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------Chapter 22-------

Harry felt himself float through time and space before he landed on the ground in front of the lake staring out at its vastness. Harry looked around and saw that he was back when he saw Hogwart's castle and the familiar forms of the teachers and some of the students running towards the lake.

"I'm home," Harry said but strangely it didn't feel like home. Harry turned back to the lake and as he stared at it he found that he missed the salty tang of the sea air that he had experienced with Jack and Davy on their ships.

"Harry!" Voices exclaimed and Harry turned back to see Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Remus, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Luna, Neville, and most of the staff running towards him. Ron and Hermione reached him first and quickly embraced their friend.

"Harry where have you been?" Hermione asked before looking at his attire. "And what are you wearing?"

"Thank goodness you're safe mate," Ron said as he also examined Harry's strange clothing, well strange in everyone else's minds that is.

"Harry, thank goodness, we were so worried about you," Remus said as he tightly embraced his cub. Harry wrapped his arms around Remus and unknowingly began crying. "It's alright cub, you're alright, you're safe and you're back."

"It's good to have you back Harry," Dumbledore said as he smiled at the young wizard. "Let's get you and your things back up to the castle, you must tell us where you have been."

Harry looked back at the lake and realized that Calypso had been right, it was sunset when he got back. Harry allowed himself to be taken up to the hospital wing making sure that all of his gifts were with him as they headed inside. Madame Pomfrey checked Harry over before having him change into a pair of cotton pajamas. Harry was seated in a bed with the others around him when suddenly a large black dog rushed through the hospital wing doors, which were quickly shut again by McGonagall, and over to Harry changing into Sirius Black along the way.

"Harry!" Sirius exclaimed and quickly embraced his godson. Harry was in shock now at the sight of his thought to be dead godfather and he buried his head into Sirius's chest crying in happiness. "It's alright cub, it's alright."

"Headmaster I know you wish to ask Mr. Potter where he had disappeared to, but he is very drained, I recommend him resting for a few days before he tells you where he was," Pomfrey said as she watched Harry cry into Sirius's chest.

"Very well Poppy, you know best," Dumbledore said, everyone knew better than to argue to Pomfrey unless you wanted to end up in the Hospital Wing by her hands. "We'll come to see you in a few days Harry, I'm sure Ms. Ganger will happily help you catch up on your work that you've missed."

With that Pomfrey ushered everyone, including Remus and Sirius, out of the Hospital Wing and Harry laid back against the pillows looking up out at the night sky.

"Keep a weather eye on the horizon," Harry whispered to himself as he pulled out the locket and let the music play allowing him to drift off to sleep


True to his word, Dumbledore and the others returned about a few days later and asked Harry where he had been for the past three and a half months. Harry had missed his own birthday and hadn't realized it while he was in the past. Of course, when you spend so much time on a ship, you tend to lose track of the time, especially if some of your days are spent in Davy Jones's Locker and other parts are spent sailing underwater on a phantom pirate ship, then of course you are fighting for your life, yes one would lose track of the time.

"So where have you been Harry?" Sirius asked, curious as to just where his godson had disappeared to.

"It may be hard to believe but I was in the past, when pirates sailed the seas," Harry said. With that Harry began to regale all those gathered in the room with the story of his adventures on the Caribbean seas. He told them of meeting Jack and becoming his cabin boy aboard the Pearl, nearly getting eaten by the cannibals on Pelegoste Island and meeting Will, meeting the voodoo witch Tia Dalma, his encounter with Davy Jones for the first time, his adventure on Tortuga along with meeting Elizabeth and Norrington, getting chased around Isle Cruces while Jack looked for the heart of Davy Jones, getting kidnapped by the Dutchman's crew, watching the Kraken tear apart the Pearl, getting to know Davy Jones while he was aboard the Dutchman, meeting Beckett, saving those that were to be hung, his adventure in Singapore and meeting Sao Feng and the twins (Fred and George who had come with their parents smiled at this).

"What happened next Harry?" Ginny asked in awe. Harry continued his story with his journey to and over the end of the world (of course Snape scoffed at this believing it to be nonsense till McGonagall hit him upside the head to silence him). The story continued with Harry and the others finding Jack in the Locker (a certain kiss was left out though), the seeing of the dead souls that filled the waters of the Locker, the journey back to the land of the living, finding the dead Kraken and the still living egg, being betrayed by Sao Feng only for Harry to come up with a plan to get Sao Feng back on their side.

He told them of Jack and his meeting with Beckett again, of the plan to trick Beckett by using Will to lure him to Shipwreck Cove, the hatching of Pearl and Gemini, Tia Dalma giving him Calypso's chosen necklace, being elected Pirate King by the Brethren Court, the release of Calypso from her human bonds, and finally the battle in the maelstrom with the Pearl and the Dutchman both turning and destroying the Endeavor after making it out of the storm.

"You must've been terrified!" Hermione said when Harry had finished.

"A few times but I knew that I had to do what I had to do," Harry said with a small shrug.

"What was it like being in the past?" Ron asked.

"Simpler but still complicated," Harry said.

"I think it is time for Mr. Potter to get some rest," Pomfrey said and she was right, the entire story had taken all day and some of the night to tell. Everyone agreed and Harry was left alone for another night once more opening the locket and letting the music wash over him like the distant Caribbean sea that he now missed.

"Do you think what Potter said was true?" Snape asked as he, a few of the Order members that had come to hear Harry's story, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, McGonagall, Sirius, and Remus made their way up to Dumbledore's office.

"I believe that it is, there are things in this world that even I don't understand," Dumbledore said. "One of them is that sometimes our destinies can carry us across time and space to where we are needed. Harry has the proof as evident of the gifts from the pirate lords and his clothing he had with him when he appeared at the lake."

"So what do we do?" Sirius asked.

"For now just be there for Harry, I imagine it will take him a little while to get used to being back in this time," Dumbledore said. "Other than that I don't know what else we can do for him."


Time passed slowly for Harry as he got used to the familiar schedule of Hogwarts once again, but it all seemed like such a chore to him now. Harry wanted to go back to the sea, back to Davy and Jack, back to the two that loved him with every fiber of their being.

"Come now Harry you have to study, there's only a month left till winter break," Hermione said as she and Harry sat by the lake.

"I'm sorry Hermione, but I just can't stop thinking about how everything was in the past," Harry said.

"Harry was there something that you didn't tell all of us when you told us your story? You can't just be sad about leaving the past, Harry did you meet someone that you left behind that held your heart?"

Harry looked up at Hermione a blush crossing his face and Hermione smiled at him.

"I knew it!" Hermione exclaimed quickly closing her book and turning to Harry. "So who was it? Wait, don't tell me that dashing Jack Sparrow? Or was it the broken hearted Davy Jones?"

"Uh well.... it was both actually," Harry said looking down at the ground with a blush. Hermione squealed and tightly hugged Harry.

"Oh Harry I'm so happy for you, you really do deserve all the love you can get."

"Why are you not surprised?"

"Because I saw the way you lit up whenever you talked about Jack or Davy, besides being gay is actually not that uncommon in the wizarding world."

"It isn't?"

"Nope, I read it in one of my books, now tell me all about your time with Jack and Davy, I want to hear everything."

Harry smiled at his friend and told her about the times he spent with Jack and Davy along with the kisses they shared. Hermione was all a flutter as she listened to the story and thought it was so romantic that Jack and Davy were willing to give their lives to keep Harry safe.


Harry was sitting by the lake again listening to the locket he carried when he heard someone come closer to where he was. Harry quickly had his wand drawn and at the ready when Malfoy came into view.

"Potter? What are you doing here?" Malfoy asked as Harry carefully lowered his wand.

"Thinking what are you doing here?" Harry asked.

"Same as you I suppose."

The two sat in silence as they looked at the lake before Harry recalled the Brethren Court and how divided it had been before he had intervened.

"You've heard the rumors about where I disappeared to right?" Harry asked casually.

"Yeah, something about you time traveling to the age of piracy?" Malfoy said looking over at Harry. "What about it?"

"Well I learned a few things while I was there, one of them being that I almost witnessed the age of piracy end because the pirate lords couldn't unite and agree on how to fight back."


"You don't want to follow in your father's steps do you, to be a servant to a man who will use and torture you for the slightest mistake."

"What's it matter to you, trying to offer me a way out? I can't leave I have to protect my parents, I can't leave them to the mercy of You-Know-Who."

"Then don't, protect them by fighting against Voldemort, if he's gone then your parents will be safe from him. Hogwarts will fall if we all continue to fight amongst ourselves just because we are in different houses, we have to unite to protect those we love."

"Why are you trying to help me Potter?"

"I lost my parents to Voldemort, I nearly lost my godfather because of Voldemort, I witnessed a young woman lose her father to another mad man, I nearly lost two more people I cared about by that same mad man's hands, I don't want anyone else to have to go through what I have, no one deserves that."

Malfoy was silent as he looked over at Harry and knew that whether or not Harry's trip to the age of piracy was real, wherever Harry had gone had changed him, he had grown up more than any other student at Hogwarts.

"Guess we should start over then, name's Draco Malfoy," Draco said holding out his hand to Harry.

"I'm Harry Potter," Harry said as he smiled and shook Draco's hand. Later that same day Hermione had stumbled across the two and although she was reluctant at first she agreed to give Draco a second chance although she said that it would a little while before she completely trusted him, which he agreed was fair after he the way he had treated her in the past.


"Harry?" Hermione asked as she and Draco walked into the Room of Requirement and were surprised to find it look a cabin room that one would see on a pirate ship. They saw Harry sitting at a organ in the corner of the room staring down at the instrument as his locket played besides him. The two sighed then walked over to Harry and sat down beside him knowing that all they could do was be there for Harry.


Fall passed and winter set in at Hogwarts and Calypso's words rang in Harry's head as he got up every morning at dawn to watch the sun rise over the lake. Thanks to his invisibility cloak no one, but Hermione and Draco, knew he was outside the castle by the lake, though he was sure they would freaked out if they did know. As the days passed with no clue as to what Calypso, Jack, or Davy meant Harry began becoming depressed that he would never see the ones he loved ever again, but it still didn't stop him from going down to the lake every dawn.

It was the last day of classes for the winter break, which meant a week and a half till Christmas, when Harry found himself in the Hospital Wing. Harry had been distracted and as a result added an ingredient to his and Hermione's potion too soon causing it to explode. He had managed to push Hermione out of the way in time only to get caught in the explosion himself. Luckily the only injury Harry suffered was a broken wrist from how he had landed on the ground.

"Harry are you alright, you seem distracted as of late," Hermione asked when they were alone in the hospital wing.

"I'm sorry about the potion Hermione, it's just I haven't received word from them and I'm worried, I don't want to lose them again," Harry said. Hermione gently hugged Harry and assured him that everything would be alright.

"Get some rest Harry, from what you've told me not even death will stop Jack and Davy from returning to you," Hermione said with a soft smile as she left. Harry was left to the silence of the hospital wing which was only broken when he took out the locket and once again let it play.

"Please don't leave me alone," Harry whispered as he drifted off into an uneasy sleep.


The alarms Pomfrey had set to alert her if any of her patients left were blaring through the hospital wing as Pomfrey entered only to find Harry missing from the bed he had fallen asleep in. She quickly alerted the teachers and Dumbledore, who sent for Ron, Hermione, Remus, and Sirius to help search the castle for Harry.

"Where could he be?" Sirius asked as they all entered the Great Hall with minutes till dawn.

"I think I know," Hermione said softly and everyone turned to her. "Well he's been going down to the lake a lot recently."

"Why didn't you say anything earlier Ms. Granger?" Snape asked as everyone quickly left the Great Hall to head down to the lake.

"He just sits there, I didn't think it mattered."

As everyone drew closer to the lake sure enough they could make out Harry's figure sitting on the rocks watching the sunrise.

"Oh Harry thank goodness you're safe," Sirius said as he quickly hugged Harry.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Harry asked. "I'm just doing what they said."

"What who said Harry?"

"Jack and Davy, they told me to keep a weather eye on the horizon."

Sirius looked up at the others and everyone exchanged a few looks as Harry turned back to the sunrise.

"Harry, maybe your time in the past has affected you more than any of us have realized," Remus said. "We should get you back inside now."

"No, I told them I would watch the horizon and I am," Harry said as he shook off Sirius and Remus. The two exchanged looks before they tried to coax and pull Harry back up to the school with Harry fighting them every step of the way. Eventually Snape joined in and the three were pulling Harry up to the school, but even with their combined strength they surprisingly couldn't get Harry very far. They finally resorted to picking Harry up to take him back up to the school.

"NO!" Harry yelled. "They told me to watch the horizon, let me go! I have to watch for them! They said they would see me, Calypso said she would see me again, they wouldn't have broken their word and neither will I! Let me go, I have to watch for them!"

Just as the three managed to start getting Harry moved up more toward the castle, Harry's magic reacted to his distress startling the three men and allowing Harry to break free of them and run towards the ice covered lake.

"Harry stop! The ice it's too dangerous!" Sirius yelled and took off with Remus, Snape, Dumbledore, and the others in tow. Just as Sirius had grabbed Harry to prevent him from running out onto the ice a large cracking sound was heard and everyone looked up to see that the ice that covered the lake had begun to crack. They watched in amazement as more and more cracks appeared when suddenly with a flash of green something burst through the ice breaking it and there before everyone rose up two ships, one looked like the wood paneling had been burned black while the other looked like it had seen better days with its torn sails and parts of the ship that were covered in coral.

"It's the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman!" Harry exclaimed. "They're here, they're really here! They found me, they found me!"

To be continued.......

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