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Rating: Rated T for sexual..ness and course language


"I always knew this day would come," Tony DiNozzo grinned, closing the door of his apartment. Ziva's legs were wrapped around his waist and she was placing featherlight kisses down his neck.

Ziva chuckled against his skin, "Did you, Tony?"

"I knew you wouldn't be able to resist the DiNozzo charm for long," Tony grinned, walking slowly through the loungeroom.

"Tony, it has been almost four years, I think I resisted pretty well..." Ziva stated, letting her tongue dart between her lips and swirl around the skin behind his ear; she grinned triumphantly at the sharp intake of breath Tony took.

Tony lightly placed Ziva on the kitchen table as she continued her assault on his neck.

"I always knew it would be hot, too," Tony breathed, still sounding smug as he basically moaned the words.

"Well, I do not know about you... but I am ready to prove that," Ziva grinned mischieviously as she began to unbutton Tony's shirt.

"God, you don't know how long I've waited to hear that." Tony growled, pushing Ziva down onto the table and placing his lips on hers.

Tony ran his fingers through the silky tendrils of her hair, relishing the texture.

Ziva ran her fingers down his arms, feeling the tingles his burning skin sent through her fingertips.

"Tony..." she purred against the flesh of his jaw.

Suddenly, Ziva pushed up against Tony's chest, making him stand upright once again. She slid her feet to the ground, pushing up between Tony and the table. She let her fingers dance down his chest before quickly darting behind him.

Tony turned around slowly. Ziva had a sly grin on her face, she pushed Tony roughly onto the table, climbing over him she placed her knee's either side of his.

Tony laughed. "I should've expected that," he grinned.

Ziva said nothing, she just chuckled before resting her lips against Tony's.

Tony weaved his fingers through her hair again, pulling her toward him, so their lips were pressed firmly

Tony massaged her head softly, causing her to gasp. He took this opportunity to plunge his tongue into her mouth.

They were so caught up in one another, they didn't hear the faint crack that sounded from beneath them.

"Zee-vuhhhh," Tony murmured as Ziva bit down on his lip.


"Tony," Ziva smiled, letting her hands wander back to the shirt she had left previously, half unbuttoned.


Tony pulled Ziva's shirt over her head and threw it across the room.


They heard it that time.

"Shit!" they exclaimed in unison before they felt the table shake beneath them.

Tony scrambled to jump off the table but it was extremely hard to do with Ziva wrapped tightly around his body.

The table fell and Tony landed flat on his back on the floor; soon after Ziva's body came tumbling down on top of him, sprawled out across his aching body.

Ziva squeaked as she struggled to untangle herself from him.

Tony groaned, unable to move.

"Tony, are you okay?!" Ziva panicked, rolling off of him.

"That table looks a lot lower than it actually is... Owww..." Tony groaned, sitting up slowly.

Ziva cursed in Hebrew, as she walked to the otherside of the room where Tony had thrown her shirt. She slipped it back over her head and turned around to help Tony to his feet.

"I hope you learnt something from this," Ziva growled, quite obviously pissed as she helped him to the couch.

"Don't attempt to fuck on tables?" Tony limped behind her.

"No, do not buy cheap tables," Ziva replied.

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Falling To Pieces - The Getaway Plan

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Smashed to Pieces - Silverstein

When It All Falls Apart - The Veronicas

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