I trudged up the front steps into my house, retrieved the key from the door's eve and let myself in quietly. Seth was lounging on the couch in the living room watching a game. "Hey Leah." He greeted me passively, concentrated on the TV. I grunted, not being in the mood to chat even if he was talking to me. I hurried to our tiny ancient kitchen and scoured the shelves. There better be a bottle in here, on this one fucking day, I'd better find some of my red fucking wine!

God damn you Jacob Black! Of all the days to pick, you had to pick the one-day that I ran out of red wine! DAMNIT! I slam one of the cabinets in our kitchen a bit to hard and it splinters in my hands. Fucking Damnit. Now I've got splinters in my hands, this day has just been great!

God, my mind can't stop flashing back to that moment he told me.

"Leah…just listen, please." his fiery black eyes started at me morosely. Oh. No… "Jacob, I've heard those words before! How could you do this to me? How dare you even come here, and tell me that? What were you thinking Jacob! WHAT?!? His expression changed from just frustrated to outrage, tremors shook his body. " I am tired Leah, I can't fight it anymore! What more do you want from me? I TRIED! The imprint is just too hard to fight! I can't not hurt you Leah, not when I love Renesmee more.,the imprint is just too strong. I broke all the promises that I made to you, and I know I'm no better than Sam, but,-" I cut him off here, I just couldn't listen to it anymore. With tears straining my voice, I interjected into his sentence.

"I'm pregnant Jacob. You were going to be a father." With that I turned around and ran off, only pausing to grab the locket around my neck that held a picture of Jacob and me and threw it over my shoulder.

Anything good wilts and dies at my touch. If I were to get a hold of a bottle of red wine at the moment, the child that I am carrying at the moment could be harmed. And even with that in mind, I still would do it. My name truly fits me. Leah, meaning tired. I truly am, I am tired of trying, tired of finding love and having it stolen out of your hands, and I am tired of living.

I took a bottle of Red Wine and a handful of sleeping pills that night.

Leah Clearwater

August 22, 1987- June 23, 2008

Loving Daughter, Sister, and Friend.

May she finally find peace.

"The moment you give your love to someone, you give them the power to break you."