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"God I hate technology," I sneered as I hit my hand up against the side of my computer monitor. I was constantly having problems with this piece of crap of a computer sitting at my desk. I swear, you would think working at a high class place like Twilight Publishers, they would have fancy new computers but no. I can't complain though. Another tech problem leads to another visit from the Geek Squad. Another visit from the Geek Squad means another visit from Mr. Edward Cullen himself. Other people might have found the black slacks, white button up, pocket protector and black skinny tie dorky, but not me. I found it to be quite sexy. Who the hell am I kidding? Edward Cullen dressed in the Geek Squad official uniform was downright fuck-able. And that was exactly what I planned to do.

"Angela, could you please let the tech guy in as soon as he arrives," I said to my secretary.

"Sure thing Bella," she replied. I had no problem that Angela called me Bella. We had been friends since high school. We hung out together all the time so I had no problem with her calling me that at the office.

Suddenly there was a knock at my office door and it slowly opened. And there he was. The Greek god himself. God, that outfit just had me wet already. And the hair, it looks like he has already had sex today. Sex hair I like to call it.

"I'm not interrupting anything am I?" he asked glancing around the office.

"No, no of course not Edward," I replied smoothly. "I can't seem to get anything done today because of this piece of crap. I stood by my desk now and was pointing at the ancient piece of technology. He came and sat down at the desk and began to do his thing.

"You know," he began, "you really should look into getting a new computer. This thing has seen better days." Little did he know that I was offered a new computer on numerous occasions I just never took them up on that offer. A new computer meant no visits from the Geek Squad. No visits from the Geek Squad meant no office visits from Edward. Now I couldn't go letting that happen now could I.

" I have tried to get them to get me a new computer but they keep putting it off," I say while twirling a piece of my hair around my finger and leaning over his back to look at the screen. I can tell that my breasts are barely touching his back but I am sure that he can feel the hardness of my nipples poking through the thin dress shirt he has on.

Edward is still punching keys on my ancient keyboard and I began to breathe on his neck. He swallows hard and is now working a little slower. I look down toward his lap and smirk. There is clearly a bulge in his pants now and it is proof that my little plan is working. I decide to up my game a bit. While I am still leaning over him looking at the screen and my breasts are still poking him in the back, I slowly lean in and stick my tongue out to lick his ear. I hear a low moan coming from Edward and I smirk. I go in to lick again but suddenly he whips around the desk chair and forcefully grabs me by my waist. He holds me there and with one swoop of his arm, has the entire contents of my desk swept to one side on the floor. He roughly places me on the desk and grabs me by the back of my neck. He brings our mouths together and electricity tingles through me. We are both fighting for dominance now. Our tongues going back and forth dancing between our mouths. Our hands are all over each other.

Edwards hands have gone up my skirt and he lets out a growl. "No panties," he says nipping at my jaw and neck.

"No," I say, clawing at his shirt trying to get my hands inside to feel his bare chest. " What can I say, I foresaw some sort of technology problem today and figured I would get to see you."

"Fuck," he said huskily, grabbing my skirt and pulling it completely off of me. His fingers rubbed the wetness that was already present. "So fucking wet already," he said rubbing my clit with his thumb while two fingers were curled inside me.

"God Edward," I moaned, "that feels so fucking good." He was now thrusting his fingers in and out at a faster pace. I was so close but I didn't want to cum like this. No. I wanted to feel his cock buried deep inside me. I wanted him to feel my muscles clamp around him and make him cum. "Edward, " I said leaning in to whisper in his ear," I want you to Fuck me."

Evidently that was all he was waiting for. He had me pulled to the edge of the desk and before I knew it he had buried himself deep inside me. We were both moaning so loud in our ecstasy that I am surprised people on the floor above us couldn't hear us. He was thrusting in and out, deeper and deeper, and I was so close. I could tell that he was too. Edward leaned down and began to nip at my breasts and took one of my nipples between his teeth.

"God, don't stop, " I cried.

"Didn't plan on it," he said, in between thrusts. We were both sweating furiously and out of breath. Then Edward leaned down and said in my ear, "Cum for me Bella" and that was all it took. That sent me right over the edge and as soon as my orgasm rushed through me, Edward's followed right after. He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead after we both got our breathing under control. He slowly helped me up and pulled his pants up. Afterwards, he began to help me pick up the things that had been strewn off of my desk. Once we were done he picked up his messenger bag and walked toward the door.

"Do you see any computer problems in your future?" he asked with a smirk on his face.

"Of course. Same time next week, Mr. Cullen," I asked and smiled at him.

"See you then Mrs. Cullen" he said winking at me, and turned to walk out of my office.

"I love technology," I say to myself, sitting down at my desk.

A/N: That's right people. They are married. I just thought it would be fun to have them have a little office romp.