Twenty-four hours later ….

"I have a whole new respect for the FBI" McGee said as they waited in the bull pen.

"We've got a plucky new boss" Yussif said.

"Yeah" Tony said. "Can't quite see Fornell pulling a stunt like that. Did she really do Markham? I don't think anyone at NCIS would actually go all the way just to get information. Well .. except me, of course. And maybe Ziva" he added as she shot him a death glare.

"I would" Yussif said.

"We believe you" Ziva commented drily.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh boy .." McGee interrupted, angling his head towards the stairs.

"Conference room. Now!" Gibbs was saying.

"So anxious to play with the big boys .." Jenny spat as she traipsed down the stairs at his side.

"Really? Big boys my ass!"

"Yeah this is gonna be ugly" McGee said as they walked past the teams to the elevators.

"Oh yeah" Maya said. "She hasn't been this upset since .."

"The last time we saw her" Yussif intercepted when he thought she might say something else.

Jenny crossed her arms as the elevator doors slid closed; her face awash with anger. But the moment Gibbs flipped the switch she broke out into a smile.

"The big boys?" he mimicked.

"The big boys, my ass?" she echoed. Pausing a second later to look behind him. "Although I have to say … it's a nice ass."

"How would you know? You haven't seen it" he said with a smirk.

"What makes you think I won't, and soon?" she asked, lingering by the doors as they slid open at lobby level.

"That an offer, Agent Shepard?"

"If you want it to be" she said, fingering the top button on her blouse in a way that drew his eyes to it. "I owe you, Agent Gibbs. And I always repay my debts."

"That so?"

"Mmhmm. Thanks for your help on this one."

"My pleasure."

"Oh it will be, Jethro" she said as she turned on her heel. "It will be."


Forty-eight hours after that …

Working diligently on the boat didn't quite offset the restlessness, but the realisation that just thinking about her made him feel a lot perkier than he had in months was a welcome one. He had no reason to believe that she wouldn't deliver; it was just a matter of how, and when. There were precious few things in his life that amused him, and he was smiling as he moved towards the work bench and poured himself a slug of bourbon. He supposed that the fact that he was feeling any kind of desire at all in her regard was something worth celebrating.

"Yeah, Gibbs" he said as he reached for his ringing phone a few minutes later.

"In polite society one waits before starting the party."

"Not known for my manners, Jen" he said, crunching the phone between ear and shoulder as he downed the contents of the mason jar.

"I wasn't talking about the bourbon, Jethro" she replied as she heard the compulsive swallow. "I was talking about the other thing."

"What other thing?"

"The location of your hand. Although I suppose I should be flattered that the mere sound of my voice makes you want to touch yourself."

Gibbs' eyes snapped to the top of the stairs.

"Good evening" she said slowly.

"You just gonna sit there and watch?" he said into the phone when she made no move to end the call.

"I like watching."

"Thought you said you always repaid your debts."

"I do."

"Watching doesn't quite cut it."

"There's a lot to be said for watching, Jethro" she said sultrily, enjoying the way his hand gripped the bench. "But you're right. Reapying one's debts calls for something a little more interactive. Question is .. are you up for it? Or are you more of a meat and potatoes kinda guy?"

"Meat and potatoes?"

"Well, lets put it this way. I'm sure you don't keep fuzzy handcuffs in your desk." Even from a distance she could see his eyebrows rising into his hairline – and she smiled as she continued. "You probably appreciate the oral pleasures and are possibly fairly discriminating in your choice of lovemaking locations. But no toys, no dress up, no spanking .." She trailed off, enjoying his discomfort, before picking up again a moment later. "Which isn't to say you aren't good in bed. I just think you're used to bringing pleasure to your partner without accoutrements. Therefore, meat and potatoes. Or to couch it differently, because we wouldn't want you to deflate, not one to venture onto paths less travelled."

"You done?" came the acerbic response.

"No, I'm only just getting started" she said as she stood up. Enjoying the predictable hitch in his breathing as he took in what she was wearing. "I have to be honest" she said as she leaned over the bannister. "Why you chose cop when by profession you are one does not imbue me with confidence. But I'm willing to put that aside and indulge you. I'll be the imposter cop and you can be the real one. Oh God .." she added wearily when she took in the look on his face.


"I was right, wasn't I? You really never have done this before."

"This being what Markham wanted at the hotel?"

"It's called role play. And the question remains. Are you up for it?"

"As long as you're not expecting me to call you mistress" he muttered, ignoring the real question.

"You're confusing your genres, Jethro. If you've never done role play I hardly think you're ready for BDSM. Although you do score some points for knowing the word."


"Another time" she said with a gentle smile.

"So this role play thing .."

"Will be fun if you trust me."

"I trust you" he said simply, feeling the adrenaline start to seep back into his system. "Think we can lose the phones now?"

"After we've established the safe word."

"Safe word?"

"You have much to learn" she teased. "Equivalent of a duress word."


"Something that doesn't ordinarily fit into your frame of reference" she said as she shook her head, "otherwise you'll forget it."

"Red .. like your hair."

"Highly imaginative" she teased. "But it'll do. Safe word's red. If it comes up we stop."

"Got it. Now what?"

The gentle sound of her laughter echoed round the basement, and he felt himself twitch as the breath she released into her phone came through at his end and sent a shiver down his spine.

"Now you have to find me" she said before ending the call.

"And when I find you?" he called after her.

"Feel free to talk dirty to me."

Gibbs smirked slightly as he reached out and plunged the basement into darkness.

Even in pitch blackness, she could sense him on the other side of the closet door. It threw her for a moment. She'd cased the house the day before and had chosen the spare room because the floor boards there had shown most promise. So much for tactical advantage she thought to herself as her heartbeat picked up a notch; his proximity as intoxicating at it had been the night at the hotel, even with a swathe of plywood between them.

Gibbs smiled as he moved in. He'd taken his time. Even though the scent trail had led here, he'd figured that anticipation was part of the game. That said, he wasn't expecting the door to the closet to burst open and to feel the cold steel of her sig between his eyes.

"Turn around. Slowly" she ordered, her voice a hoarse whisper. "Hands on the dresser and spread your legs!!"

Gibbs angled his head again but did as he was told, shuddering slightly as his arousal pressed hard against his pants first and then against the furniture.

"Don't move" she said sternly as she holstered her weapon and ran her hands down over the full length of his arms before sliding down his sides. 
She lingered at his nipples as she ran her hands down his chest, and he hardened a little more the moment he felt her own pressing into his back "Hold still and don't flinch" 
she whispered into his ear as she crouched behind him and started patting at his ankles; expertly frisking up his legs and inner thighs.

Gibbs moaned slightly as she traced his outline.

"You have the right to remain silent" she said menacingly, "and I highly recommend you exercise that right. Now spread 'em wider."

He bit his lip as she massaged him through his sweatpants.

"This the best you can do?" she asked, licking the back of his neck immediately afterwards.

Gibbs strained against the dresser but didn't reply.

"I asked you a question!" she shouted. "Is that the best you can do?"

"Yes ma'am" he said grudgingly, even if he hadn't been this hard in months.

"Then I'm just going to have to take you into custody till I can get a rise out of you."

"Kinda goes against my policy, Shepard."

"Which is?"

A second later she sucked in a deep breath as she found herself being revolved and thrown forward onto her knees.

"I call the shots in an arrest."

She fumbled at her waist only to realise that her handcuffs were gone.

"Looking for these?" he snarled as he pulled her arms back and slapped the cuffs on one of them.

"I don't wanna know how you did that and I don't care .." she began.

"Rule number eight" he hissed. "Never take anything for granted. Now get up!" he said harshly, pulling her up by the arm.

Jen looked at him through narrowed eyes. He closed the small distance between them as he backed her towards the bed, fully intending to clamp her to the headboard. But the sight of her licking her lips as he pushed his lower body against hers was almost his undoing, and he dropped his head to her neck as she reached between them and cupped him.

"God, Jen ..." he breathed, temporarily loosening his grip.

"Bad idea" she said one subtle flick of her wrist later. "Still feeling tough?"

"Clever" he said as he heard the ratchet of the cuffs.

"Equal opportunity" she whispered as she wound a hand around his neck and pulled him onto her.

"We callin' it quits?"

He heard her huff in the darkness.

"Jethro, this isn't the way it's - "

"Red" he said gently as he nuzzled her neck. "We've done it your way, now we're going to do it my way. Where's the key?"

"In my bra" she said, not doing a very good job of reining in her disappointment.

Gibbs smiled as he retrieved the key and unlocked his restraint.

"Don't knock those meat and potatoes till you've tried 'em" he said, lowering his mouth to hers.

Jen's eyes fluttered closed at the contact – and snapped wide open the moment he clamped the cuff to the headboard.

"I wasn't joking" he whispered roughly in her ear as she struggled. "Never assume."

Jen looked up at him, unfazed.

"I have only one thing to say to you, Jethro …" she said as he rose from the bed and started to remove his clothes.


"Make sure you take off your socks."

Gibbs smirked as he padded back towards the bed.

"Are you sure you want to be tied up for this?" he asked as he settled on the edge and pulled her tights and thong off.

"Would you like it better if I weren't?"

"Yeah" he admitted.

"Okay" she said, lapping at his earlobe as he leaned over her and opened the cuffs. Pushing him onto his back and reaching for him as soon as she had shucked off jacket and bra. Wrapping just one leg round him at first, and then easing herself onto him; enjoying the sensations flitting across his face.

He reached up and gripped her waist as she rubbed herself gently against him; moaning when her tongue slid around his ear and down to his neck. The sensation of her teeth against his skin made him bold, and he lifted her just enough to be able to stroke upwards into her – the intense throb almost enough to make him lose it.

"Jenny ..." he growled as she teased him with her body. Letting him in deeply one moment and practically pulling off him the next. He stood it as long as he could and then clamped her in a vise-like grip, bucking against her from underneath. Her hair spilled out over her shoulders as she threw her head back. Urging him on with sounds of her own. Helping him out when his upward thrusts became erratic – until release nullified their combined energies and she all but collapsed against his chest.

"I thought we were going to do long and slow after all that build up" she teased a few moments later.

"Another time" he said, running the back of his hand affectionately against her cheek.

"Men ..." she muttered as she tweaked a nipple. "And hey! Whatever happened to talking dirty to me?"

Gibbs smiled.

"Steep learning curve."


Author's note:

The epilogue worked better as another chapter, and now all debts are repaid. I did think long and hard before going for handcuff-less sex. I guess I agree with Jenny's assessment. Thanks to ME Wofford for the email exchange I borrowed from, and a small incline of the head in the general direction of Stylus (you know I couldn't resist). I'd also like to thank all the people who reviewed. I've answered the people that signed in – but I'd like to extend special thanks to those people that didn't as well. Always good to hear from you.

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