Shooting Shark

Rating- M to be safe probably not until later chapters though

Summary- The time Dean was told to go check on Sam at Stanford, the only time, the time Sam told him to leave and was grateful when he didn't when everything started to look suspiciously like a haunting, Wincest SamxDean

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Chapter two- Lullaby

The corridors were empty, silent as the grave, almost eerie to walk down alone, that was exactly what she thought as she followed the path, she thought she saw something move behind her, thought nothing of it, heard something, a song, assumed it was coming from the music rooms. When she couldn't breathe properly anymore she thought she was having an asthma attack, when she saw the blood flowing from her lips she told herself it was a horrible dream, when her heart slowed she told herself that she would be alright and when the paramedics took her away in a body bag they told the students it was a suspected suicide.

The janitor cleaned the blood up off of the corridor floor robotically, the area blocked off with bright yellow crime scene tape. A song started up in the background as he walked toward the elevator and he found comfort in the beauty of it.


Sam didn't go home straight away, he stalked overly familiar streets in the pouring rain and let his mind wander, maybe he shouldn't have said what he had to his brother, but Dean had chosen his side when Sam had left for California. Or that was how the younger had been looking at it anyway, he'd been treating it like a betrayal because that's how staying with Dad had seemed to him at the time. It had seemed like they were backing each other up, them versus him, but maybe it hadn't been like that at all maybe it was just simply that Dean didn't want him to go and when he stopped saying no was when he had realised that he couldn't stop him.

He eventually found his way home, down winding streets each looking exactly the same as the last, he slipped into the apartment to see Jess and a few of her friends sat in the living room. From the minute he caught their glances he knew something was wrong, something had happened and she probably needed him but all he could think of was the weight choking his heart and the fact that he had spent years lashing out at the one person who had only ever wanted the best for him.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he sat down in one of the armchairs, Jess smiled distantly,

"We got sent home early," she began, "one of the girls from my class, she killed herself today." Jess explained and it wasn't as if they had been friends they just knew each other from the class, just a face with a name but it was still affecting her as it would anyone and he could see it clearly in her eyes. "She seemed fine Sam," she explained as if trying to justify something she didn't entirely understand. "She was fine," she muttered as she stared at her hands. He nodded understandingly and all he could think about was Dean, it was driving him insane.

"You ok sweetie?" she asked as she began to regain her composure, he smiled but he didn't have the heart and all it ended up being was a shadow of something that should have been. "Did something happen?" He shook his head, it was nothing that he needed her to be worrying over especially not at the moment. He glanced down at his phone, hoping for something, anything but there was nothing and probably wasn't going to be for a long time, you don't twist a knife that deep and expect there to be no repercussions later on.

"No, nothing happened, I'm fine," he lied with a small smile, "so, what happened with this girl at college?"


The police radio had been on when the call had gone out involving the suspicious death of a girl at Stanford College. Dean took note of it, filing it away in the back of his mind. For the moment the only thing he could think about was Sam, he had been mad when he had got back to the motel, lashed out at the inanimate objects around him as though it would help in some way, it hadn't. He had tried to get a hold of his Dad, never getting through to anything other than the answer phone. He wanted to leave but at the same time something in him wanted him to stay.

He glanced at his phone every once in a while wondering if maybe Sam would change his mind; decide that it was time for them to talk, to work through everything between them, to be brothers again. He felt like he was just holding his breath, Sam wasn't going to phone; the hardest part of all of it was knowing that his baby brother didn't need him anymore.

He followed the reports going back and forth over the police radio, eventually the story they seemed to settle on was suicide. Dean just rolled his eyes and decided to do a little bit or research himself, he hadn't been hunting all of his life and not learnt to see the tell tale signs of a hunt before it even really was one. The elder Winchester had learnt that following his instinct in this job got him results a lot faster than if he waited around for something more concrete to come his way.


Sam decided after having listened to Jess that he would go back to college and check out the crime scene, nothing seemed to fit from what she had said. The girl had been called Rebecca, good family life, happy, scholarship, friends; she had absolutely no reason to kill herself. The younger Winchester didn't know anything about how the girl that had died, he hadn't been there neither had Jess and unlike in the past he couldn't just walk up to the police and demand the information.

He had just wanted to ease his mind, make sure that it wasn't what he thought it was even though that hadn't worked out that well for him last time and he didn't feel like his luck had changed much. He ducked underneath the bright yellow crime scene tape, walking through the corridor checking for anything out of the ordinary, it felt strange to be hunting, even though he had yet to admit to himself that he was doing such a thing after swearing never to again. It brought back memories of all those hunts with Dean, everything he had taught him.

He saw something move, hoped that he hadn't but swore that he had, his heart beat started to race, adrenaline started to rush and he almost turned to his brother to tell him something wasn't right even though he wasn't there. He progressed slowly, checked the walls, doors, vents for any sign or ectoplasm or anything else out of the ordinary, a small pool of blood had been missed during the clean up but other than that he didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

He heard something far off in the distance, frowned slightly at the feelings that overwhelmed him. He knew then and there that something wasn't right here; shadows danced across the walls as he continued further down the corridor. He groaned slightly, his heart stinging from within his chest; he started to buckle slowly as the pressure began to increase.

He felt a grip on his arm, felt himself be all but lifted and carried away from the situation he had found himself in. When he was outside he felt the pain ebb away as he was set down on the stairs leading away from the corridor. After a few deep breathes he glanced up and the gaze that met his was full of fire, the head shook in disappointment and eyes rolled in exasperation.

"What the hell did you think you were doing?" The elder Winchester all but growled and Sam felt like a two year old caught with his hand in the cookie jar, "you could have been killed," the elder ran his hand over his face and sat down beside his brother.

"I thought you were leaving," Sam whispered tentatively in a tone that seemed grateful that his brother hadn't, Dean smiled slightly to himself.

"Job came up, luckily for you," he turned to look at his brother, "you shouldn't have been in there, no weapons, what were you thinking? Were you thinking?" The elder berated, Sam smiled at the familiar tone in his brother's voice, reminded him of his childhood when everything had been a hell of a lot simpler.

"Thanks Dean," he started, receiving a sideways glance from his older brother, "for saving my butt," he clarified and Dean chuckled softly.

"It's what I do," he explained nonchalantly, "more importantly you were right, girl didn't kill herself, authorities don't really know what happened to her. According to the autopsy her heart just bled out, no wounds, no conditions, no reason for it to happen, suicides the explanation because she took some anti-depressants one time when she was twelve. Gotta love the truth these people push on the folks."

"You went to see the police then," Sam stated more so than asked,

"No, my good friend Federal agent Andrew Parsons did actually, handsome guy," the elder joked with a wink waving the badge in his brother's general direction. "Did you know her?" He asked, motioning towards the corridor, Sam shook his head.

"No, my girlfriend did though, sort of, they shared a class," Dean nodded,

"The pretty blonde girl?" He asked with his trademarked Cheshire cat smile and raise of the eyebrows, Sam rolled his eyes,

"What are you going to do Dean?" green eyes met soft brown, his smile fell a little but not completely,

"Head back to the motel do a little research see if I can find out what happened here, head to the local cemetery do a little digging, salt and burn some bones, then move on I guess." Sam just stared at his brother, knowing that this was his chance to put everything right, Dean raised an eyebrow inquisitively at the look he was received from the younger man.

"Do you need any help?" He figured that Dean would shoot him down say something along the lines of 'haven't this far' but surprisingly that wasn't the answer he got. Instead his elder brother just looked up at him smiled and nodded,

"Would appreciate some if you're offering," Sam smiled, Dean smiled back and stood up, the younger grabbed his arm to stop him from going anywhere, the elder gave him a confused look.

"I'm sorry Dean, for what I said yesterday, how I acted, for everything."

"Dude, what's with you and these touchy feely moments?" Sam laughed and Dean had missed seeing his smile more than he had missed anything else ever. "Come on Sammy, work to be done," he winked and thrust his hands into his jacket pockets heading off down the rest of the stairs; Sam smiled to himself and stood following his brother.


Jess was asleep when they got back from the library; Dean had been against going back with Sam but when the younger had brought up the offer of beer he found it somewhat hard to refuse. They had brought a few newspapers back from the library that seemed relevant, Sam gave Dean his laptop to start a more in depth search as he went to the fridge and brought back a couple of beers. They were silent for a while, both too absorbed with what they were doing to make idle chit chat, both too afraid to talk about the things that actually needed to be discussed.

"You know, a lot of people have died at your school over the past few years," Dean muttered with an eyebrow raised as if inadvertently trying to make a point. Sam just rolled his eyes,

"Oh yeah and how many is a lot?"

"Six, not including the girl from today,"

"Dean, six people over how many years?"

"Twenty," Sam just gave him a look that said he wasn't even going to respond to that,

"Right... any connections between them?" The elder smiled, "what?"

"Not one connection that I can see," Sam sighed and took a sip of his beer, leaning back against the couch. "What's wrong with you, don't you remember how this works? It's a hard job remember," he smiled at his younger brother, a light was turned on somewhere in another room, the door to the lounge opened a little, Sam glanced up at the door to see Jess slip in, yawning slightly.

"Sam, what's going on?" She asked as she took in the two men sat on the couch in front of her, one of which she had never seen before. The stranger smiled awkwardly as he pushed some papers underneath the laptop which he promptly closed.

"Sorry Jess, did we wake you?" He asked, concern evident in his voice, she shook her head in a gesture that meant no, her eyes moving to Dean again. "Oh sorry, this is my brother, Dean, Dean this is Jess," the elder Winchester smiled and gave her a small wave. She smiled back but seemed a bit uncertain.

"I'd like to say Sam's told me a lot about you but..."

"Not much to tell really," Dean cut in, charismatic smile faultlessly in place. Sam glanced at him briefly, looking for any sign of disappointment dancing through his eyes; there was nothing but bewildering indifference. Sometimes he wondered if Dean really cared about anything to do with him. "Yeah was in the neighbourhood, thought I'd drop by and see Sammy here," the elder explained, Jess smiled.

"Well nice to meet you at long last,"

"You too, Sam's told me a lot about you, all good," he lied, never having known anything about her until a few hours ago. Sam just stared at him and he realised that Dean had never cared about anything more than he did Sam himself, after all he was sat there lying to cover him after all the horrible things that the younger Winchester had said to him in the past. She smiled happily,

"Good, well I have to get back to bed, long day tomorrow, I'll leave you two to catch up," she smiled, walked over and kissed Sam on the forehead before turning around and heading back towards the bedroom, closing the door behind her. They sat in silence for a while,

"I should probably be going too, it's late and you have classes tomorrow right? I'll check out some leads and let you know what I find." Dean explained downing the rest of his beer.

"Yeah, yeah, you're right," the elder stood, Sam grabbed hold of his arm to stop him from going any further exactly as he had done earlier that evening, he stood up with his brother towering over him, they were close, closer than they had been in a very long time, close enough to feel each other's body heat. "Thank you, for what you said back there, for everything Dean, I never said it enough." Dean nodded, agreeing in some way,

"I'll see you tomorrow Sammy," He said, placing his hand on his brothers arm and squeezing gently, "don't go looking for anything abnormal by yourself please, you'll end up getting yourself killed you're so out of touch." He smiled and headed for the door, "have a good night," he said with a smile as he slipped out of the door. Sam watched him from the window, waving goodbye as his brother slid into the Impala and drove away into the night.

It was strange to be hunting again, he had left that world behind along time ago thought he would never go back, thought that he would never let himself get close to Dean again but when he's around him it's magnetic, he just can't help himself.


Ok well there it, hope you enjoyed, I know it was a bit all over the place but I'm setting everything up for something I hope you will all enjoy ^_^ thank you