October 25 (story)

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I sat comfortably in the kitchen of my home. It once belong solely to the Cullen's but in the last year this beautiful house had become a new place full of wonder and life for me. I was happy. For once in my life, I could watch the sunrise and say I was happy.

Happy seems a sappy word but everything was what I had dreamt about one too many times. I was married, who saw that coming. I had a family who I cherished and adored. I had a loving father who was accepting my new life with a few minor difficulties but none the less was accepting. And I had the one thing my shield had shown me before retreating into my mind, never reemerging.

I looked across the table as Rose held her only niece. The bond between them was unbreakable. Nessie was a light within the house. The perfect little girl. She was only one month old but she looked much older and acted like it too. She looked up from the cereal she ate reluctantly, we made her eat human food, and gave me a smile she had inherited from her father.

"Yes?" I asked.

She reached out for me. I hesitated. I wanted her to use her voice not just her ability. She gave me the same puppy eyes I had used on my father as a child and I caved. How could I deny my child anything she wanted?

I reached my hand across the table and she wrapped her tiny fingers around one of mine. I saw flashes of Edward and Emmett. She wanted to know where they were.

"Outside in the back yard. They have a surprise for you." I smiled. There was something about my daughter that gave me a sense of ease and content. I laughed as she pushed the bowl away and tried to climb over Rose.

"You just had to open your mouth didn't you?" Rose growled.

"Admit it, bee-itch, you're enjoying every moment of it." I glared back at her. Things between her and I were perfect for the both of us. We would treat each other with less than kind attitudes but we would burn for the other.

Oh yeah, I became a vampire. Can you believe it? No more broken bones. No more Mike Newton staring stalkingly at me. Jasper put a stop to that. Watching Mike on the floor in the cafeteria literally pissing himself laughing was the best comedy movie I had ever seen.

I smiled at Rose as I took Nessie's now empty bowl and walked to the sink with it. I rinse the dishes quickly and turned back to my little devil in disguise. "Would you like to see daddy?"

She acted so much like a child going through the terrible two's. She squirmed within Rose's arms as if she would be put down. I wasn't even sure if she could walk since she had been carried since she was born.

We made our way to the backyard, making sure to announce our arrival so Edward and Emmett would have time to hide the surprise. I opened the door and allowed my sister-in-law and daughter through first. I stepped into the fresh air and took a deep breath.

The world had changed so much for me in the last month. The burning had been as terrible as I figured it would be but was quickly overshadowed by the differences I saw and experienced through this new body. The smells were so intense, the noises were so clear. The look of everything was so sharp.

"Bella, would you mind dimming down the sparkle? Shit girl, the whole world could see you coming from a hundred miles away." Emmett exclaimed as he shielded his eyes for effect.

"Em, do me a favor? Drown yourself. And stop swearing around my daughter." I hissed.

"You're boring these days. You're no fun anymore and I don't like it." He smiled back.

I knew he was joking. He would burn for the sake of Nessie, the same as any of us would. I felt like I was floating as I made my way off the porch and onto the grass. I could see a tarp covering draped over whatever the surprise was for Nessie.

I wasn't allowed to know what it was because being her mother, Emmett was convinced I would give away the uncle's surprise moment. I walked towards the tarp and attempted to fiddle with it. Edward's hand wrapped around my wrist pulling my hand away.


"No peeking."



"Stop swearing around my daughter." Emmett said trying in a bad attempt to imitate my words.

I stuck my tongue out at him and turned back to Edward. "Monster? Did you just call me a monster?"


"Fine, it's the couch for you tonight."

"You'll be joining me, right?" Edward asked as he pulled me in tightly against his chest.

I turned to the groaning sound that came from the other side of the lawn. "Shut up, Jazz. You and Alice came be heard from our cabin. Did you know that?"

"I told you." Jasper said looking at Alice.

This caused an episode of giggles and chuckles from around the yard.

Nessie put her hand up against Rose's face. "Okay, so when does sweetpea get to see her surprise?"

I walked over and put my hands out, asking silently for Nessie to crawl into my arms. She was light and dainty besides being very agile. "Baby, can you ask for yourself? Mommy likes to hear your sweet voice."

Nessie looked around and opened her mouth. Suddenly, she closed it and shook her head.

"Like mother, like daughter."

"Shut up, Edward, or it's the cold hard ground tonight instead of a warm comfortable couch."

"Doesn't matter either way, no sleep remember."

"Or anything else."

Another round of groans as I walked towards the tarp with Nessie. "Would you like to see the surprise?"

She nodded her head and looked at Edward with pleading eyes. Edward moved towards the tarp signaling for Emmett to grabbed the other side.

"Sucker." I said softly.

"Only for the brown eyed girls." He replied and winked.

"Arshole." I answered. I knew my eyes would never be brown again and for the next little while they would be red until the adjustment of the animal's blood found its way through my body.

The tarp was pulled up revealing a jungle gym. There was a tire swing, a slide, a rope ladder and then I saw the second part of the surprise. This one was for me.

Leaning up against the wooden frame of the gym was my bike. It was polished and looked like a major overhaul had been performed on it. I looked at Rose and she whistled as she turned her head away from me.

"You....you've been holding out."

"Don't tell me you honestly thought I would ruin this moment."

"Well, you could've warned me." I said as I kissed Nessie's forehead and handed her back to Rose.

"Nessie, you play with your toy. Mommy and daddy are going for a ride. Okay?"

She wasn't paying any attention to me. Her thoughts and eyes were focused on the gym that had suddenly become a castle for my princess.

I walked over to the bike and pulled it upright and sat comfortably on it. "Want to go for a ride?"

"I don't know. Remember what happened to the last bike you were on?"

"Wait a minute. You can't possibly tell me that you're blaming me for the bike swerving. It's not my fault that it hit the car. You should've been more careful when you pulled me in."

Edward rolled his eyes. "Do I have to always be the blame for everything?"



"Because you're a man, that's why. Now, would you like a ride?"

"Fine." I could hear the twinkle in his voice. "Asshole." He added at the last second.

I shot him a death glare and turned the bike over. "Come on."

He jumped on the back and leaned in. "I love you. You do know that, right?"

"You tell me every day."




He was going to make me say it. In front of his family. Damn, asshole. He knew how I felt. He knew how I felt about saying it. I revved the engine too loud just as I put it in gear and twisted my face towards his. "Sorry, can't hear you. Ride now, talk later."

I laughed as I burned out of the backyard and straight into the woods. I was happy. I was content. Everything in my life had worked out and allowed me the chance to find a man who was perfect for me. I loved him but I wasn't going to lower my standards ever to tell him that.

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