Chapter one. NEW TROUBLES.

I sat with my back against a large oak tree that lived a few feet from my cottage, a gift i had been given for my nineteenth birthday. Edward had his head resting on my lap as we both watched our daughter sleep soundly on Edwards marble hard chest, i played quietly with his hair as my attention shifted back and forth between my daughter and Edward. Today was on of those oddly sunny days, and i marveling at Edwards beauty as well as my own. I knew the day would come when my beauty no longer dazzled me. My husband's beauty on the other hand, would always hold my undivided attention.

It was mid afternoon and i could hear Renesmee stir from her nap. I was, as always, glad she would soon be in my arms, but i wished she would sleep just a bit longer so i could continue to watch her. Edward turned to me as he picked our daughter off his chest and placed her in my arms. "Thirsty?" i smiled, hunting had turned into a game as well as a necessity. Renesmee jumped from his arms and landed softly on the balls of her feet. "Ready." she whispered. Edward and i were on our feet and next to her before the word had even been spoken. "Set." she said louder. "GO!" i shouted as i took off in to the woods by our home. "CHEATER!" i heard Edward and nessie yell not far behind me.

I only giggled in response. I ran faster as i heard two deer drinking loudly by the small river, but stopped in my tracks as i heard nessie speak my name. She spoke in a clear volume as if in was standing next to her instead of half a mile away, in her words was a hint of panic. I turned on my heals still running full spend and continued my run to my family in laws home. I stopped next to my husband; he held nessie on his back and stood behind a tree that was on the edge of the woods. I took a large gulp of air, trying to find what had ended our game.

At first all i could taste was the trees, water, the deer that were supposed to be my lunch and then some thing strange. The smell was out of place so far from town. Human, a smell i was still not completely comfortable around. I leaned my head around the tree i was near, it was a young girl. She sat on a large chair outside my in laws home. She had a ball of yarn by her feet as she fought with two long sticks i guessed were knitting needles. I stood dumb founded. Alice silently opened the large back door and danced quickly over to the girl. She place one hand on her back, using the other hand to softly stroke the girls curly dark red hair. Alice looked up at us and smiled a huge grin that took up her small face.

Edward and i slowly left our hiding stop, Edward turned to me with wide wondering eyes. I took his hand, hoping he knew i was curious not thirsty. I had hunted only two days before and the burning in my throat was only a little painful. I eyed the girl now trying to find some reason that she would need to be in the home of a coven of vampires. She looked normal, long flowing curls red like, well like blood, her skin was too pale for a human. Her shirt was old and too tight around her waist. She still had her bright green eyes down watching her losing battle with the knitting needles. We were only a few inches away when Alice cleared her throat, unnecessary for a vampire so it was clearly to get the girls attention. She looked up, catching my eyes with hers. For a moment she looked confused, and then she smiled and stood up. "Emma," Alice started. "This is edward, bella and nessie." The girl, Emma, placed her knitting on the chair and took a step closing the space between us.

"Hello." she called stopping only an inch away from Edward. She threw out one of her small hands toward Edward. "Alice, you can't be serious." Edward whispered as he took Emma's hand. I glanced between Alice, Edward and this strange girl. I stopped when i caught a glimpse of Edwards's eyes. They were burning with a strange mix of rage, fear, hope and respect. Emma smiled as the back door was ripped open and a large blur of colors raced toward her. I focused my attention the face of the unknown vampire racing towards the human girl Emma. I let a loud growl slip through my lips as i crouched down ready to defend the defenseless girl. I was very confused, but Alice's kindness towards the girl and the strange emotions running through Edwards eyes told me this girl was important.