Cat and Mouse

A Resident Evil Fanfiction

Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil! Capcom does!


Everything was fuzzy. The anguish cries and running machinery haunted her ears. She kept moving throughout the underground Umbrella facility. She had to get out, had to find him. The G-virus sample in her hand pulsed, wanting to get out to destroy and infect.

Ada Wong wasn't going to die here. She had already helped Leon, Claire, and Sherry get away, though they didn't want to leave without her. But she couldn't go with them. She stayed to distract the monster that was once William Birkin. It was the only way they could escape on the train.

She heard the train depart only minutes ago. That meant there was only minutes left before the underground facility went up in hell. If she could just get to the main elevator shaft. It would lead her straight up into the Umbrella Pharmacy in the city, and she could have a straight way out of this hell.

She heard screeching metal behind her. Ada spun around. Her wounds, though bandaged, were fresh with pain. One of the metallic sliding doors were ripped open, bursting it down onto the floor.

William Birkin in his late stage of mutation came through the wreckage, roaring at her with hunger. Ada aimed her gun, though she knew it would do no good. The six legged monster came slowly first, growling and hissing. Its gaping jaws of jagged teeth dripped pools of saliva.

She was so close to the main shaft. Its doors just yards away. She couldn't outrun William in this state. The monster was closing in, stalking her with a gleam of animalistic rage.

"William! It's me, Ada!" she yelled. She knew it was useless. Annette Birkin tried the same thing after shooting Ada. She tried getting William to remember her, but he was just too far gone.

Suddenly, William screeched, and he charged full speed. It was like watching an armored train coming right at her, and there was nothing she could do about it. Her legs were frozen. She pulled the trigger, unloading her entire clip. William was unfazed by the bullets. She needed a bigger gun.

She managed to dive out of the way just in time. She hit hard on the concrete floor. She had no time to get to her feet before William was on top of her. She dropped her gun, dropped the G-virus, and tried to move. A large paw of claws crushed down on her shoulder, just where Annette had shot her. Ada cried out. She started kicking William hard, but it only seem to piss the monster off.

She was going to die here. After so long of surviving and fighting, she was going to die by a monster that was once her good friend. It was bad enough that John was dead. But now she would never get to see him again.

William roared out, opening his jaws wide to finally crush her in. Ada couldn't hear herself, but she knew she tried to call William's name again. She tried to wiggle out, ripping her shoulder more, trying to escape.

It was then that it happened. William had just a second to lift his head up with a scream before he was suddenly thrown off of Ada and sent crashing into the pipelines along the wall. Steam burst out, sizzling the monster's skin as it screeched and got to its feet.

Ada was confused. She looked over, expecting another monster. At first, she couldn't believe her eyes. She had to blink, but he was real. Albert Wesker was only feet from her in black clothes and his shades.

Ada was able to move, and she sat up. William was roaring. She saw him charge Wesker full speed. Wesker gave no sign of sadness, regret, or even anger as he watched his best friend and partner rush him like prey. He only pushed his sunglasses up the bridge of his nose, and waited.

Ada was horrified, and she tried to reach for her gun. There was no way Wesker could outrun William's monster form. Then in a blink of an eye, Wesker was a blur, and he dodged left. William ran right past him. The monster howled out, skidding on his paws to turn around. He charged Wesker again, but this time, Wesker charged him as well.

He was a flash. Ada forced herself to her feet, unable to believe her eyes. Wesker hit William with so much force, that the huge monster went flying backwards, landing on his back. Before William could flip himself onto his feet, Wesker was there, and he thrust his hand into the monster's chest. William flailed his clawed arms, yowling in pain and anger. Wesker merely dodged the beast's blows, and without hesitation tore William's heart right out.

Wesker leaped back, crushing the heart like it was jelly. William screeched, bursting Ada's ears. The monster struggled to move, only to suddenly topple over dead. She turned her eyes to Wesker. He walked slowly over to her, flicking the remains of the heart from his gloved hands.

Ada was at a lost for words. Not only had she not seen this man for four weeks, but in that amount of time, she could tell he had changed dramatically. They stared at each other, and Ada was trying to speak. She was trying to ask him what was going on.

"One minute until detonation. All personal evacuate immediately. I repeat, one minute until detonation. All personal evacuate immediately."

The calm woman's voice on the intercom came between them. Ada remembered the time limit. They were going up in flames! She heard another crash. Wesker and Ada looked over, saw that William was not dead. The monster was mutating again! Its flesh bubbled, and the bones popped and cracked. William was growing bigger and meatier.

"I'll explain later," she heard Wesker say calmly. He grabbed her, and picked her up bridal style. Just as William started to lash out long tentacles, and was roaring again, Wesker was heading for the main shaft. He didn't even bother using the elevator.

Ada thought she was going to be sick, he was moving so fast. He used this new inhuman speed to actually climb up the main shaft himself much faster than the elevator could ever go.

Wesker got all the way up into the pharmacy, but they didn't stop there. He exited the building, still carrying her. It was then they heard the explosion several floors down below them. The walls shook, and the ground cracked. Wesker took them where it was safe, on top of a tall building away from the blast radius.

The air of Raccoon City was filled with death and the smell of autumn. Wesker put Ada down, only for her to just collapse to her knees. Wesker peered at her for only a moment, before turning his back. He got onto the communications device he had attached to his ear. Ada was trying to gather everything in her mind. She heard Wesker talking to someone.

"Get the info you need from the other U.B.C.S and then get out of there. Make sure you leave no one alive. Call me when you get the evac chopper."

U.B.C.S? That was Umbrella's Biohazard Countermeasure Service. Ada was confused. She found herself becoming suddenly very tired and weak. She looked down at her side, saw that blood was flowing from a large gash. Wesker faced her, but she could tell he was tense. She noticed he had the G-virus sample, and he pocketed it.

She heard him speaking, but didn't understand his words. Her eyes were fluttering shut, and she suddenly collapsed into pitch darkness. To come such a long way, only to end up like this. She hated herself for it.