Pain Threshold

Chapter 5

~"Fuck my LIFE!"~

Alex fucked with the door, trying to get it open, not satisfied with seeing only Mr. Shadow and Sasuke's shadows. This had REALLY gotten out of hand! It was a prank which had escalated to a full-blow fight, because Sasuke was stupid and Mr. Shadow was a jerk. Stupid foreign doors! Damn it! "Let me out of here!" She hollered, and then she heard Mr. Shadow chuckle.

"Not yet, not yet. When this is over, I'll break the door for you." Alex glared at the doors, fixing her yukuta, watching the Shadows, as Sasuke and Mr. Shadow went at it. 'Damn it, I can't see anything!' She thought, before she heard an odd humming sound, and looked behind her, Orochimaru appearing from the ground. He grinned at her.

"I believe you and I still have unfinished business, my dear." He said, and she blinked, dodging him, before running to the bathroom, and locking herself in. She noticed snakes, slipping under the door, and sliding up it. She made sure the bottom of her yukuta stayed down, and realized that they were going to unlock the door. Luckily she had sandals on, and closed her eyes tightly.

"I-I'm sorry!" she apologized, before stomping on the snakes, making the shriek and hiss in anger. One lashed out at her, and she yelped, dodging in narrowing, but, fell backwards into the bathtub, ripping down the shower curtain as well. She sniffed, trying not to cry at the pain of twisting her ankle. She didn't dare think that he wouldn't attack a defenseless girl. She suddenly got an idea, and made the hand signs for the jutsu, and ass he opened the door, activated a genjutsu. But, Orochimaru quickly dismissed it.

"Not very effective." He commented, before noticing that she had just thrown something in his face, something getting into his eyes, and he recoiled with a grunt, covering his eyes, trying to get the stuff out of his eyes, and she opened the back door, and fled into the partial backyard, before collapsing, curling up into a ball, her ankle throbbing in pain.

"Fuck my life!" She hissed, getting to her hands and knees, before getting to her feet. She couldn't move, and on instinct, she looked back, to see a snake, wrapped around her unwounded ankle, making her groan. "Now, where have I seen this trick been used?" She mused aloud, sarcastically, but didn't move, and let him draw closer. Suddenly, there was a blur of white, and Hidan was standing between her and Orochimaru, with his scythe, in a towel. She was disgusted by his lack of clothes but thankful for him being there.

"Hey, fucker, she's injured. It's bvad to kick someone when they're down!" Hidan declared, attempting to slash Orochimaru, who flinched just out of reach. Hidan grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet, holding her up with his free arm wrapped around her waist for support. "You alright?"

"Yeah- this is the first time I've twisted my ankle-" She murmured, sighing. "I thought I came here to relax but there's nothing but problems and drama. Mr. Shadow!" She called, and suddenly, Shade appeared behind Orochimaru and put him in an inescapable sleeper hold. They had a small scuffle, but, eventually, Orochimaru passed out.

"I'd suggest a room change or we ask if there's another inn that we can transfer too." Shade suggested. "Hidan, I think you're scaring, her with your nudity."

"You wanna see 'nudity'?" Hidan threatened, as Shade ignored him and bent down to Orochimaru, putting his palm on the Sannin's head, before pulling out a dark orb, and consuming it, licking his lips. "Fine, I'll put clothes on."

"thank you. Miss, I've overspent my energy supply in this form, so, if you don't mind, I'd like to refill myself. Please, conjure up some sour memories for me, alright? I'd suggest you rest for the rest of the day after my meal, while Hidan ad I try to sort our transfer out." Shade explained, and she groaned. Geez, was he greedy. "I've have given the Trouble Trio (Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Sasuke) fake memories, as to why they are lying about. When they wake up, they will believe they drank too much sake, and probably just go to their bedrooms." She nodded. Well, at least he worked hard for what she paid him. Win-win, . "Your ankle is also twisted, yes? I will get the inn medic on it right away. Please, just take up residence in the room for now."

And that's how she wound up lying on one of the beds in their room, in a sleeve-less shirt and a long, ankle-length skirt. She sighed, eyes closed, her head hurt. There was suddenly a sharp pain on her pelvis, and she flinched, turning onto her side, curling up into a ball. She missed Pain, then, she thought about how they had sex when had saved her from weird Orochimaru's grasp. (Her first time!) She blushed heatedly, but then she felt warmer than the minimal warmth that staying still provided her. she opened her eyes and found Shade, hugging her. "It is troublesome that we cannot fin another inn to transfer to, nor can we switch rooms, but, the medic is coming soon. It is lunch time; mistress, what would you desire?" she inhaled.

"I want chocolate ice-cream, canned whipped cream, hot fudge, and caramel syrup! I want a sundae like that!" She was acting like a brag, but, Shade smiled and nodded.

"Alright. We shall watch a movie as well, yes? You can cry and eat ice cream and be emotional, Miss." She glared at him. "I'll just- go get you your sundae, Miss." He said, leaving. "Hidan will be in here with the medic soon, so please, hold on just a little longer." She nodded, and laid back down as the door shut. Alex closed her eyes again, wrapping up in a spare blanket for warmth- was it her, or was it way too cold in the rooms?

"..." She put a hand over her eyes. "I want to go home, but then again, I don't." Alex thought. She got to her feet and went to the shower, turning on the water and locking the door, lying her clothes on the counter- she had only worn them for a couple minutes, they were still clean. She stepped into the shower and let the warm water pat down her hair, which she ran a hand through in thought, and robotically washed herself. she heard the door lock click and the door open, and she groaned. Probably Hidan wanting to use the bathroom AGAIN. "Hey, please stop trying to use the bathroom while I'm showering, its awkward." she said, peeking past the shower curtain, Sasuke standing in the doorway. She went back to washing her hair quickly. Sweet Jesus, how did he get into the room?!

"Hey, Alex, I brought the medic-" She heard Hidan say, and she peeked out behind the curtain again, and Hidan was standing there, someone behind him. "Oh, I'll wait outside then." Hidan said, and left, locking the door behind him. Thankfully, they were western doors that she could open and close. She finished showering and exited in a towel, Hidan sat on the small couch in the room, the Medic bowed to her. "Take a seat, this guy'll fix you up." She nodded and sat down, offering her injured ankle to him, and they soothed it with a blue light. The medic pulled away and she tested her ankle, smiling at them and thanking the medic for their work, before the Medic left. "Hey, the door was unlocked and open- did you do that?" Hidan asked, and she thought about an excuse.

"I suppose I forgot to shut it and lock it properly, sorry. I'm really exhausted." She lied, getting up. "I'm going to get finished changing." Alex said, going to the bathroom, shutting and locking the door, before she let the towel fall to the floor, and changed into a fresh paif of underwear and the lightly used outfit, coming out, drying her hair.

"Hey, tell me about where you're from." Hidan said, and she blinked. "You have golden dusk hair, you can't possibly be from here, and your eyes are green."

"They're hazel." she corrected. "I'm from America."

"Really?!" Hidan asked, amazed, and she nodded.

"I don't really want to talk about it." She said firmly, brushing her hair, Shade returning.

"Miss, did Sasuke disturb you while you were in the shower?" He asked, and she cringed, looking at him.

"No, but I think I was hallucination. I thought I saw him standing in the bathroom doorway..." Shade nodded, going over to her. "You're hungry AGAIN?!"

"To be in this form demands large amounts of energy, just like a transformation calls for constant chakra to hold it." Shade said, and Hidan got up and left the room. Shade changed forms, and pulled down the mask covering his mouth, covering her eyes with a cold, bony hand, and pressing somewhat warm lips to hers. She felt relief and pain, before he pulled away, and changed back. "It did not hurt this time, correct?"

"A little, but not much." He looked somewhat- saddened.

"My apologies. Let's go outside and look around, yes? You need some fresh air." She smiled and hastily agreed. She hadn't gone shopping, and as much as she liked people buying things for her, she felt bad, and stopped in the middle of the street, making shade look back at her. "Mistress?" He asked, walking over to her, and she sniffed, her hands in fists, that she swiped across her face.

"I- want to go home!" She suddenly said, tears swelling up in her eyes, before she cried into his arms, and he hugged her. "I want to go back to my friends- I want to go back and fail at math! I want to go back to my life of being an almost complete stranger, Mr. Shadow! I want to go back and spend the night at my friend's house, staying up late on the Internet on our laptops, hitting walmart up and getting snacks to munch on and Muggers to drink!" She cried into his chest. "I want to go home." (A/N: 'Muggers' is a substitute for the energy drink, 'Monster'.)

"...Mistress, let's go back and collect out things, and leave." He pronounced.

"It's a waste of the coupon, isn't it?" she asked, flinching when he brought his hand near her face, before he wipes away her lingering tears.

"I'm sure they'll understand. First, we'll get some things that you can take back with you, and then, we will go back to the resort." He suggested, she smiled and nodded, hugging him.

( Later)

"Hidan, get your things." Shade said, and Hidan stopped laughing with Kabuto, and looked at shade.


"The Miss is not feeling well, and there is not a doctor here to cure her." shade said simply. "We're going back."

"I could help." Kabuto offered, getting up, falling against Shade, who glared at him, and pushing him back into his seat.

"You will not approach her nor dirty here with your blood-stained hands. Hidan, let's GO." shade urged, and Hidan snorted his disapproval, but set down his drink and followed Shade to the room anyways. Shade entered the room, and Alex looked up, after closing her suitcase.

"Um- I packed Hidan's suitcase too-" She blushed saintly, and Shade nodded, Hidan grabbed his bag, and left first, shutting the door behind him, as Shade sighed, leaning in towards Alex, and she conjured up a horrible dream, so vivid, she believed it was real, just for him to relieve her from. He pressed his cold lips against hers, and the vivid image of blood splattered on walls and a small body, defiled on the ground, vanished. He withdrew and changed back into her shadow, and she grabbed her things, grunting at how heavy they were, before Hidan returned and took them for her. Sasuke was in the hall, but she ignored what he said, Mr. Shadow in her head.

After a long walk, they returned to the Akatsuki Base, and Tobi popped out of his room and hugged her. "Alex-Chan is back so early! You only stayed for two days, why so soon to come back?" He asked, and she sniffed, as Kakuzu jumped on the opportunity to nag Hidan about his drunkenness, like a wife would her husband. Pain came down and looked at her, and she went over to him.

"I- want to go home." She said, putting her hands together, lowering her head. "Please- I want to go home."

"W-What?!" Pain demanded. "Are you serious?! you'd rather be in THAT house hold than here?!"

"I almost got raped by Sasuke, I was chased by Orochimaru, and I just want to go home. I want to be lonely for a few days- I need some time to sort out my life and some time to fail my math classes and hang out with my friends- be a normal teen, not your super duper awesome American girlfriend." He stared at her. "I just- need to sort somethings out. I love spending time here- its beautiful, but I'm an emotional wreck and I don't think Konan likes me so- I need to confront my problems to my own girlfriends if I ever want help to get away from them." He sighed, but nodded, scratching his head.

"Yeah, ok, I understand. Text me when you're ready to come back, ok?" Pain said, and she nodded, taking her new things upstairs, and Pain sighed. Suddenly, there was a scream, and Tobi darted up the stairs, followed closely by Pain, Itachi, and Hidan. "ALEX!" She found her standing there, a hand over her heart, panting, Sasuke in the room, and smoke in the air with the sound of sizzling. Pain grabbed her and pulled her away from where Sasuke was standing, as she stared in disbelief at his feet.

"H-He broke it!" She exclaimed, before punching him in the face. "You bastard!" She snarled angrily, Hidan hooking his arms under hers and holding her back.

"Holy fuck, he did break it." Hidan commented, and Saskue looked down at the piece of machinery he stood upon, and Hidan released Alex, who started crying, and covered her face with her hands, while Tobi and Pain chased Sasuke of for his retardedness.

"Now I can't go home and fail my math class!" She sobbed bitterly, Itachi walking over and patting her on the back for reassurance. "I'm stuck here with you guys! Waaah!" Suddenly, in despair and depression, she walled her hands up into fists and screamed, "Fuck my LIFE!" At the top of her lungs to the entire world, before sniffing, feeling better- and Itachi offered her a lollipop that came from God-knows-where, and she accepted it. "You're smart for carrying candy, Itachi." She complimented him, and she shrugged, patting her on the back.


Konan chuckled in Tobi's room, as he Goggled, 'Lacy thongs' on the Internet, to pass the time. "I got Sasuke to break her machine, so she can't go back home!" Konan cackled victoriously, and Tobi groaned.

"WELL, aren't YOU the next Medusa." He said sarcastically. "Why not let her go home?"

"You should be thanking me! you want her here too, right?" Konan demanded, pointing a finger at him. "You don't have to do anything! I'm doing all the work here, you ungrateful jerk!"

"Yeah, but then there's Sasuke. Pain will go soon enough, but you pulled SASUKE into it. What did you tell him, anyways? She came back from the springs crying." Tobi informed her, and she blinked.

"I-I told him she had a major crush on him!" Konan said. "I thought, that if she really did fall for him, then, she'd leave Pain!" Konan panicked.

"And that's why I'M the next Leader." Tobi said, as if to prove his point. "Look, I thought the point was to break them up. You just made it 100 times worse, Konan. Congrats." Tobi groaned, as Konan sighed in defeat. "Don't worry about it, I'll figure out some way to turn this all around, don't worry." Tobi wondered why he always had to clean up Konan's mess when she fucked up. "You know, you really messed it up- like, horribly messed it up." He said, picking up a piece of melon bread, ripping open the package, and taking a large bite out of it, chewing it down as well as pulling the bite into his mouth, before swallowing. "Sasuke's stubborn when it comes to things he doesn't know. Thanks for making yet another problem."

"S-Sorry." Konan appologized, and he continued eating.

"You can make it up to me by hitting up the bra depo and getting some risque under garments for the girl. That would make me happy." Konan nodded, and he tossed her his wallet. "When you're done, bring it back here so I can look it over and make sure its my tastes. If its not, you'll be making a return run." She nodded and left, and Tobi tossed the wrapper into the garbage, and rested his right check in the palm of his right hand in thought, staring into space. "Maybe- I can tell here we're doing a underwear fashion show? Would she wear them then...? Hn..."