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It was the morning of thanksgiving and the air was sweet with the candied yams Karen was making. Rachel was up in her room reading.

"Knock Knock" Garfield said entering the room.

"Who's there?" Rachel asked keeping her nose in the book.

"Are we really gonna go through with this joke Rae?"

"You're the one who said 'knock knock'"

He let out a small sigh and smiled.


"Boo who?"

"Don't cry it was you idea to go on with this joke."

"A mistake I'll never make again. Smells really good downstairs."

"Yeah, Karen is making her famous 'All the sweet you can eat' candied yams." Garfield went over and sat down on the bed.

"I guess I better go down and help her out." Rachel put her bookmark in her book and put it on the nightstand.

"You know how to cook?"

Rachel scoffed then smiled. "I wish, but I'm sure I'll find purpose somehow. Meanwhile what are you doing to help?"

"I'm supervising!" Garfield said puffing up his chest.

"What would we do without you?" Sarcasm evident in her voice.

"I haven't the slightest idea."

"Well Mr. Supervisor, I think you're services are required downstairs and I need to get dressed." She shoved him toward the door but he abruptly turned around holding out his arms and clutching onto the door way.

"Wait if you're getting dressed, I think I should stay here and watch. Y'know to make sure nothing happens to you!"

"Nice try." She pushed him through and went toward the shower with a smirk on her face.

Rachel finally came down and Garfield loved the way she looked. Especially after all the pain she went through during her recovery.

She decided to dress up in her short sleeved black velvet dress that stopped just above her knees and her black Mary Jane shoes.

Rachel wasn't big on makeup, but she put on a little eyeliner and lip gloss. And her jet black hair was pulled black with a few strands framing her face.

But the best part of her outfit was the raven necklace that she still has not taken off.

Garfield opened his mouth to tell her how beautiful she looked.

"Wow Rae you look great!" Karen beat him too it. "Vic doesn't she look great?"

Victor who had been watching the game kept his eyes in the screen.

"Yeah Rae, you look great." He replied obviously hypnotized by the play.

"Vic you didn't even look at her!"

"Yeah I did. I can see her reflection in the TV!"

Karen sighed.

"What is so important about this game that you can't turn around for three seconds and look at Rachel?"

"Karen, any other time I would love to, but right now it's third down and 5 yards from the goal line."

"You'll be going down if you turn around!"

"Wait just a AAAAAGH! How could he miss that? They were right there! I blame you for this woman!" Victor finally turned around and smiled. "Wow, you really clean up well Rae."

"Uh Thanks. I think."

"That's the best you could come up with Vic?" Karen stated.

"Listen, you already cost us this touchdown; don't jinx us up anymore than you already have. Speaking of Jinx," Victor said drawing his attention back toward the screen. "Is Jenny and Wally coming over?"

"Oh you would like that now wouldn't you?"

"Karen that was a long time ago!"

Garfield took Rachel by the arm and led her into the kitchen.

"You look amazing Rae."

"Thanks, you do too."

"Yeah, I know I'm sexy."

Rachel sighed for what seemed like the millionth time that day.

"You can ruin any moment can't you?"

"That's my moonlighting job when I'm not supervising."

"Oh when do you ever sleep?" Rachel mocked him.

"I don't"

"So who's Jenny and Wally?"

"Well if you love Karen and Vic, you'll like them too. They're old friends from high school. Jenny and Wally have a very interesting relationship. Vic had a crush on Jenny when she used to tutor him but it didn't work out but everything worked out for the best."

"Great, more friends to meet and impress." Rachel droned.

"Hey everyone loves you Rae, and so will Jenny and Wally. And at least Kori and Rich are coming so you'll see some familiar faces." Rachel loved his optimism and when she felt his arms wrap around her, she hugged him back.

There was a small beeping sound and Karen immediately rushed into the kitchen pushing the couple apart to tend to the oven.

"Do you need my help?"

"Yeah that'll be great Rae, Gar go supervise the television why don't you."

"I see everyone's familiar with your supervising job." Rachel inquired.

"Yeah", Karen added "he uses that line for every occasion. Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July, you name it, he supervises it."

"Nice to know." Rachel replied.

"Alright Alright I can see when I'm not wanted." Garfield threw his hands up in defeat and left the room.

"Now that he's gone we can get some real work done. Mind stirring the pudding hun?"

"Oh yeah sure."

"So Rae, Vic and I were talking and we're thinking of moving out."

"What, why?"

"Well I know that you and Gar are getting closer, and soon enough he'll want to be alone in the house with just you. It would be inappropriate for us to stay here."

"Oh but me and Gar haven't done anything intimate yet."

"The way things are going you will, and me and Vic do not want to be done the wall when you guys decide to-"

"Okay okay I get it." Rachel said cutting her off. She was blushing hard.

"Just putting it out there. And plus we'll still visit all the time we just won't be living here."

Rachel looked upset and Karen sensed this.

"What's the matter sweetie?"

"I wouldn't feel right about being the reason Gar's best friends move out."

"No, it's not your fault okay. It's been time for us to leave for a while now."

"Still, Gar and I are not that serious yet for you guys to move out."

"What do you mean; you're crazy about each other?"

Rachel hesitated.

"We haven't said the 'L' word yet."

"Is that what you're worried about? Listen Gar is just shy. He doesn't seem like it, but he is. He's just waiting for the right time to say it. Just be patient."

"If you think so."

"Honey I know so. Now put the pudding in the cups okay."

It was 5 pm and already almost everyone was at the house save a few people.

"Well I'm hungry, let's eat." Garfield announced.

"Aren't we supposed to be waiting for everyone to arrive?" Rachel said.

"We'll leave them leftovers."

"Gar we can wait a couple more minutes, we're just waiting for Garth and Jericho." Karen said.

Ding dong

"Finally! Karen get everybody in the kitchen so we can eat already!" Gar went to the door and opened it. The smile on his face immediately fell.

"Hey baby."

"Terra, what are you doing here?"

Terra wore a light blue dress and a large diamond necklace that seemed to blind him.

"I always eat over for Thanksgiving."

"When we were together yeah, but now you're not welcome here."

"Well I spoke to your girlfriend and I told her I wanted you back. Or did she leave that out?"

"Gar what's going on?" Rachel walked up to Gar and soon she resembled the same expression he had.

"Rae, when did you speak to Terra?"

"She called a couple of days ago, but I didn't think much of it."

"Tsk tsk, already keeping secrets in the relationship. That's not how you keep your man Rae-Rae."

Rachel felt anger build up in her.

"I think you should leave Terra." Rachel seethed.

"Or what." Terra stepped toward Rachel menacingly.

Garfield knew he needed to intervene before something bad happened. But the situation was like defusing a bomb. He didn't know which wire to cut.

"Get out or I'll throw you out."

"Oh look who finally grew a back bone. You're a little too late for that though. You couldn't save yourself from Michael and you can't keep Gar and I apart. He still loves me Rae; you're going to have to face it sooner or later. Has he even told you he loves you yet?"

Rachel closed her eyes "Stop it." She said.

"Not until I collect what's rightfully mine and you're back in the hospital."

Tears were forcing their way out of her eyes. Time seemed to be speeding up and so was her heart.

"Terra, get out now."

"Does it hurt to know that every man you've ever loved, loved me first?"

That did it.

Rachel felt an unknown anger explode and she went with what it was telling her to do.


She threw herself at Terra and tackled her to the ground. The fight only lasted about thirty seconds but it felt like forever.

There was hair pulling and fists flying and necklaces breaking.

Gar snapped out of his daze and tried to pull Rachel out of the fight.

A car pulled up and Garth stepped out.

"Garth, help!" Garfield shouted.

Soon everyone rushed outside and was standing on the patio watching the blond and the brunette battle it out. The men finally pulled them apart.

"Garth take Terra home!"

It took a while but Garth finally managed to put Terra in the car and drove off. Meanwhile Rachel was kneeling on the floor covering her face.

Garfield picked her up and brought her inside. The crowd moved to the side and allowed him inside. He brought Rachel inside and upstairs to her room where he laid her on the bed.

He left the room and yelled downstairs for Karen to continue with the party. Gar closed the door and sat on Rachel's bed.

"Are you okay, do you want to go to the doctor?"

Rachel couldn't respond because she was too busy crying. He noticed that she was clutching something tightly in her hand.

He opened her hand and saw that the raven necklace was broken.

Knock knock

Garfield opened the door and saw Kori's face.

"Hey Kori."

"May I be of assistance?"

"Uh yeah sure. Could you like get us a cold wet towel and some water?"

"Of course."

"And Kori, don't worry about Rachel, she'll be fine."

"I believe you." She said as she left.

He locked the door and went over to her again.

"Are you okay Rae?" He asked again.

Rachel was not looking at him.

"Yes." Was her short reply.

"Do you need to go to the doctor?"


"You sure?"

There was a long pause.

"Do you love her?" She asked.

"Who Terra? Rae of course not. I mean I used to but now I don't."

"Why? Why did you love her?"

"I…I don't know. She was pretty, fun and carefree."

"How long were you dating before you told her?"

"It was pretty fast. I think a month."

Rachel stood up straight and almost scared him.

"One month! You told her you loved her after only one month!"

"Yeah, I know it was kinda fast but…"

"Meanwhile we've been together three months and you still love her more than me?" Garfield knew this was not the real Rachel. She was just hurt.

"What? What are you talking about? I don't love her more than you."

"While she was yelling at me downstairs, you didn't defend me at all! You stood there and let her tell me she was going to take you away from me. You've never even told me you loved me. Not once."

"Is that what you're upset about you think I don't love you?" Garfield asked in disbelief.

Knock knock

"I brought the water." Kori said through the door. She stepped back when she saw the door swing open and Garfield leading Rachel downstairs by her hand.

"Is everything okay?" She asked.

"Kori can you come with us downstairs please." Garfield more stated then asked.

The trio went downstairs to face the guests.

"Hello everybody! May I have everyone's attention please." He said loudly grabbing everyone's attention.

The room went silent as all eyes were on Garfield and a bruised Rachel.

"Vic" Gar started "what did I tell you a couple of days ago, when we were playing video games? That thing about Rachel."

"You said that you've never loved a girl as much as Rachel."

"Roy, what did I tell you last week about Rachel over the phone?"

"You said that she's the one, but you don't want to rush her."

"And Karen what did I tell you yesterday?"

"You said that she could or will be your wife."

Rachel had started crying again but tried to quiet herself.

"See Rachel here thinks that I don't love her and I don't want to embarrass her but it's time I told her something."

Garfield turned to Rachel and looked her in the eye.

"Rae, you've been hurt so many times by so many people. But I want you to know that I do love you and I would never hurt you. I've felt this way for such a long time but I didn't want you to feel like I was rushing you. Rae you make me feel feelings I've never felt before and I never want you to feel like I don't love you, or like I love Terra more than you because that's not true."

There was a pause and the room was silent. Even though everyone was staring at them, Rachel and Garfield knew they needed to lay all the cards on the table.

"Gar, I'm so sorry. I feel so weak and insecure sometimes but I love you too. I just felt that Terra has this power over us that will never go away and I can't let her take you away from you. She could've had Michael but not you too."

Garfield embraced her and held onto her tightly.

"Rae, you're not weak. You did what I couldn't do. You stood up to Terra, and I promise I will not let her come between us again."

"Thank you. Just…thank you." Rachel buried her face into his neck and soon everyone had their arms around the couple. Rachel didn't like group hugs but she let it slide. Just once.

"Karen and Kori, can you bring Rachel upstairs and fix her up?" Garfield let her go and they smiled at each other.

"Sure hun. C'mon Kori, let's fix up Rachel up."

"As long as I get to do her makeup!" Kori replied.

"Ugh" was all Rachel said but she couldn't hide the huge tearful grin on her face.

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