A/N: OK. I decided to add another chapter today to what was supposed to be a one-shot. I drew inspiration from the recently revealed GQ outtakes, you know, the one with the skinny black tie and white button up. So, imagine that as you read more about Techward.

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Here I was sitting at home, all alone, and I am horny as hell. I made a tech call earlier today because I was having "problems" with my computer at work. I had gotten myself all worked up by the time my appointment time had arrived and in walked….Mike. What the hell? Edward was supposed to be the one to handle all the tech problems on this side of town. So I had to come home and take my problems into my own hands, and by hands I mean my removable shower head. It felt good, but nowhere near as good as Edward could make me feel. I had pleasured myself twice while in the shower and once more before getting dressed and here I sat, still fucking horny and waiting for my husband to get home. I didn't even bother getting dressed because I knew all clothing I had on would end getting ripped. I just had on my blue satin robe and was flipping through the channels on the TV.

I heard keys jingle on the other side of the door and I sat up and turned toward the door. And there he stood. My Edward. Black fitted pants, white button, up and …fuck me. He still had on the tie. Something about him in that skinny black tie just immediately got my panties soaking wet.

I stood up and walked, or probably more like prowled, towards him. I had attacked his lips with mine before he could even put his keys and briefcase down. Both of our lips were moving with each others, fighting for dominance. I broke away and grabbed him by that skinny black tie. I held it over my shoulder dragging him behind me like he was on a leash. And he quickly followed.

As soon as we were in the bedroom I had him pushed up against the wall and attacked him again. He had opened up my robe and was cupping a breast in one hand and had one hand planted firmly on my ass. He broke away from my lips and attacked one of my nipples with vigor. I moaned and ran my hands through his messy copper locks. The more I moaned the rougher he got, so of course I moaned even more. He then bit down on my nipple and I almost came right then and there. He took the hand that was holding my ass and ran it down my belly and began to rub at my center.

"So fucking wet for me, baby," he groaned huskily into my ear. That just made me moan some more and I heard a little chuckle come from him. I then decided to take my hand and ran it in the front of his pants and grabbed his cock.

"So fucking hard for me, baby" I teased him back and he growled. That's right, he fucking growled. And before I knew it he had thrown me on the bed and his head was between my legs licking and lapping up my wetness.

"Fuck, Edward," I moaned, " God that feels so fucking good. Don't stop! Please, don't stop!" I had my fingers tightly wound into his hair while he worked me over with his tongue and his fingers. He knew exactly what to do and had me cumming harder than I ever had before within minutes.

He sat up and smiled and stuck his fingers into his mouth and licked them clean. "I want you to fuck me NOW Edward," I told him. He hopped off the bed and took his shoes and socks off and his pants quickly followed. He began to undo his tie and I grabbed it again and forcefully pulled him toward me and whispered into his ear, huskily "Leave it on". He took of his white button up and left the tie on and looked at me with a smirk. He climbed on the bed crawling over to me like a lion on the hunt. He began nipping at my flesh working from my belly up to my neck. He kept licking and nipping and teasing me.

"Just fuck me Edward," I cried, getting impatient.

"Easy, Love," he said smiling, " I am just teasing you. You know how I like to tease. But if you want a good, hard fucking Bella…" he said and slammed his length into me "a good and hard fucking is what you will get."

I nearly came the moment he impaled me with his cock but then he pulled out and I whimpered. He rammed back into me and I rocked my hips into him. We kept up with that rhythm and both of us were sweating and moaning and kissing and licking each other. I wanted to go all night but I could feel my orgasm rushing upon me. Evidently Edward could tell I was close too because he reached a hand between us and pinched my clit hard, which sent me right over the edge, screaming Edward's name. As my muscles clamped his cock, Edward joined me over the edge, moaning my name.

He let down some of his weight on me and nuzzled his head into my neck. " Why were you so late getting in tonight," I asked him. He laughed a little and pulled out of me gently, rolling over to his side to keep contact with my face.

"Well if someone wouldn't have attacked me the minute I walked in the door, I would have told you by now," he said teasing me.

"Oh please," I said, "as if you didn't just enjoy that."

"Touche," he said laughing, " I did enjoy that quite a lot. But anyways, back to the reason I was late getting home. I had a meeting with the big-wigs at the company and I got a promotion."

I sat up and hugged him tightly. "Oh, baby," I said, "I am so happy for you."

He hugged me back and said "But baby, you haven't heard the best part yet. I get my own office. You should come and check it out some time." and then he winked at me.

Oh, you bet your ass I would be coming and checking out his office.