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"Come again, please!"

Tohru stepped out of the shop with bags in her hands. She had just finished her weekly shopping and was on her way home. It had been a hard day. First of all, they had this test and Tohru was sure about failing. And then, Hatsuharu turned black and attacked a boy from his class, which cost him a detention. She had felt so sad for him so she tried to cheer him up.

She sighed. These bags were getting heavier and heavier. She didn't notice the big stone on the street. She fell to the ground, and her bags with all the food hit the ground. She was about to cry, when she noticed.

"Do you need help?"

She looked up and saw Hatsuharu, one of the Sohma boys, standing in front of her with the kind face he always had. She managed to stand up again and brushed the dust of her skirt and shirt.

"N-no, it's really okay, I don't want to be a burden to anyone!"

But Hatsuharu had already reached out for a bag. Tohru sighed and took the rest of them. Hatsuharu looked at her.

"You sure, you can take it all?" Tohru just nodded quickly.

"Haru! Haru!"

"Tohru? Are you okay?" She opened her eyes, while tears were running down her cheeks. Hatsuharu looked at her with a worried face.

"Haru?" He widened his eyes a little. She had never called him Haru before. "What's wrong Tohru? Why are you crying?" More tears rolled down.

"I was just having this bad dream about you beginning to slap and kick me, and then I didn't know what was going on, and I was so scared.."

She sobbed a little. Hatsuharu removed a little hair from her face and went down to hold her cheek. She looked him in the eyes, as he slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.

The kiss was so sweet and gentle. When he pulled back again, he whipped away the tears with his thumb. "I could never harm you, my precious little angel..." Tohru blushed a little. No one had never called her an angel before. Hatsuharu cupped her face with both of his hands and began to kiss her face. "You are so cute when you blush."

That made her blush even more. He smiled a little and finally his lips reached hers. Tohru could feel herself get lost into his softness. She had never imagined what the feeling of Hatsuharu's lips was, and now she just found out. He held her tighter and started to lick her lower lip. Tohru, who had never been kissed before, gasped, and a few seconds later she could feel his tongue lick her own.

This great feeling of pleasure spread out her body and she made a soft moan into the kiss. Hatsuharu just smiled and removed his hands from her cheeks. Missing the warmth, Tohru began to whimper a little, when she felt her shirt being lifted a little, as he placed his hands on her warm, soft skin.
She gasped because of his cold hands, who went up a little further while her shirt moved up, too. She placed her hands on his shoulders, well aware of the curse.

Slowly he tilted her back down on the floor and removed her shirt. She blushed furiously and quickly covered her body with her arms. Hatsuharu smiled again and cupped her face again. "You're very beautiful Tohru..." Then he kissed her again.

She moved her hands up to slowly remove his shirt, and she blushed, when she saw his white perfect chest. He slowly leaned in to take another taste of her.

"WHAT THE F*CK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?!" Kyo stood in the door with a furious face. He had just returned home, but didn't expect this.. kind of stuff!

I'm both into KyoxTohru and HaruxTohru, so I thought it would be fun to write a fic about Haru and Tohru. ^^ It really was a shame that Kyo came in the end. *pervy side*
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