Chapter 1: Oh poor me!!!!!

Warning: I don't own newsies only thing I own is this story and Susan

Hello, I'm Susan Riley Addams. I am sixteen, long blonde hair with sparkling blue grey eyes! I am tall for my long legs. I can't help but brag, I am BEAUTIFUL! I live in Manhattan New York, my parents were killed in a murder scene so I live with the newsies! I am the only girl newsie in the lodging house and everyone loves me. I can't help it, god created something wonderful. Before I was a newsie, I lived with a horrible uncle who raped me every night and beat me every morning. Long after that, the bulls found my uncle and locked him up, sending me to a refuge. The same one Jack Kelly resigned in! We became great friends and when he was escaping, he wanted to bring me along! I am....sweet....innocent.....beautiful......everyone loves me. Since I'm so interesting, I know you want to read on in my dramatic life full of adventure, romance and mystery.


I awoke with the sound of my dearest newsies singing carrying the banner. Oh joy! I jumped up from my bunk in the corner, far away from the others and put my cap on. I was already dressed for I got up early just to watch the newsies sleep. I noticed Jack leaving, putting his black cowboy cat on his chocolate brown hair. I smiled bright and wide.

I shouted in my fancy shrill voice, "Jaccckkkkkkkkk! Wait up!"

I saw Jack freeze where he was, his shoulders slumped and he let out a annoyed sigh. Grumpy this morning! I ran after him, not noticing the rag that was laying on the middle of the floor. I slipped across the floor landing in a closet, buckets and brooms falling out in the process. OHhhhh!!! I'm such a clutz!

I weakly got up, "Ugh...poor me! Jack I slipped!"

Jack just stared at me, "."

I was at his side in less than a minute, "What's wrong best friend?"

He rolled his eyes, "For da LAST time, Ise not youse best friend!"

"But what about the night you took me away from the refuge?!"

He growled, "Youse followed me out!" With that he joined the rest of the boys outside, who were singing happily, heading to the gates. Jack sometimes is grumpy in the morning, no worries, he'll come say sorry before lunch!

I flipped my hair to the side before skipping out of the lodging house barely catching up to the newsies. They never wait for me! But I know they love me! It's just hard for them because I'm a girl and they have raging desires! I skipped past the gates, last in line. I noticed the Delancey brothers walking toward us. I smiled sweetly at them as they walked by, I believe to be nice to everyone. No matter how mean they are!

I twirled my hair, "Hi Oscar, Morris."

They stared at me, Oscar shot, "Ew....go away you shank."

I laughed throwing my head back, "I love you guys too!"

They ran into the building, but not before shooting me death glares as the door slammed shut. They just aren't used to someone so amazing talking to them. I pity them, no one likes them. But I don't know how they feel cause everyone loves me. Finally, I was up at the counter.

"100 papes Weasel!" I slammed my money down like the tough girl I am.

Weasel snorted, "Right....someone ugly as you can really get the attention." He gave me the papes and turned away not even bidding me a farewell. Well....that was rude! But of course I can sell these papers because I AM attention grabbing. Putting back my trademark smile and skipped out of the gates yelling out a made up headline.

A few hours later........

I threw my cap on the ground, kicking it. Ugh! What a day! NO ONE would buy any papes! My headlines were amazing! But every time a person who come to me they would take one look at my face and run away screaming. Do I really look an angel! It's already the afternoon and I'm the only newsie who didn't finish selling their papes. Now I have to eat them! Why is life so sucky on me sometimes! But I'm beautiful... it always works out for me. I sat down on the curb and started ripping the papers, might as well start now. Just then, i heard a tap tap of a cane on the side walk. OhhhHH! I know who THAT is! My boyfriend! Spot Conlon!

I shot up, grinning from ear to ear. Aw....thats so sweet! He came to see ME! I ran over as we came closer.


Spot pushed me off him roughly, "Not youse again!"

He started to walk in the other direction, oh he's playing hard to get again! I ran away him, tackling him to the ground. I pined him to the side walk and let out a BIG wet one on him. It only lasted a few seconds though because Spot threw me off of him and grabbed his cane.


I started to sob, he's being stubborn again, "Spot, I love you! And you love me! Why are you being like this?!"

Spot just glared and he smacked his cane against the brick wall angrily and started to fast walk away. I got up and brushed myself off, Spot is always like this, thinking he needs to keep his rep so he doesn't show any public display of affection. No one knows about our relationship, but I know I am in his heart! He loves me more than Brooklyn! Taking out my wooden brush from my pocket I started to fix my hair. Once I was happy, I bounced off in the other direction. LUNCH TIME WITH THE BOYS!!!!!!

A/N: ahahahahahahahahaha I was basically laughing the whole time I wrote this first chapter. I was going to have Spot hit her with the cane but I really didn't want to make Spot so harsh on girls....even annoying ones like Susan. Please review!!!!!!!