Chapter 32: Change

Ada felt as though she had found heaven when she dipped her body down into the hot, steaming bath. She put the jets on in the tub, and started to feel her muscles relax and her aches go away. As exhausted as she was from their flight back from Russia, Ada felt as though she wouldn't be able to sleep until she had a bath. She was sure Nicholai and Krauser left to go do the same thing. Wesker, however, went straight to the control room to load the Red Queen data and save it.

She tried to let her mind relax and not think, but all she could do was recall the events in the Caucasus Facility. She felt her eyelids starting to droop, and she could really feel exhaustion befalling her. The next thing she knew, she was waking up to the door that led to her quarters from Wesker's quarters open and then close. Ada realized she had fallen asleep for almost half an hour in the tub. She had left the door to her bathroom open, and so heard the door easily. She knew it was Wesker, but was surprised to see him not enter into the bathroom like he usually did.

"Hey, be nice to me and bring me my robe," Ada called, letting out a small sigh afterwards. She felt as though she could sleep all night right there in the warm tub. Wesker came into her bathroom shirtless, carrying her favorite black robe. She was stepping out of the tub now, drying herself up with a towel. Wesker held out one hand that held the robe, while his other was to his nose. Ada realized Wesker was having another nose bleed.

"Who popped you in the nose?" Ada asked, feeling brave tonight.

Wesker glared darkly at her, making her instantly regret her words. He didn't speak a word. Ada slowly took the robe, slipping it on and covering her bare body. Wesker turned and left the bathroom. It was then that Ada realized how pale he was. She quickly followed on behind him, going straight into his room even after he shut the door in her face.

Wesker turned to face her when she followed him into his quarters. "I would prefer you to leave me alone?"

"If you wanted to be alone, then why did you come into my quarters in the first place?" Ada cracked, crossing her arms.

Wesker didn't answer her, just turned to head for his bathroom. Ada followed right behind him. "What is going on?" she asked.

"What do you think?" Wesker growled, changing to new tissue for the flowing blood. "I have no choice but to join with Roman Gionne so I can get into their files from Africa. I need to find some means in keeping this virus stable. William was the only other person who knew about Progenitor, and this is where this virus is derived from."

"What about Spencer?"

Wesker shrugged. "I doubt he could remember much these days. And I highly doubt he would have the data I require."

"So what are you going to do in the meantime until you can talk to Gionne about it?" Ada asked.

Wesker pulled away the new tissue, seeing now that the blood was slowly starting to stop flowing. He clenched his teeth a little, not looking at Ada. "Even if I contact him tomorrow, it will still be months before Rendell, Gionne and I will be able to come up with a serum. I need to come up with something fast before that…I think if I could find some antibodies to G or T that I could…"

Ada watched him as Wesker trailed off. There was this strange glint to his red and gold cat eyes, like a crazy, dark idea had just formed in his brilliant mind. He slowly smirked, looking down at her.

"What?" she grunted.

"Good night, dear heart," Wesker said, slipping past her to exit his quarters.

"What are you doing?" Ada persisted, following him.

"A little experiment," he answered, opening the door and then shutting it in her face.

Ada growled out loud. She couldn't follow him while just wearing her robe. She quickly went back to her own quarters to dress quickly and head out. She knew Wesker was heading down to the Sectors. Ada got off of the elevator and headed straight for Rendell's lab. She slipped right into his office, but not without bumping into the researcher. He blinked at her curiously, and then it must have dawned on him on why she was down here.

"I wouldn't interrupt him if I were you," Rendell stated.

"What is he doing?" Ada snapped.

"Now, that is none of your business is it?" Rendell scoffed. "I'm only trying to prevent you from making a mistake."

Ada had no idea what came over her, but she grabbed Rendell by the collar and slammed him backwards against the table. There was this uncomfortable feeling in her chest, something that made her worry for some reason. Though she had no idea what Wesker was planning, she felt down deep that it was something worse than usual.

"Answer me, Rendell."

Rendell remained calm, knowing that if he defended himself, she would be able to take him easily. The other factor for him was that he didn't want to hurt Ada and have to face Wesker for it.

"Sherry…he is going to experiment on Sherry," he muttered.

"Shit!" Ada cursed, dropping Rendell and leaving his laboratory. She knew it was something horrible. This was a new low for Wesker. Sherry was just a young girl. He could kill her easily with the experiments or make her conditions with her immune system even worse.

And what are you going to do? Stop him? You have no chance in saving Sherry…


"Leave us," Wesker ordered, his eyes remaining on the nervous girl.

Dr. Hillman looked as if he wanted to argue, but dared not speak. He gave one last, pitiful look back to Sherry, the girl he had taken care of for years. He loved her like his own daughter, and that made him worry on what Wesker wanted to speak to her…or do to her. He slowly left, but not without reassuring Sherry that he would be back.

Once Wesker and Sherry were alone, a dark silence filled the air. Sherry remained on her bed, legs against her chest and blue eyes worrying. Wesker twitched a smile, stepping forward a little closer to her. It was strange now that he noticed. She looked so much like William. And it was good to see that she also had his brain as well.

"You owe me a favor, Sherry."

"W-what? Why?" Sherry mumbled.

"I have taken care of you for a long while. I saved your life. Don't you think it is about time you return the favor?" Wesker chuckled.

"I didn't ask to be saved! I didn't ask that you take me away! I didn't want anything to do with you! It's your fault that Mommy and Daddy are dead!" Sherry snapped, growing a rare flare of bravery.

"It's their own fault that they are dead. You should know that it is hard for me to say that. Remember how close William and I were?"

"You aren't the same man I once knew," Sherry growled.

"Actually, I am quite the same. I have just opened up some of my darker colors to you, dear heart."

"I don't owe you anything," Sherry hissed.

"Well, of course you do. I hold your key to survival. Without me, you are as good as dead, Sherry. Do you want to die?"

"I would rather die than be imprisoned here by you!"

"I never said I was going to keep you here forever, Sherry. You are almost old enough. I will free you soon. You just have to do me one thing."

"How can I trust you?" Sherry sobbed.

"You really don't have a choice in the matter. You can come along with full cooperation, or I will drag you along myself. You decide."

Sherry sat there a moment, tears sliding down her face. Slowly she moved her legs from her chest, sitting them down on the floor. She got up, holding herself tightly and going to him. Wesker grinned down at her.

"That wasn't so hard now, was it?"

Her only response was a half-dead sigh. She walked to the door, waiting for him. Wesker and Sherry headed out. Sherry had no idea what Wesker was going to do to her, but it wasn't like she could fight him anyways.

They were just about to round a corner, when Ada appeared around it first. She saw Sherry, and her face paled. She glared at Wesker, who paused in his stroll. Sherry stayed next to him, still holding herself.

"What are you doing?" Ada snapped.

Wesker glared at her. "I could ask you the same question."

"You can't experiment on her and hope to get the antibodies you need!"

"Actually, I can. Sherry belongs to me, and as do you. Get back to your quarters, Ada."

"She doesn't belong to you!"

Ada saw Wesker grab his head, sharp pain clearly on his features. He yelled out in pain, and then suddenly struck out his arm and snatched her by the neck. Ada felt herself be slammed into the wall, her airway close to being shut off.

"I mean it, Ada," Wesker growled.

"Wesker, stop! I'm complying with your wishes! Let Ada go! Please!" Sherry cried. "She only wants to help me!"

It took Wesker a moment to get a handle on himself. He slowly let Ada go, and she choked to get her air back. Wesker clenched his jaw hard, feeling the pain pulse within his skull. He had to get his virus stable before anything got worse. He glared down at Sherry.

"Come," he sighed, walking past Ada.

Sherry meekly moved her feet, staring down at the recovering Ada. Ada watched her closely, and Sherry could only smile weakly at her. "Don't worry, Ada. I will be fine."

As she turned her back on Ada to follow Wesker, her smile faded, knowing that her words held no meaning at all. She had no idea what Wesker was going to do to her, or whether she was going to be okay or not.


Ada slowly made her way back up towards her quarters. She still felt pain from where Wesker slammed her against the wall, and her throat was tender as well. She was so angry with Wesker, but also herself. Who was she to think that she could stop Wesker? She only hoped that Sherry would come out alright in the end. She could definitely tell that Wesker was unstable, and that worried her beyond all reason. Now she understood the tenacious effects of Wesker's fits. But it all seemed that it was getting worse.

She bumped into Nicholai on her way to her quarters. He seemed to notice her appearance, and the Russian started to look like he was worried. "Ada, what happened?"

"Wesker slammed me into the wall," Ada growled. "He is going to experiment on Sherry to get antibodies from her."

"For his virus?" the Russian asked, and then slightly shook his head. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine…I'm just pissed."

"Do you want me to get you anything?"

Ada eased a smile. "Thanks, Nicholai, but I am fine. Just make sure you don't get in Wesker's way."

She slipped past him to head to her quarters. Nicholai sighed at her words, and went on his own way, still worrying about her. Ada was relieved she didn't run into Krauser. She wasn't in the mood to deal with him. She just made her way back to her quarters, dressed into her night clothes and went to sleep. Sleep didn't come easy. All she could do was worry for Sherry. Ada tried to force herself into thinking that it was none of her business, that she was becoming too soft. She could only sigh afterwards though, and hoped that everything would turn back to normal.


Luis Sera could not believe what he had found. After only months of being in the little town in Spain, had he finally come across its secret. He had gained Saddler's trust easily, and this was what Luis wanted. He finally came across Las Plagas. Now as a top researcher within Saddler's cult, the Spaniard got to examine them head on. All the while though, he was keeping tabs on everything and reporting it to Wesker. In about a month, everything would be ready. He was sure of it. If memory served him, Wesker already had the full plan set. Something about kidnapping the President's daughter and bringing her here as a way to negotiate with Saddler. Luis wasn't complaining. He would be getting his glory and money for his work.

Not bad at all, Luis…Not bad at all…


"Well, I am off. I won't be missing you guys, I promise you that," Krauser chuckled.

Ada and Nicholai looked up, obviously confused by the German-American's words. He heaved a sigh, shaking his head at them. "Wesker sent me on a trip to go get a job done that only I can do."

"Oh goodness, what could that be? Do you have to go fishing for idiots?" Ada retorted, smiling up at him.

Krauser glared down at her. "Watch your tongue. I am going to kidnap the President's daughter."

"Wow, that's low," Ada sighed.

"It's what he wants," Krauser informed her. "I am supposed to kidnap her and take her to Saddler in Spain where Sera is."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that," Nicholai said, focusing back on cleaning the rifle in his lap.

"Has it already been a month since Luis called us?" Ada asked. "Damn, time flies."

"Well, don't you worry. In a week you will be flying out to join me. I will be looking forward to your company, Ada," Krauser chuckled.

"Oh goodie."

"Well, I better head off. Got me a brat I have to kidnap."

"I hope she is direly annoying so you can suffer," Ada replied, slightly smiling and going back to cleaning her handgun.

"How much trouble can a seventeen year old be?" Krauser scoffed, and then turned to head out.

Not long after Krauser leave did Wesker enter into the satellite room. Nicholai and Ada looked up. Ada swallowed hard, making sure she focused hard on the gun in front of her. Since that night that Wesker had taken Sherry to experiment on, she and Wesker hardly spoke. Sherry had come out fine physically from the experiments, but she no longer spoke to anyone, only very little to Dr. Hillman. It must have been extremely painful for Sherry, and it almost broke her mentally. Wesker was able to get his antibodies from her. He and Rendell created a temporary serum until they could get together with Tricell for a better one.

She knew Wesker did not like his actions that night towards her, but he was too proud to apologize to her. It hardly mattered to Ada anymore. She knew that this was her way out of here. She could no longer trust the man she loved, and she needed to escape him. She wanted so desperately to take Sherry with her, but knew it would end up killing the girl. Sherry needed treatments that only Wesker was in charge of. If she didn't get them, the girl would likely die. So, Ada made the hard decision to call John's brother from the Organization. David agreed to help her, but she had to do something for him in return. The Las Plagas sample she would be going in to steal from Saddler in Spain…he wanted it. If she got him that, he promised her freedom from Wesker.

Of course, Ada wasn't gullible. She knew she couldn't trust David. She decided that she could use him in return to lose Wesker before he could find her. Wesker wouldn't let her just leave willingly, she knew that from the start. But if she betrayed him, he would kill her, if he loved her or not. But if Ada could use David and the Organization to throw him off, then Ada would have a great way to escape without ever fearing to be caught by Wesker.

"Leave us, Nicholai," Wesker suddenly said, bringing Ada out of her reverie.

Nicholai glanced towards her, giving her an apologetic look as if he could help the situation. He left his rifle on the table, getting to his feet and leaving the control room. Ada sat in silence, head lowered. She slowly put the gun on the table.

"What does the President's daughter have to do with anything?" she asked, glaring up at him.

Wesker shrugged. "Saddler wanted her. If I want Krauser to get close within the cult so we could better get our plan situated, then I am going to get her for him. It's all about negotiation right now."

"Of course it is," Ada sighed, getting to her feet. "Can I be excused now?"

She started heading for the automatic doors. She only got a few feet before Wesker appeared in front of her, eyes slightly glowing in the dim lit room. Ada immediately started to take steps back.

"Relax for a moment, dear heart."

"Not while I am around you."

Wesker looked away, clenching his jaw for a moment. He heaved a sigh, as if the words he was about to say were the hardest he would ever have to speak. "Look, Ada…I apologize for my actions that night. To both you and Sherry. It is hard to keep in control when the virus is unstable like that. I especially didn't mean to do that to you."

Ada was quiet for a moment, taking in his words. Part of her wanted to forgive him, but she knew she had to keep focused on her plan. It hurt her so bad to leave Wesker, betray him really, after so many years together, but Ada knew it was the only right choice she could make. Wesker was not going to stop. Not until someone killed him. But it relieved her to hear his words of apology, and the tone with it. Ada decided she should make her time with Wesker back to normal, because once she left for Spain, she was not turning back. At least now, she could have one last week with him normally.

Ada slowly nodded, smiling. "See? That wasn't that hard now, was it?"

Wesker walked over to her, kissing her on the forehead. "You are such a complicated woman."

"I thought that was what you liked about me?"

Wesker smirked down at her. "It is."


The week crept by slowly. Ada found that it was getting harder and harder to realize that her time with Wesker was coming to an end. She had spent so many years with him, she felt as if she would be lost without him. She had to constantly remind her that the virus within Wesker was getting worse, and that Wesker himself was getting worse. She had to play her cards right with Wesker and David, if she was going to get out of Spain in one piece. Not only that, but she couldn't have Krauser find out either. Or Nicholai. The two men were loyal to Wesker, just as she should have been.

You have been in this line of work for far too long, don't you think? It's time to lay low for awhile after Spain…make a change…a change for the better…

Trying to reassure herself wasn't working too well. Only until she realized that she would be heading out tomorrow did she find it difficult to breathe in. Wesker came to her later in the night.

No words were spoken between them. What could be said anyway? Ada let him seduce her, not that she fought at all. She found herself wanting this last night together with Wesker, even though he had no idea what she was planning for her trip to Spain. They made love that night to both Ada's pleasure and pain.

That early morning, she left Wesker to get on the Harrier jet with Nicholai. She glanced back one last time to him. Wesker stood just as tall as he had always had, intelligent eyes watching her closely, as if he could sense something deep within her. She smiled at him, turning to get into the cockpit with her Russian comrade. Nicholai would fly her to Madrid, but from there, she would need to get to the hidden village on her own. Ada knew the exact location of the town. She had her phone on her with all the details, and knew Wesker would be calling her to guide her through the mission.

As the Harrier lifted off of the ground, Ada closed her eyes and sighed. This was it. She had no choice but to betray Wesker. It hurt her to do so, but knew she was doing it for the better. She felt that she could feel a better change coming already as the jet took off. She had no idea what to expect in her mission in Spain, but knew that her life was going to change dramatically either way. What she didn't know, however, was that something inside her very womb was changing…

The End

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