by Kalashnikov2092

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Author's Musings: Well here I am. This is my first story, and it is a Naruto and Bleach crossover. However, instead of going with the usual Shinigami Naruto, I will be doing a Hollow/Arrancar Naruto instead, just because it appeals to me more. So anyways, enjoy.


"Those whom we say farewell, are welcomed by others." - Unknown

"Go to heaven for the climate, Hell for the company." - Mark Twain


Prelude: Disappear From Living, But Not From Hearts

Blood rose up in his throat as his internal injuries worsened, thanks to Uchiha Sasuke. Uzumaki Naruto stared into the unflinching Mangekyo Sharingan eyes of his former comrade and brother. Naruto sneered and choked up a decent mass of blood. Naruto's own eyes were neither the frog yellow of Sage Mode, or the slitted red of his Kyuubi-influenced form. He was unable to even muster the will to use these abilities, already used up in prior battles.

Sasuke smirked as the last thing in his way of destroying Konoha began to die in front of him.

"How does it feel, dobe? To know that you have completely failed, both in beating me and saving the village," Sasuke stated cockily.

Naruto did not respond. He simply formed a Rasengan in his left hand.

Sasuke laughed at him.

Sasuke's malicious grin was accompanied by, "A fighter to the end I see. No matter. Just die, fool."

The blazing lightning of a Chidori flared in the traitorous Uchiha's hand as he prepared to finish this battle. Naruto's right hand came over to his left and began molding his Rasengan into the devastating Rasenshuriken. Sasuke saw this, and flashed forward and embedded his hand straight into the center of Naruto's chest. Naruto had just barely twisted, so the attack missed his heart. Sasuke sneered as he realized this. Before the traitor could pull his hand out, Naruto struck with a complete Rasenshuriken.

The spinning medium of wind chakra made contact with Sasuke's throat, tearing it open. Sasuke roared, and quickly pulsed his Chidori into its Nagashi form, sending needles of lightning through Naruto's heart. However, this was too little too late, as the Rasenshuriken had already left Naruto's hand and began tearing Uchiha Sasuke into pieces. The traitor's mutilated body was sent flying backwards, pulling Sasuke's arm from Naruto's body. The son of Namikaze Minato staggered, blood absolutely pouring from his mouth and chest. The strong-willed ninja stumbled around in a haze of pain and blood-loss. A few seconds later, the boy toppled over. Using the last ounce of will he had, Naruto turned over to lie on his back.

They say that the last thing you see before you die is your whole life. For Uzumaki Naruto, images of how this battle began flew into memory. It had been a year since Pein's defeat at the hands of Naruto, and Akatsuki had gone into hiding. Then, out of nowhere, the criminal organization struck. The remaining members sneaked into Konoha and began to attack the village, which was still under construction.

Naruto had easily dispatched Kisame, Zetsu, and Sasuke's companions in Sage Mode. Then Uchiha Madara finally made himself known. With the help of the Kyuubi, Naruto had defeated the elder Uchiha. He was extremely worn out after this, and then Sasuke struck. A quick popping of a backup Sage clone had induced Sage Mode, but against the powers of Sasuke's Mangekyo, he had run out of said chakra. Sasuke had tried to finish Naruto was the ever powerful Amaterasu, but the power that Itachi had given Naruto before Itachi's death made Naruto impervious to the black flames. Even with this special ability, Naruto was still tired from his battle with Madara. Sasuke capitalized on this with a Chidori to Naruto's right kidney. After that, the battle soon came to its finish.

Now Naruto lay at death's doorstep.

The door opened.

Pitch black.


Naruto was startled to find that he was standing in the air. A short link of chain was sticking out of his chest. Confusion was clearly written on his face as he stared down upon his body. "What the fuck? I'm dead," Naruto asked in horror. Movement caught his eye as three figures emerged from the woods. He knew them well. It was Tsunade, Shikimaru, and Sakura.

The three of them halted immediately as they saw his body. Tsunade seemingly froze up, looking at Naruto's dead body, which was absolutely drenched in blood. Tsunade tried to reach out for something to steady herself, but finding none, collapsed to her knees. Tears were streaming down her face as she continuously shook her head in denial. Shikimaru looked away from Naruto's body, emotions flooding through his face. Sakura stood still. She looked at Naruto's body with eyes devoid of emotion. She noticed a trail in the ground away from Naruto's body. Slowly, she followed the train, to find the mutilated corpse of Uchiha Sasuke, she took a step back, before running away from the sight with a heart-broken expression on her face.

She came back to Naruto's body with tears flowing freely. She stared down into his open eyes, which were now glazed over.

"Why! Why did it have to end this way? You killed Sasuke...killed him!" Sakura screamed hysterically. Frantically wiping her tears away, she once again cried, "Is this what you've done? To leave me all alone! First Sasuke, then Kakashi-sensei, and now you! It's all your fault! All your..." She never finished as Shikimaru flat out decked her. Sakura dropped like a stone, immediately silencing. However, the damage was done.

Naruto's spirit looked on with wide eyes.

"So this is it? I give my entire existence to protect you and Konoha, but you throw it back in my face when I'm dead?" Naruto all but whispered.


Boiling hot rage flooded Naruto's soul. The chain protruding from his chest suddenly grew teeth and began to chew away at itself. Naruto didn't notice this. The rage in him was rapidly expanding, and he was more than willing to accept it. A red aura, almost the shade of blood, began swirling around him. Naruto roared into the sky, and the red aura began to cyclone directly around the area in his chest where the chain remained.

The chain became a charred black before disintegrating. The aura continued to drill into him, when suddenly a hole appeared. It was small at first, perhaps the size of a golf ball. It slowly but steadily increased in size until it was as big as his fist. Naruto continued to roar, and as he did, a milky white substance exploded from his mouth, covering his face. The substance continued to cover him, before shrinking, seemingly consuming him.

The white substance disappeared, as did Naruto.


Naruto reappeared in the middle of a white desert, still roaring. The milky white substance was still thriving on him, changing him into something else. The white substance finally covered his entire body, turning him into an evil spirit.

A hollow.

It was not over yet, though. The red aura returned wrapping itself around him. The new hollow embraced the power it began to give him, and Naruto began to change again. His present hollow form was a gigantic muscle-bound creature with a skull-like mask, with a red swirl on the forehead, three "whisker" marks on each cheek, and then sharp teeth. However, this mask soon began to change. It became smaller, as did the rest of Naruto's hollow body. It became more compact, and definitely stronger. Now Naruto was a more canine like creature, with long, powerful limbs and wickedly sharp claws. His hollow mask turned more canine-like as well, but kept its striking features.

The new Naruto let one last terrifying roar as the red aura dissipated. Naruto's figure relaxed as he took in surroundings. It seemed that his little display had attracted the creatures that inhabited this desolate place. Some looked on in wonder, others hid in fear, while even some eyed him with hunger. Naruto turned to the latter, and eyed them with cold interest.

"Did you see that one? He was just normal at first, but then he became an Adjuchas! He completely skipped over the Gillian stage! He is a strong one," a random creature stated.

A much larger looking creature seemed to grin, before saying, "Yes, a strong one indeed...he would be a worthy being to devour!"

The creatures that had been looking at him hungrily cried in agreement.

Naruto seemed to chuckle.

"Devour me?" Naruto said, his voice a mesh of his old one and a deep baritone, "So you will eat me? I'm afraid...that will not happen. However, your idea makes sense to me. Perhaps I will devour you?"

As the other creatures roared in indignation, Naruto struck.


Aizen looked upon the massacre at present. This new hollow had almost instantly become a Adjuchas when he arrived. He could feel the power radiating off this one. However, it was not the most powerful he felt. This one would need to grow before Aizen would take interest. Though admittedly, Aizen was interested already.


This sense of fullness...Naruto could not deny it felt good. This feeling far surpassed what having a full stomach was to him when he had been living. Ichiraku Ramen paled in comparison to this sensation. Though his meal was not cooked, just the raw carcasses of these dead hollows, it filled him with a sense of satisfaction he was a virgin to. With every bite he took, every splash of blood around his maw, more power began to flow through his veins.

The new hollow raised its head to the sky, blood dripping from its chin and hot breath fogging from its mouth.

He howled.



Well, that was the first chapter of Antagonist (kinda). The official Chapter 1 will be here soon, and I hope it will satisfy many Hollow Naruto fans out there.