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Two chapters will be posted at a time. One chapter will be Bella's diary entry and the next will be the story behind it. Enjoy.

Dear diary,

The first day of school and so many new people. New home, new life, new people. I met this one girl, Angela. She seems nice. But seen nice before. Nice turns into bitch, backstabber, liar. Not sure yet if this one can be trusted. Met a few boys. They all seem interested in me. Don't know why. I'm just me. Nothing big and exciting. Plain. Ordinary. One's name is Mike. Don't think his g/f liked him talking to me. I think her name was Jen, Jane, something like that. She is a bitch. That much I know for sure. I've known too many of those types. Old school was full of them. Anyways, one was Eric. Kind of nerdy. Seems nice enough though, harmless. Still, no trusting guys. They're all assholes. They all want one thing and that is never going to happen. I can't go through that again. That was horrible......never mind. Sorry, diary, we have left the past in the past. No more tears. No more pain. That shit is dead. I am in this tiny fucking town now because of that shit. I'm not moving again because some guy decided..............someday I'll be able to just let it go. That's what the therapist said anyways. Time for bed, diary.