Though Sirius had been expecting Ron and Hermione to be there, even Ginny, he had not expected Luna, to be standing with his captors. He knew now that everything had been a trap, to lead him here, to his fate and she had been the bait. As Sirius was being carried closer to his doom, he thought he saw a solitary tear run down her cheek. Perhaps a part of her was sorry, he even hoped a part of her loved him.

Sirius turned his attention to what lay ahead of him, a figure wearing a robe of endless black and a women wearing a white dress.

He looked long and hard into her eyes, the eyes which he had avoided for so long. To him they were a pit where many souls had been lost. He could not bear to look at one who had killed so many and felt no remorse, one who had looked into her victim's eyes and seen their fear, knowing that she had caused it.

Harry and Lupin dropped Sirius in front of the man in black, then roughly pulled him up, so that he stood on his feet.

Then the man in black began "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today in the sight of God to bring these two people Sirius Black and Beatrix Lestrange together in holy matrimony…"

Beatrix lent towards Sirius, whispering to him, "Why do you look so sad Sirius? Your mother would be so proud!" Then she began to cackle, making Sirius's skin crawl with disgust. The cackling grew louder, his friends had joined in, their heads lent back, eyes wide. He seemed to feel smaller and smaller with each onslaught. Putting his hands over his ears he tried to block it out but it only grew louder groping at him until there was nothing he could do to escape it. Beatrix stooped over Sirius, her eyes boring into him trying to find that fear that she sought from all of her victims.

"Your mine now Sirius Black!" She screeched "and I will spend every minute of every day reminding you of it!"

Sirius woke up screaming, drenched in sweat. He could still hear Beatrix's voice echoing in his ears and to his dismay he began to cry, cries which convulsed his whole body. Soon though he was being rocked, comfortingly by a slight figure whispering in dulcet tones to him.

"Don't worry…ssshhhhh it was just a dream."

"No" wept Sirius "It was a fate worse than death."