned to her emotionless state, and treated him as she would every other customer.

"How may I help you?" She said with her deadpan voice masking over her infatuation with the man.

"Yeah I just wanted to take this book out." She took the book and looked at the cover. She had read this book and it was very difficult to read. It had taken her around two months to read it.

'There is no way he could look this good and be this smart.'

She looked him over once more. He had dirty blond hair that was short yet shaggy. He was very lean yet not too muscular. She liked that, a lot. He wore a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

He looked very classy, but not the smart, book buying, glasses wearing, classical music listening type. And frankly, she was okay with that. He wore black pants and expensive Italian shoes. She couldn't help but wonder what he would be doing in a bookstore at the corner of Main St. (A/N How original).

'Buying a book you idiot' Rachel thought to herself. 'Stop dozing off!'

"Hello, there yeah I want to take out this book."

Rachel snapped out of her day dream and quickly took the book from the man. He gave her a killer smile as she scanned it and put it in the bag. While she preformed this routine he decided to start up a conversation with her.

"You know I don't even know why I want this book. The title just caught me you know"

"Yeah, it is captivating." Rachel replied still wondering why he was taking out this book.

"Have you read it? You look like the type that likes to read."

"I read it, but it took me a while."

"Is it any good?"

"Well it won many awards so my review is yes, it was very good"

"Really, I picked it up cause I liked the cover. What's it about?"

"You didn't read the back?" His only response was shaking his head in a dreamy like state. "In the short version, it's about a prince who comes in and makes a bet with this peasant girl. If he can give her everything her heart desires by the next year, she must marry him."

"Do they get married?"

"You'll have to read the book to find out"

"Well that's no fun"

"Then you might as well put the book back and wait until the movie comes out." Rachel could look at this man all day long, but he was beginning to get on her nerves. He was holding up the line just like the previous woman. But she didn't mind it that much.

"Well since you've recommended the book, I'll read. I trust your judgment."

"How can you trust me, we just met?" Rachel was starting to get skeptical of this man. She could also notice some of the people leaving her line and going to the other cashiers.

The man looked back and saw that he was the only one on the line.

"I don't know you seem like someone people can trust. Usually I'm a good judge of character, sometimes. Since you've read the book, maybe we can discuss it sometime?"

"Mister…" 'You don't even know his name yet, how are you going to date him?!' Rachel thought to herself.

"Logan. Garfield Logan."

'Funny name'

"Mr. Logan you come up to me without introducing yourself, ask me about a book you clearly care nothing about, make all the customers leave my line and then ask me out on what I assume will be a date, mind telling me why?"

"Cause your pretty." Rachel was now completely and utterly confused.

"Well miss…"

"Roth. Rachel Roth"

"Rachel Roth, cute. Well Rae, I'd really like to meet you sometime." She watched as he pulled out a piece of paper ad scribble something on it. He handed her the paper and pulled out his wallet. He gave her 2 twenties and a five then took the book.

"You gave me too much."

"The rest is for you."

"We don't take tips here."

"Then we won't tell your boss." He gave her a wink then said

"Call me" Rachel looked at the piece of paper and saw seven digits staring back at her with of course a smiley face at the end.

"Who is this man?" She said out loud to herself.

Just then she looked at her watch and saw that it was her lunch break.

She grabbed her stuff and ran outside.


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