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The silver bullet whiz through he air. Its target being the advancing Lycan. Said Lycan dodge the bullet by moving to the left. The act made easy thanks to its super human speed. Bio-WULF was than close enough to Alucard, its claw raise in the air ready to strike. The demon canine's powerful claw descended on The No-Life King's face. The attack left four claw marks on his face, the wound bleeding profusely. Bio-WULF continue with the assault by slashing at Alucard's chest. Ripping chunks of flesh.

Alucard tried to counter attack by unleashing a barrage of bullets from his Jackal and Casull but Bio-WULF dashed out of the way thanks to its at super speed and then ran on all fours in a effort to avoid the ballistic shells.

As Alucard was shooting at the demon wolf, there was a wild smile on his face. Enjoying the 'fun' the Lycan was providing for him.

Bio-WULF in attempt to further avoid the bullet, proceeded to climb on the wall. Using his claws to dig into it the material.

"Where are you going mongrel? I'm not done with you." As Alucard shot a bullet from his Casull. The target being the were-wolf's head. But at the last second the FREAK monster jumped out of the bullet's target zone. The missed shot caused a big hole to appear on the hanger's wall. The engineered wolf continue this tactic for a couple more shots from Alucard's guns. The beast then went on the offensive by running up the wall and onto ceiling. And when he was over the vampire king, he jumped off from the ceiling and free fall towards Alucard.

Alucard just grinned at the fake wolf's antics as he brought up his Jackal up in the air and fired. The bullets missing any appendages and just grazing the flesh of the beast. The Lycan at the last seconds before he collide with Alucard, brought its hind legs forward and slam the former count into the ground. The force of the impact caused the floor to break away. Bio-WULF raised one of his claws and thrust it into Alucard's stomach. Blood spewing though the new wound.

Alucard in attempted to inflict some damage, brought up his left arm which was holding the Casull and tried to shoot off the FREAK's head. But he never got the chance as Bio-WULF use his jaws to clamped down on the vampire's arm. The were-wolf then ripped the arm out of its socket, blood now spraying all over the floor. And to add insult to injury, proceeded to eat the ripped off arm.

"DeStRoY. WeAk. ALuCaRd." As the monster wolf's fist connected to Alucard's face which made his head go through the concrete floor. Bio-WULF continue his assault of the vampire as it got up from the floor and use his jaws again. This time he clamped onto Alucard's foot and lift him up like he was apiece of paper and slammed him hard on the concrete floor. It repeated the action seven more times and then started to spin Alucard around at high speed. Bio-WULF then used his claws to chopped off Alucard's leg that was still in the its mouth. The sudden release made Alucard fly through the air and into one of the hanger's wall. Bio-WULF ate the severed leg, licking his lips to wipe off the blood.

"DeVoUr. AlUcArD". As it howled at the sky. The beast charged at the motionless vampire, ready to eat his prey and end this battle. Of course that was it's plan. Because just when Bio-WULF's mouth was about to chomp the vampire lord, said vampire's hand shot out and grabbed the throat of the Lycan. Alucard's wound then started to heal. Including his severed arm and leg. He then dislodge himself from the wall, while still holding onto Bio-WULF's throat.

"That's all you got? How disappointing." As he choke slammed the Lycan. Breaking the ground in the process. Alucard then grip one of Bio-WULF's hand and started to twist the arm at odd angles.

"Lets see if you can regenerate a missing arm." As Alucard stomped on the shoulder of his opponent and ripped the arm right out of its socket. The lost of its arm made Bio-WULF howl in pain. Alucard smiled at the creatures pain.

"Come now, its just a small flesh wound. Nothing to cry over." As he use the severed arm to beat Bio-WULF's head. After that, Alucard lift up Bio-WULF in a body press position but with the Lycan's front facing the ceiling. He then drop Bio-WULF's back hard on his bent knee. The force actually shattered the Nazi's spine and making it cough up blood. Alucard still not relenting on his attack, use both of his hands to pry open Bio-WULF's mouth. The hard bending of the jaws cause its bone to break. He then drop the Nazi monster from his knee. The Lycan's body sprawl on the floor a defeated animal. The were-wolf was gargling bloody foam from the mouth.

"Such a disappointment." As the Vampire king shook his head no. "But what was I suppose to expect from inferior beast like you." A sigh escaping from his mouth. "Anyway, lets end this." As Alucard grab Bio-WULF's leg and threw it up in the air. He then pull out his guns and unleashed a horde of silver bullets into the beast. The bullets ripping through the flesh of the Millennium 'pet'. The rapid succession from the bullets actually cause Bio-WULF to be suspended in mid air. Alucard then stop his shooting and Bio-WULF came crashing down to the Earth. Its whole body smoking from the wounds from the silver bullets. The No-Life King walked slowly to his defeated opponent and when he came close to the Nazi's head, he smashed it with his boot.

Narrator: Fatality!

Outside of the hanger

The whole Mythbusters faces were in total shock at the carnage Alucard unleashed on the were-wolf. Even the emotionless Jamie couldn't believe what he saw.

"Now that was intense." Adam said. The others shaking their heads yes.

"I'm lucky I only got my bones broken and my spleen rupture." Tory said as he remembered his own ordeal with the Vampire King.

"Yes you are. Because if Sir Integra did not order Master to not kill you guys, well Tory you would have been dog meat." Seras said. The new information making Tory pale like a ghost.

"Either way. Lets get a much closer look at the wolf carcass." Jamie said as the crew started to head towards the hanger.

'You guys just saw Master eviscerate a were-wolf and you want to get a closer look? These guys are bonkers.' The UK vampire thought. A bewildered look on her face.

Narrator: Well we are Mythbusters after all.

In the hanger

The Crew proceeded to open up the hanger door and enter it. With Seras close behind them. They then move closer to the Lycan corpse.

"Oh my god. This big bad wolf seen better days." Adam said with a shock expression. Moving around the body with the other male Mythers.

"Well there's the problem." The walrus man said as he pointed to the one eyed were-wolf. The empty eye socket bleeding profusely.

"I feel like those kids from Stand By Me.." Grant said while poking the body with his foot.

Narrator: While the males of our group seem excites, the only female is thinking much differently.

"Oh, for a animal lover like me, this is just too much." Kari said. Who was far away from the gory scene. Her hands covering her face in a attempt to block it out.

Narrator: Would it help that it was a Nazi wolf?

"Master, I think these Americans are crazy." Seras said as she came to her Master's side. Disbelieving that human could be so unconcern to such a situation.

"Now Seras, I now crazy and those humans are anything but." The No-Life King proclaim as he pointed to the Mythbusters. But then the vampire couple saw Tory pulling on the near decapitated head of Bio-WULF and succeeded in ripping the head out. And thanks to their heighten senses, they heard Tory said "I'm going to get this head stuff and use it as a paper weight." Which made Grant and Adam chuckle.

"Ok so they are not right in the head. But they still not crazy." As Alucard shook his head at the stupidity of the Mythbusters and with Seras hiding her head on the sleeves of Alucard. A little disturb at what Tori did.

Adam and Jamie then walk up to the vampire duo.

"Well Alucard I see you didn't hold back. You showed that were-wolf whose the true king of the night was." As Adam unwisely patted the shoulder of the vampire lord. The former count glared at Adam who stopped when he saw the look.

"Well contrary to what you think or saw, I did hold back. That fleabag wasn't worth my full attention." Alucard said as he walked pass Adam and Jamie. With Seras following him in his arm. "And now that I killed your myth, my fledgling and I will leave now."

"It was very "interesting" working with you guys." The Blonde vampire said as she turn her head to Jamie and Adam and waved at them good bye.

"Well Jamie I think with the way Mr. big bad wolf is , its easy to say what the myth is." Adam said.

"That right Adam. Despite the damages Bio-WULF was inflicting on Alucard, the wolf just couldn't stand the might of the ancient vampire." Jamie finish.

"A were-wolf being able to kill Dracula is totally bu…"

Narrator: But before Adam could say busted, multiple bangs were heard outside of the hanger.

"What was that?" Tory asked who was standing between Grant and Kari. While still holding the head of Bio-WULF between his arm. And with the Trio looking all around the hanger.

Narrator: We're about to find out Tory.

As multiple holes were made all around the roof of the hanger. The culprits being more Bio-WULFs. Some of them poking their head through the holes, saliva dripping from their jaws and onto the floor. With some actually hitting the Trio.

"Eeeew. Disgusting. Dog slobber." As Kari, Grant and Tori wiped off the Lycan saliva. After cleaning their face up, they walked up to Adam. Jamie, Seras and Alucard. And as they were doing that five Bio-WULFs drop through the holes and landed on the floor. Their posture indicating they were ready to fight. The rest of Nazi pack waited for the right moment to strike.

"I see my fun is not over yet." As Alucard let go of Seras and pulled out his guns. A wild smile on.

"Should of saw this one coming. I just get the Mythbusters out of here so you wont accidentally kill them. Just don't go over… never mind." As Seras walked towards the crew while shaking her head. When she got near them her right arm was replace with massive shadow tendrils which proceeded to wrap it self around the whole group.

"Did you guys order more were-wolves?" Grant asked Adam and Jamie.

"No we didn't." Adam answered Grants question. 'I wonder where the other ones came from?' Adam thought as the crew disappeared into the shadowy abyss.

And just as the Mythbusters and Seras left, the whole Bio pack pounced on the vampire lord. Which included the ones on top of the roof. Which brought the number from 5 to 200 Lycans. Their jaws and claws ready to kill the No-Life King.

Narrator: Lets hold on for a moment. While it would be great to see Alucard tare these wolves apart one by one, considering this is a written media it could boring pretty fast. So we decided to show some parts of Alucard and Bio-WULF "fighting". Enjoy. I know I will.

Alucard jammed the Jackal and the Casull into the mouth of one of the Lycans and blow its top head off.

Alucard shadow tentacles wrapped around the arms, legs, waist and neck of four wolves and using his supernatural strength ripped them apart.

Alucard's arm went through one of the beast's chest where the heart would be. And while his arm was there, he summon his Jackal and uploaded 3 bullet in the back of the Nazi wolf's head.

Baskerville bit at the neck of one of the wolf wile his black tentacles shot out from his back and speared through the stomachs of seven other Lycans.

"This is the most fun I ever had since coming to this place." A blood cover Alucard said. Smiling at the dead bodies of the Bio pack that scattered through out the whole hanger.

"I think I miss some flies." Referring to the 25 remaining Bio-WULFs who were retreating from the were-wolf massacre. Entering the night to regroup and think of a plan to defeat Hellsing's ultimate weapon.

The undead king just laugh at their foolish attempt. "There's no escaping death." As he followed after the pack.

An hour after Alucard's battle.

Jamie and Adam are seen standing around the many dead bodies of the Bio pack. Looking around the room.

"We are definitely going to get a complaint from PETA." Adam said as the credits started to roll.

"Most likely yes. But we worry about that later. Back to the myth." Jamie said

"Not even 200 were-wolves could kill Alucard. its just plain impossible. The No-Life King is just too powerful. Were-wolves being able to kill Dracula is busted." Adam said

"Busted. Now its time to clean up." As Jamie pull out two shovels.

"I hate this part." As Adam grabbed one of the shovel and started to shovel up the gore off the floor with Jamie's help."


(Sign written in blood)

Bonus content

(Warning semi Twilight bashing. So if you are a fan, don't read the rest)

Inside a room of a hospital in Britain lay woman. A victim of a heinous attack. Her face covered with small cuts. One of her eyes blacken and the other swollen shut. Her neck broken and in a brace. Both of her arms wrapped in a cast because they were broken in five different places.

And who was this poor unfortunate woman? Why its Stephanie Meyer. "Authoress" of the popular Twilight series.

News from all over the British news channels reported that her condition was caused by rapid dog attack. The dog being reported as being seven feet tall. Though such facts would be consider ridicules. But it's a good thing that the worst has past for her. Now she could rest and heal and start writing again real.

Just then a tall dark figure enter into the room of the Twilight "authoress". At first glance one would assume he was a doctor checking on his patient with his white lab coat and his name tag reading Dr. John Seward. But a second look that be far from the truth. His face was pale as lifeless corpse. His long ebony locks flowing in the nonexistent wind. His open mouth revealed razor sharp fangs. But the most distinguish feature was his ember eyes. Eyes that could pierce the very soul of a person and inflict fear into them.

The "doctor" came up to the front of Meyer's bed.

"Time to wake up Ms. Meyer," As the vampire king roughly kicked the bed. The action made its occupant wake up from her slumber.

"Wha, what's going on?" The "authoress" asked. Her one good eye searching around the room for the source of her awakening. And when she found it, her eye went wide with fear. "You".

"I'm glad you remembered me." Alucard chuckled darkly. Coming closer to Stephanie's face.

"Wh, wh, why are you here?" As tears started to flow down her eyes. Fear gripping her at what the vampire will do to her.

"Why to finish what I started." As he moved his face away from her. He then pull out seven inch barber shaver blade.

"Why are you doing this to me!? This is just crazy!" The Twilight creator screamed. Trying to get out of there but finding her body not moving. It being restrain by a unseen force.

"Because you wrote that book." As he licked the blade which cut his tongue. Blood now staining the "instrument of torture.

"This aint fair. You're doing this because of the book? That's not fair." As she started to cry.

"So true. It isn't fair. Now." As Alucard 's large hand gripped the face of Meyer. The blade coming close to the side of her lips. "Lets put a smile on that face." As he started to laugh.

Narrator: And the rest is silent.

Loud scream.

The End.

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